Clinton Shows Her True Colors

During the primaries Mrs. Clinton pushed hard that she was as much a progressive as Bernie….and apparently the mental midgets bought the lie……and she beat Bernie with a little help from the DNC and now she has settled into her true skin….a damn war hawk.

Why so?

Her campaign manager is Podesta the founder of the Center for American Progress…he is a lobbyist and a supporter of the neocon way of life.

Now one of her advisers has shown what her motives will be when he said……

Michael Morell is a former acting director of the CIA and a national security adviser to Hillary Clinton — one who is widely expected to occupy a senior post in her administration.

He is also an opponent of the Iran nuclear agreement, a defender of waterboarding, and an advocate for making Russia “pay a price” in Syria by covertly killing Putin’s soldiers.

On Tuesday, Morell added another title to that résumé: proponent of going to war with Iran, for the sake of securing Saudi Arabia’s influence in Yemen.

“Ships leave Iran on a regular basis carrying arms to the Houthis in Yemen,” Morell said, in remarks to the Center for American Progress, the liberal think tank founded by Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. “I would have no problem from a policy perspective of having the U.S. Navy boarding their ships, and if there are weapons on them, to turn those ships around.”

Source: Clinton Adviser: Let’s Attack Iran to Aid Saudis in Yemen

The Saudis are big friends with the Clinton Foundation and it appears that they will have a free run of the State Department along with their buddy Israel.

It will be interesting to watch and see what position this guy gets in a Clinton administration……could be very telling.

Actually it will very telling with all her “advisers”…..the neocons are celebrating….why?

With two weeks left to go in the presidential race, the Washington establishment is falling all over itself pushing the inevitability of a Clinton win. It couldn’t have happened without the help of a fawning mainstream media, who first shoved Bernie Sanders to the fringe and then heaped attention on the lunacy of Donald Trump.

The silver lining in this absurd election is that WikiLeaks has revolutionized our understanding of those who seek to run government. It has exposed Hillary Clinton as a willing and eager establishment-corporatist shill, colluding with media to drive the narrative.

The subservience to Wall St. is exactly the kind of continuation that Washington seeks. As such, the military-industrial complex will be served well under Hillary Clinton, as they have been for many presidents before.

Source: Establishment Right and Left in “Lock-Step” Behind Clinton to Usher In an Unprecedented New Era of War

We should all fear for the direction of this country……


3 thoughts on “Clinton Shows Her True Colors

  1. If Clinton loses this election her supporters will claim it’s the fault of those who backed a third party candidate when in reality it will have been as many of us suggested – she brings in way too much luggage that the GOP can use against her to sway independent votes away her.

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