Nope…not a misspell of the movie starring Paul Newman…..this one stands for “Housing and Urban Development”……

It appears that PEOTUS Trump has made his pick for this agency…..a person that earlier said that he was not qualified for a cabinet post and has said that he is not sure why he ran for president…..that person is Ben Carson……

Ben Carson is Donald Trump’s pick to run the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The president-elect made the announcement Monday morning, praising the retired neurosurgeon’s “brilliant mind,” reports Politico. “We have talked at length about my urban renewal agenda and our message of economic revival, very much including our inner cities,” said Trump. Carson, 65, has never held public office, but he has said his own experience growing up in poverty in Detroit would give him insight into this role. In his previous public comments on federal housing, he has criticized the Obama administration’s efforts as “social engineering,” notes the New York Times. In particular, he wrote an op-ed last year criticizing an anti-segregration rule and comparing it unfavorably to federal busing.

“I am honored to accept the opportunity to serve our country in the Trump administration,” said Carson, who became one of Trump’s most prominent backers after dropping out of the GOP primary race. In the role at HUD, Carson “will be enlisted to serve as Trump’s unofficial envoy to African-Americans,” says the Washington Post, even though, as with the 2015 op-ed, he appears to hold positions at odds with groups such as the NAACP. While some critics wonder why someone with a background in health would be a fit for public housing, an analysis at the Atlantic takes note of a growing consensus that housing is, in fact, a public health issue, especially in terms of children.

Someone is smoking some stiff stuff!

I still do not understand why he, Trump, keeps picking people that obviously do not have an ounce of experience in the fields he is putting them in……since Carson was a doctor I would understand him as surgeon-general or the head of HHS…..but HUD?

Yet another conspiracist in the cabinet…..looks like it is gonna be a long 4 years.


7 thoughts on ““HUD”

  1. Ben Carson gave me a strange read every time I saw him speak or anything I read that he authored. The idea he thought he could be our President was, at the time, odd at best. Now that Trump has picked him as HUD Secretary, nothing about this Presidency is going to make sense to me.

  2. I’m finding this whole pre-ascendancy scenario a mixture of astonishment (mostly that people are surprised by his insanity), repulsion (for the ignorance on public display in so many venues), and, enlightening (in how clear the evidence is getting that the final solution is imminent). The new presumptive head of the USA’s corrupt government is acting precisely as I believed he would; nothing he’s done for nearly 30 years is of any particular surprise. Why should any of this be different?

    The man, like nearly every government or corporate leader in this sad world, is a narcissist sociopath, clinically insane, and to expect anything other than insane behavior is to place faith in fantasy.

    Don’t expect our society to ever make sense again; it’s far too late for rationality to assume precedence in a world gone clinically insane.

    gigoid, the dubious

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