Foreign Policy: First 100 Days

I have written, along with everybody else that writes a political blog, on Trump’s 100 day mark…..well those that are looking at the administration some just roll over and agree with everything as long as the old white guy rules.

But since my forte is foreign policy I thought I would give my take on Trump’s 100 day foreign policy….so far…..

Contrary to popular belief…I do find some things that Trump is doing to be positive even if it is in some small way… this analysis is from my point of view not from some others and I am sure that there will be those that will not agree with my assessment of his policies….

To be honest Trump’s rhetoric in the beginning had me a bit disturbed…but thank goodness some of that has changed.

A positive sign was when Trump admitted that the job was harder than he expected…..”This is more work than in my previous life. I thought it would be easier” (from the Reuters interview)……..

Another negative in my eyes was his choice for SecState, Tillerson….the man has zero experience plus the department is hemorrhaging diplomats, those people with expertise in the areas that in the news….plus Trump doesn’t seem concerned and is not appointing people that are needed.  On this I have to give him a “D”

His national security team is in chaos…..people come and go at an alarming rate….plus scandal has arisen around some of the people he has chose to lead the NatSec team……the grade for this is a fat “F”……..

Now on the the conflicts……

Syria……Trump said that we would satay out of Syria (that was a bit unrealistic)…….Trump is just rolling along with the same plan that was used by Obama and sending more troops (for now a trickle)….he flexed his muscle with the missile strike but the plan is an old one from a previous administration…..I have to give him a “C-”

Iraq……basically the same as Syria……same plan…..more troops….prolonged conflict…….another “C-”

Afghanistan……the longest war ever is not getting any better and Trump’s answer is to send in more troops….as if this will end this conflict….doing the same thing over again….grade…..”F”……

His battle with ISIS is going well but no where near his pledge to defeat ISIS in 30 days….the barbaric pricks are losing territory almost daily….the best I can do is a “C” because he is just riding the coattails of previous admins in this fight…now if he comes up with a better more successful plan his grade will improve considerably.

Other locations……Trump is sending more troops to Somalia, Yemen…….this is NOT a good idea…we will be fighting AQ and ISIS but as usual there will most likely be mission creep…..this is a bad idea and the grade will be a “D”

How about the countries that we are NOT at war with?

Russia….there was some concern that Trump might be in the pocket of Russia and allow the sanctions to lapse….that did not happen…sanctions remain and even piled a few more on the situation….this part gets a “B”….but there is another part ….the movement of more troops along the borders with Russia….this is a spitball to the face of Russia….an instigation of sorts…..this part is a “C” (because this is not needed but in response to Russian troop movement….a checkmate move)  Overall grade:  “C+”

China….tough talk before the election….but once in office Trump came to see the real situation with China and changed the tune of his rhetoric….plus the gentle push for China to intervene with North Korea so the US does not have to…….Grade:  “B”

North Korea… is a failure in my mind….the tough talk……the threats….the insulting demeanor…..not just by the prez but also his advisers…..the situation can be handled without the threat of nuke war…..but did ask China for help so the grade is a “D”……

Trump’s hard words for NATO and then a softening of his position…..even his turnaround about the organization itself…..illustrates some thought here….Grade:  “B”

Trump is not using our intel sources to their full potential…instead he attacks them in the media and belittle their efforts to keep this country safe….he is getting briefings but they are watered down to one page….so his grade for the use of intel is a “D”………

He walked back his comments on NAFTA…he has slipped out of TPP…for now I give him the benefit of the doubt and a grade of  “B+”

At the end of 100 days in foreign policy I have given Trump an overall score of……(drum roll)……”C” (it would have been better if he had achieved more of his pledges)…

I am pleased to say that , overall, Trump has learned a few lessons as he goes on foreign policy…..he needs to find a way to let diplomacy play a part in his policies…..if he had his grade would have been a bit higher.

He, Trump, has shown some maturity in foreign policy …..but will it continue or will the neocons win the day and conflicts will abound?


9 thoughts on “Foreign Policy: First 100 Days

  1. Here’s the thing about grading Trump on anything, chuq.. which is why I’ve refrained from doing so. The man just blunders along; there is very little regarding any sort of comprehensive plan regarding anything on your list here. If the end result of some action (or inaction.. or verbal buffoonery) can be interpreted by any measure to make some grade.. be it C, D, F, etc., it’s because the result just happened that way. It’s not because “he’s improving” or suddenly saw some light somewhere, or even has any sort of an organized plan beyond the next 24 hours.
    You suggest that it is a positive sign the he has somehow “humbled” himself by admitting that he thought the job of president was far easier, the job was harder than being a CEO, and that the press can be real nasty. This kind of admission on his part just continues to send shudders down my spine that people in this country elected a guy who had absolutely no idea what being the president means, no idea about politics or diplomacy of any kind, and pretty much goes along with the idea I first made before he got elected is that this guy did it all on a whim (probably over the dinner table), not thinking one bit he would win. Your average high schooler likely realizes being President of the United States is not a cakewalk… and this guy has made it to 70 years old flying in the dark. He can’t even get American history correct.

    We have very similar opinions, my friend and I respect your years in the foreign policy arena.. but I simply can’t give an inch of credence to this man’s ability to govern as being anything but by accident. President of the U.S. is not an OJT job. If what he does ends up positive for the country then it’s by the benevolence of fate… and less about some grand policy. It’s about character for me… and his behavioral inconsistencies and extremes. That’s more my arena anyway. 🙂
    Now.. if you are grading the results of whatever he has done or not done solely on the potential end result for the country and not his “leadership”.. I would agree with each grade. 🙂

    1. AS a teacher I must grade…it is a sickness…LOL
      Basically the grades are a result if his blundering that some call is always about the country with me…well as best I can I still have an opinionated soul….LOL chuq

      1. hehe.. We do what we do with what we have.
        Now, if we extend that philosophy to Trump.. things get a bit scary. 🙂

  2. From over here, I have only noted two examples of US foreign policy in action in 100 days.
    1) Tomahawk Missiles.
    2) MOAB deployment.
    The situation remains much the same as it has since 1945. “Open the bomb-bay doors, and let the ordnance fall where it may.”
    Regards, Pete.

    1. That is my point…we have not changed our thinking in about 100 years….there are other ways to accomplish foreign policy than bombs…..chuq

    2. hahaha.. Great perception there, Pete. 🙂 There’s something to that.. and made more important if that’s the international perception of our foreign policy.

      1. Thanks, Doug. I cannot say that it is international perception of US policy, but it is a view shared by many in the UK.
        Regards, Pete.

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