What’s In A Name?

My weekend is here at last….I can slink away from the PC and do some interesting stuff….like spend time with my granddaughter……and today’s post is a subject that has been bothering me now for a couple of years.  Winter storms.

Have you noticed that winter storms have names now?  Names like Abe, Bertha, Carl, Darian and so forth.  Why?  These storms have always had a name and an easy one to remember….WINTER!

I wondered who’s idea it was giving these things names….at first I thought it might be something the insurance companies came up with for they are always looking for ways not to pay out settlements.

But I was mistaken.

In 2012, The Weather Channel announced that it will be naming “noteworthy winter storms,” just as tropical storms are named. “The fact is,” writes Tom Nizioli on The Weather Channel’s website, “a storm with a name is easier to follow, which will mean fewer surprises and more preparation.”

According to The Weather Channel’s logic, there are many benefits that come with assigning names to winter storms. A name gives the weather system a personality, which raises both awareness and the ability to follow its progress through social media. A name allows for clearer communications when multiple storms hit different areas of the country. Plus, naming a storm makes it easier to remember that storm—and refer to it—in the future.

There you have it….NOTHING official……only something the Weather Channel wanted to make their jobs easier and to make the dullness of a weather report a bit more interesting.

Saturday in the park……have some fun and a picnic…a little wine, cheese and fruit…..enjoy the day ….chuq


6 thoughts on “What’s In A Name?

  1. We have the same thing over here. We recently had ‘Storm Doris’. That was the best they could come up with, using alphabetical order. I wasn’t too scared of something called ‘Doris’, but it was a bad storm. They should have called it ‘Storm Demon’. Now that would have given us due warning.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. People treat the world as if they actually had some understanding of it; assigning names allows them to place what they’ve named in a section of their mind over which they feel some control, and less fear. This is the attraction of hierarchal thinking, as well as its basic flaw. By naming it, they believe they understand it, and can control it… which isn’t true, at all… But, it allows those who would control other people a means of manipulation… Any time one accepts another’s terminology, they give away their own way of thinking, thus leaving themselves open to having their thoughts directed into channels that serve the self-interest of others, rather than their own….

    Simple form of mind control, ffolkes; that’s all it is….

    Enjoy your weekend, bro; I’m gonna see my granddaughter today, too….

    gigoid, the dubious

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