Iraq: The More The Merrier

There has not been much in the news about the battle for Mosul in Iraq during the first days of this new year….

Last year I was concerned that the slow uptick of US troops would once again be a problem for the US….I still think that the problem is still growing…..

As Iraq continues to try to get their military offensive against the ISIS-held city of Mosul going, the Pentagon has announced that the US has doubled the number of advisers embedded with Iraqi forces in the area, saying there are “about 450” advisers now involved in the fight.

Military spokesman Col. John Dorrian further confirmed that there are an “unspecified,” but expanding number of US “advisers” embedded inside the city of Mosul itself, where heavy fighting is constantly ongoing. Iraq claims to have about 60% control over eastern Mosul, the less populace half of the city.

Despite repeated reports out of Mosul portraying the situation as non-stop fighting in the city, Dorrian was quick to reiterate that none of the US troops are technically involved in “direct combat,” and are simply deployed into combat areas in support roles.

Which is misleading at best, as was the Pentagon’s report that 4,935 US troops are currently in Iraq. The number of troops “officially” in Iraq is a carefully negotiated figure between the US and Iraqi governments, and officials have repeatedly admitted that the US has made a habit of keeping large numbers of troops in Iraq off the books by labeling their deployments as “temporary.” Though there is no accurate figure on the total number of US troops in Iraq, most estimates put it around 6,000.


We keep adding troops …slowly…..the added troops will make the chances of Americans being killed more likely with each new report.

How many more will it take before too many is enough?


8 thoughts on “Iraq: The More The Merrier

  1. No matter what they actually say, they’re going to lie about it. “All war is deception”, remember? Or, like Churchill said, “In wartime, truth is so valuable it must always be protected by a bodyguard of lies.”….

    Besides, 95% of Americans don’t even want to think at all, much less think about something important, or might be real… All most of them care about is what the next game or show on TV might be….

    gigoid, the dubious

      1. Well, that’s bound to happen, any time more than 200 or so humans get together, for any purpose. Beyond that #, we don’t seem to be able to maintain that community feeling… part of our flawed nature… Or, in actuality, our inability to accept that nature, the true flaw…


      1. Aye, ’tis about as complex as they wish to get. “Money for nothin’ & chicks for free” is deeper sarcasm than most would understand…


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