Then There Is “American Exceptionalism”

As always during an election there will be those inevitable cheers about “American Exceptionalism” from one party or the other……in other words it is a call to see who loves America more.

But where did all this begin?  (And yes this is one of my historical perspectives….in case you were confused)…..and I am pleased you asked……

American Exceptionalism – What Makes America Different?
What is American Exceptionalism? Five decades after America gained independence, French political analyst Alexis de Tocqueville remarked on the exceptional character of the United States and gave us a great snapshot of what makes America different. Unlike other nations that were defined by ethnicity, geography, common heritage, social class, or hierarchal structures, America was a nation of immigrants bond together by a shared commitment to the democratic principles of liberty, equality, individualism and laissez faire economics.

But that is all well and good….but where did the term originate?

On the campaign trail, Mitt Romney contrasts his vision of American greatness with what he claims is Barack Obama’s proclivity for apologizing for it. The “president doesn’t have the same feelings about American exceptionalism that we do,” Romney has charged. All countries have their own brand of chest-thumping nationalism, but almost none is as patently universal — even messianic — as this belief in America’s special character and role in the world. While the mission may be centuries old, the phrase only recently entered the political lexicon, after it was first uttered by none other than Joseph Stalin. Today the term is experiencing a resurgence in an age of anxiety about American decline.

Read on, McDuff……..

‘American Exceptionalism’: A Short History

I had thought that it originated with Woodrow Wilson about the time of the beginning of World War One…..I was mistaken….it appears that it was originated by Joseph Stalin as a derogatory statement aimed at the US …..

Basically the cheer from the Right about the land we call America was originated by a…..wait for it…..a COMMIE!

You gotta love the ironic twist.


13 thoughts on “Then There Is “American Exceptionalism”

  1. Goy Guide to World History 6) “Russian” Revolution via @YouTube
    I am not sure if you were subject to my Sundays notifications…..if you were not then you might have been confused with my twitter comment……the tweets seemed to include you & the maid et al…..very wearing, all of them…ended up by me blocking a female jihadist example hashtag white male syndrome Sorry, if it did not make sense…gender issues are getting more ridiculous by the day!

  2. I was born in France. I hate that country (I’m Breton-Celt) and if you want to talk about “exceptionalism” there’s a two-bit place to go experience it! Patriots are bully bulls and all the Status Quo needs to do is wave a tiny little red flag the size of a gum wrapper in front of them and they’ll start pawing the ground, snort, bellow and proceed to make royal asses of themselves. Personally, as an “American” – just as much as the numbties below the 49th since all peoples who live in the Americas are de facto “Americans” – living in Canada, I don’t feel very exceptional. If I lived south of the 49th parallel and somewhat north of the Rio Grande I’d feel even less exceptional at this time. Well, maybe that wasn’t the point of the article, but I needed to vent. Exceptionalism is hubris, pure and simple and when people need to rely on that to feel better about themselves, well, they’ve lost it.

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