Only With My Wife

It is no hiding the fact that I think there is too idle bullshit in the news…..why do I need to know the Janet Jackson will have a baby or how many times Kanye is a dick or even whatever Beyonce is doing…I DO NOT CARE!

Toward the end of last week a story surfaced about our second in command, Mike Pence and his wife…..

The marriage of Mike and Karen Pence came under the media spotlight this week thanks mostly to one line in a Washington Post profile of Karen: “In 2002, Mike Pence told the Hill that he never eats alone with a woman other than his wife and that he won’t attend events featuring alcohol without her by his side, either.” That has triggered scorn and ridicule from the vice president’s critics, while his defenders accuse those same critics of hypocrisy. Here’s a look:

  • The Post story by Ashley Parker describes how Karen, 60, is her husband’s constant companion and his “gut check and shield.” Among its tidbits: “During their time in the Indiana governor’s mansion, the Pences installed twin treadmills upstairs in their residence.” Read it in full here.
  • The 2002 article from the Hill doesn’t appear to be online, but this tweet has the opening paragraphs, including a Pence quote: “If there’s alcohol being served and people are being loose, I want to have the best-looking brunette in the room standing next to me.” He said it’s about “building a zone around your marriage” and avoiding even the appearance of impropriety.
  • The idea of a man not dining alone with another woman is often known as the “Billy Graham rule” among evangelicals, explains the Indianapolis Star.
  • One common line of criticism: “As someone who grew up Evangelical, wouldn’t say it’s standard exactly. But indicative of notion that women are primarily sexual temptresses,” tweeted writer Elizabeth Spiers.
  • Another: “If Pence won’t eat dinner alone with any woman but his wife, that means he won’t hire women in key spots,” wrote Clara Jeffery of Mother Jones.
  • Stephen Colbert couldn’t resist. See the video and skip to 4:20.
  • But Rod Dreher at the American Conservative sees hypocrisy in the negative reaction. “Were the Pences Orthodox Jews or practicing Muslims, nobody would have batted an eye. But they’re Evangelical Christians, so that means it’s open season on tearing them apart.”
  • At the Atlantic, Emma Green writes that the arrangement might seem crazy and even misogynistic to non-religious people, but not so to evangelicals, and “the dust-up shows how radically notions of gender divide American culture.”
  • Matt Lewis at the Daily Beast says this is the Pences’ business and nobody else’s. The backlash reveals “not just an irreverence for the devoutly religious (or traditional)—but also an intolerance for individual autonomy.”

Let me say here…I do NOT give a shit about his marriage or their religious beliefs…..

None of this is newsworthy!

This an indication of how frivolous news reporting has become ….if there is nothing to report then stop throw crap out there just go home and take a nap.

This is a waste of ink!


27 thoughts on “Only With My Wife

  1. Well, I disagree. This is newsworthy for me and other women and men because it reveals the radical evangelistic ideology of our next in command. His notion that his libido is so out of control that he can’t be left alone with a woman other than is wife and that women are bound to come on to him ( after all who could resist…cough cough) says that he would use that criteria in his official business as well as “dining” time. Of course he is already the vice president and when the impeachment comes along perhaps he will move up. We can’t win, pass the poison.

      1. I do not want anyone dictating stuff to me….he can do what he pleases and I could care less…just stay away from my life….chuq

      2. We know that won’t happen. It is their goal to get into our lives…unless we need something.

    1. I also agree with you. This seems to me to be propaganda about religious extremism, in this case, in favour of evangelical Christianity. If some Imam had been pontificating about how to behave with your wife, the reaction would surely have been different. Very often, these non-stories tell us a lot more about the people behind the office they hold. In that respect, they are useful.
      My own take is that Pence does not trust himself to be alone with a woman, when he has a few drinks on board. Chances are that he has ‘strayed’ in the past.
      Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Reblogged this on House of Heart and commented:
    This information about our vice president is newsworthy because it reveals his evangelical christian perspective. His lack of confidence in control over his libido and belief that a woman would surely come on to
    him ( after all who could resist…cough cough) says that he would use that criteria in official business as well as “dining” time. The man would need a chaperone at all time. We can’t win, pass the poison.

  3. I fully agree, chuq. Who cares. An frankly, I didn’t care one damn bit about the Monica Lewinsky thing with Clinton (the president Clinton.. in case anyone might be wondering), I mean, hell, far be it from me to judge a leader simply because he needs a piece of ass in or outside the marriage. I want to know he’s ready to make the tough decisions when governing. Now, if he did it using his power to coerce or without consent, that’s a no-no to me. I dislike someone flaunting their morality openly. It just opens up doubt to me.

  4. LOL! The cult of celebrity, which makes a habit of dwelling upon that which has no real meaning, seems to be embedded so deeply in our culture, there is no room for all the irony to get noticed….

    For example, there is the irony of your last line, which, for me, pretty much nails the entire subject… except, perhaps you should have used “data space”, or “electrons” rather than “ink”, which is getting hard to find online….


    gigoid, the dubious

      1. Had to copy & paste for find it…. In answer to “how many lies are out there?”, I know of at least three significant ones that are embedded in the human psyche, which I keep harping on…. like a raving lunatic telling the truth to delusional masses…. Those 3 seem to be sufficient to keep most folks distracted from reality….


    1. Logos…Ancient Greek philosophers used the term in different ways. The sophists used the term to mean discourse, and Aristotle applied the term to refer to “reasoned discourse”
      WOTS THAT?

  5. I had a lot of ‘ink’ coming my way over the weekend through notifications….mostly in the form of aggression & even hate.. all ignorance of course…unbelievable how mankind is so full of denial ….I suppose at the bottom of it all is simple fear….so the wars continue b/c as you know subjective opinions lead to conflict…I am right…you are wrong…
    beam me chuq 😦
    Still, I try in vain to bring more light on the subject matter without hate/fear/prejudice

  6. I disagree with my illustrious colleague (aheartafire) . Christians who are wise enough to stand firm are wiser than the rumor mongers and hateful liberals and so called “progressives” who voice hate speech knocking them down to the attackers’ own animal level. Christian self control is being attacked because the folks attacking don’t like being shown up and being shown how long they have sunk. The only ones legislating morals—or enforcing the lack of them…are progressives. Personal attacks are how hate-monger liberal “thought” rules! –Jonathan Caswell, —Standing up and being counted is not a crime against humanity! 🙂

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