Looky Looky Who Wants To Be A Czar

We have been watching as Pres.-elect Trump has been meeting this person and that….he is in search for key positions within his new government…and then there are those charges of nepotism…you know using his kids and family to load up the government positions….personally I think he is smarter than that….but there is one person in his family that might be a good choice.

The position is the new “climate czar” and the person is his daughter…..say what?

Politico is out with an interesting feature on Ivanka Trump that points out she might be the first “first daughter” in history to eclipse the first lady in influence. But perhaps the most intriguing part of the story is that it says she is planning to make climate change one of her “signature issues.” While the president-elect considers the issue to be mostly bunk, Ivanka Trump disagrees, and a source tells Politico that she’s already planning on how to make use of her public profile to push the issue. “If she can pull it off, her advocacy could come as a bit of solace to fearful Americans,” writes Annie Karni. She adds that nobody is closer to Donald Trump than Ivanka, who remains in relatively good standing in elite liberal circles.

Meanwhile, an analysis at the New York Times might also soothe fears of those who think a Trump White House will be disastrous in terms of progress on global warming. The gist of the piece by Eduardo Porter suggests that even if Trump reneges on last year’s Paris accord and kills Obama programs such as the Clean Power Plan, the momentum toward cleaner energy is impossible to stop. He cites a report by the Breakthrough Institute that suggests the importance of international treaties may be overstated when it comes to reducing carbon. The takeaway: “As long as [Trump] keeps the nation’s nuclear power plants online, continues tax incentives for wind and solar energy, and stays out of the way of the shale energy revolution, ‘the US might outperform the commitments that the Obama administration made in Paris,'” say the researchers.

Would she be a better choice?  It depends…she will have her daddy’s ear and she thinks the climate change is a coming problem….it should work out for the better.

She has taken to meeting with Al Gore on the climate thingy….maybe she is serious…..

Ivanka Trump is meeting Monday with climate change activist and former vice president Al Gore.

The President-elect’s daughter, who reportedly wants to make global warming one of her signature issues, will meet with Gore at Trump Tower in Manhattan, according to transition spokesman Jason Miller.

Source: Ivanka Trump to meet with Al Gore | TheHill

Of course all this is speculative until he announces his choice….but it is a damn sight better than one of the toads that hates science.



9 thoughts on “Looky Looky Who Wants To Be A Czar

  1. Picking someone that is publicly supporting climate change efforts has to be better than someone who thinks it’s junk science (those guys are morons btw). The fact that she’s the daughter of the President-elect is irrelevant.

  2. Best news, and best is relative, I’ve heard so far. She is a force and I doubt she’ll be silenced glad to support something or someone in this new administration. I wouldn’t be where I am today, at the bottom of the dung heap, if I hadn’t been a drunk but I would have climbed as far up that dung heap as I once did make it if it hadn’t been for nepotism. ~~dru~~

  3. Hmph… a seed of hope in a pile of shit. Given certain conditions, it could grow. Who wants to bet those conditions will take place? I’ll give 10 to 1 odds… that it won’t.

    gigoid, the dubious

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