Son Of The Pen

The weekend starts with a bang…….some moron drove his car into a neighbors house…the bedroom to be exact….fortunately the occupant had gotten up to pee….ergo the “big bang”…..

On to bigger things…..

The title was given to me by a friend in Syria many years ago….because I was constantly writing notes, papers and analyses….he said that I was linked to my pen in some mystical way…..ergo I was the “son of the pen”…..

I have been writing for about 50 years…in the beginning I took notes then wrote out the piece in long hand using a fountain pen….I chose the pen because I liked the way it wrote and my penmanship was much better with the fountain pen over a ball point.

I still take many notes before I wrote a post for IST and I am still using a fountain pen…they are harder to find these days and ink is even harder…I must use the internet to find the inks I desire there are NO stores in my area that sell bottled ink because kids would buy it for home-made tattoos.

I bring all this mundane stuff up because a regular here on IST, O Lado Escuro Da Lua (Dark Side Of The Moon),  turned me onto another post about the history of the fountain pen and I liked it and thought I would share…..

Source: History: The Fountain Pen | O LADO ESCURO DA LUA

It was a reblog from the original……

The idea of writing instruments designed to carry their own ink supply had been a theoretical idea, but it was not until the beginning of the 1700’s, that the theory was being put into practice.

The first fountain pen was designed by M.Bion a Frenchman in 1702, but it was more than a 100 years later in 1809. When American Peregrin Williamson, patented his design in 1809.

Source: History: The Fountain Pen | Roger Bussey

Since I love history I found this a fascinating piece…hopefully others will also.

I have had several custom made fountain pens by a friend in Washington state….

The “press” is a piece I wrote about my craftsman…the photo is an olive wood pen he made for me……

Olivewood Fountain Pen

Source: Jeff Ward, American Craftsman – In Saner Thought

Sadly Jeff has stop making pens for now…hopefully he will start up again in the near future.

That ends my post for today….I will enjoy my Saturday after a good chuckle at the knuckle head that ran into a house…..sad that this brings joy to my eyes…..I have so little amusement in my life other than reading Right wing blogs….tee hee

Please everyone have a good day….be well, be safe….chuq


18 thoughts on “Son Of The Pen

  1. In school I used them, but now as you say, they are hard to come by. I still write longhand quite a bit myself, think I’ll get online and pick some up.

    1. There are many on-line but be careful some are not as they appear….Jeff may have some already made….his work is beautiful….chuq

  2. Ah,dying crafts…lovely pen,son of pen.
    Lavrov Gives Landmark Speech: New Centers of Economic Power Will End US ‘Global Domination’ – Russia News Now via @therussophile
    have a good weekend chuq.

  3. Um.. regarding your first paragraph… the reference to a “big bang” made me imagine a scenario not about taking a pee. What a way to go. At my age, If only…
    Maybe we can get Andrew to dream up a weekend question about this. “Would you rather meet your maker having a car crash into your bedroom while making love with , or, spending a weekend with Trump and Bannon at Mar-A-Lago?.”

    1. Now there is an excellent idea…..BTW it was a brand new Mustang….one week old driven by a 19 yr old…Daddy was not pleased…and it got even funny after that…..LOL chuq

      1. Daddy must be rich… a new mustang driven by a 19 year old? Now that’s a huge insurance premium.. for just THAT reason.

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