War On Terror: A Rethink Is Needed

I know that we hear daily just how well we are doing in our fight against terrorism…..daily reports on amount of baddie dead or just how well our “allies” are proceeding…..

Personally, I feel that the tactics we are employing are stale…there may be other tactics in the making but from where I sit we are spinning our wheels on the War on Terror……

Trump is now in command…..but the people he has put in charge are champions of the stale policies of the past….we need a rethink and soon……

Although Donald Trump had good inclinations on some foreign policy issues during his campaign and transition period — for example, staying out of unneeded brushfire wars, reexamining U.S. alliances, and pushing wealthy allies to do more for their own security — his policy toward “radical Islamic terrorism” always needed some work.

Now, having been president for only a short time, this policy — including slamming the door shut on the legal immigration of refugees (including desperate Syrians fleeing from the country’s civil war) and entry of people from seven predominantly Muslim countries — needs a lot of work.

In the meantime, to show that he is doing at least something for Syrian refugees, he is talking to Arab allies not affected by the ban — Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates — about setting up safe zones in Syria to keep refugees there.

Source: Trump Needs to Rethink Terror Policies – Consortiumnews

Keep in mind…we cannot defeat terrorism….for terror is a tactic not a entity…..

This should take priority….something that should not be decided over brunch at some golf club…..if not it will only get worse…..


8 thoughts on “War On Terror: A Rethink Is Needed

  1. Could not agree with you more, my friend. We must not be constantly afraid then the terrorists win. This administration wants us to be afraid.

  2. I think your last line noted the depth of the problem’s implications, for, I don’t place any credence on anything that comes out of the mouth of a congenitally serial liar. Trump has no interest in anything more than his own self-interest, and only uses the catch-phrases of the day to serve those interests. Nothing of what he does has shown any interest in improving things for anyone but him, and his ilk….

    You also implied the nature of the REAL problem, which is the apparent belief, of all who pay attention to such matters, that ‘war’ is the solution to any problem, at all… I would think, by now, at least a few people would have realized that declaring a war on an idea is absurd, right from the outset. The only problems war solves are the ones manufactured by those who make a profit from waging it.

    There ARE other ways to solve problems, y’know?

    gigoid, the dubious

  3. I watched an in-depth documentary about the ‘liberation’ of Mosul by Iraqi forces. Most of the people liberated are more frightened of the liberating army that they were of ISIS. No point just changing the colour of the flag, if there is nothing in place to make life better.
    Regards, Pete.

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