The Joke That Is 2016

BOO!  Happy Halloween everyone!

But if you really want to be scared…then look NO further than the 2016 election…..there is enough terror in that for a lifetime.

I am not going to sit here and write about the benefits of either candidate of the two major parties…..crap…I would rather vote for a head of cabbage because at least it is useful….something I cannot say about either candidate.

The case is being made that there may be some sort of “rigged” election this time around.

The campaign rhetoric has been one not of issues but of personalities. Hillary Clinton calls Trump unfit to be president, so Trump retaliates by accusing her of being unfit. Most of their television ads are attack ads. In personal appearances, their speeches focus upon what’s wrong with the other candidate not what their own presidency will be about. The last time a presidential race was this vicious may have been in 1800 when Thomas Jefferson was challenging President John Adams.

The Trump strategy is to make outrageous statements, talk over his opponent or anyone who questions his pseudo-facts, and then quickly change the topic to avoid having to present any evidence. That strategy was apparent during the three televised debates when he bobbed and weaved around questions. His entire campaign the past year has been loaded with lies, innuendoes, and attacks not only upon Clinton but also upon his fellow Republicans. Analysis by the independent Politifacts shows that that during the campaign, only 15 percent of Trump’s statements were true or mostly true. Politifacts determined that 51 percent of Clinton’s statements while campaigning were true or mostly true.

Source: Lies and Voter Rigging – LA Progressive

A case could be made that the election is how rigged but not in the way that Trump & his supporters would have you believe…..I would try to explain it but most have made up their tiny minds and it would require me explaining something complex as the election system and we know that everyone is a fucking expert in this situation…..especially during this season.

But the first “incident” of voter fraud has been recorded……

A rare voter fraud suspect has been arrested in Iowa, though Donald Trump is unlikely to accuse her of trying to rig the election: Terri Lynn Rote, who was arrested Thursday on suspicion of voting twice, is a registered Republican, the Des Moines Register reports. Police say the 55-year-old cast two early voting ballots in Polk County, which includes Des Moines. Two other people suspected of voting twice were reported to authorities, but have yet to be arrested. County auditor Jamie Fitzgerald says these are the first cases of alleged voter fraud that he can remember in 12 years.

“I think it shows that our voting system works in Iowa, that we’re able to catch it,” Fitzgerald tells the Register, adding that although tensions are running high before the election, there is still a chance that the double votes could have been mistakes. The Blaze reports that Rote was an early Trump supporter who told a reporter in early February that she was planning to caucus for him in Des Moines. Early voting began in Iowa on Sept. 29.

Regardless who wins in November I believe that democracy has been damaged….there has been so much vile and insulting comments made on all sides and calls into question the validity of the process…..

One of the great advantages of liberal democracy is the potential for self-correction. If an election works out badly, the next one offers an opportunity to make a better choice, and in the meantime constitutional guarantees keep the winners from abusing their power. But sometimes elections fail so disastrously as to threaten irremediable damage to a society’s foundations. The United States faces that risk this year.

Systemically damaging election failure can happen in several ways. Elections may be rigged or manipulated and, even when they haven’t been, the suspicion that they have may impair a new government’s legitimacy and create a constitutional crisis. Elections can fail when they put strongmen in power who have no respect for constitutional norms and threaten democratic institutions. They can fail when the outcome is so dispiriting that people give up on democracy and believe that only an authoritarian government can solve their problems.

Source: When an Election Damages Democracy

Wait!  Did they say it was a GOP voter?

Yes they did and surprisingly that is where most of the voter fraud originates……this is an article from 2013……

The Republican party is certain that U.S. elections are rife with voter fraud. How are they so sure of that? Apparently because Republican operatives are the source of most of it.

 Say what?

This past Tuesday, Adam Ward of Bassett County Virginia pleaded guilty to 36 counts of voter fraud and perjury in connection with an attempt to help Newt Gingrich reach the number of signatures required to appear on last year’s Virginia presidential primary ballot. Ward collected over 11,000 signatures on behalf of Gingrich, over 4,000 of which, according to investigators, could not be verified. According to RawStory, the Virginia campaign of Texas governor Rick Perry faced a similar dilemma, with almost half the 11,900 signatures collected on his behalf failing verification. No Perry supporters are currently facing criminal charges.

But Read On……

Source: Shocker: Republicans Account For Most Cases Of U.S. Voter Fraud | Addicting Info | The Knowledge You Crave

I am sure that things will be different this election, right?

If this election is as close as some want it to be…..could we be looking at a repeat of 2000?

So how does the situation get resolved?

A little help for those that cannot remember that far back……a little help….read on……

Source: How Would a Contested Election Work? Five Things to Know – NBC News

So far the election of 2016 has been a massive joke…..a comical primary season….a humorous convention coverage….and finally the hilarious campaigns for the presidency….where issues mean NOTHING and personal insults are winning the debate….

History will look at this election for only its entertainment quality…there is NOTHING of substance that could be a positive teachable moment.

SMILE!  You are on Candid Camera!


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