Is It Pence Per Chance?

The media has been in overdrive trying to select the VP for Trump….we have heard so much from so many…..well they can sleep well tonight….there is a winner!

Donald Trump’s Veepstakes is over, and Indiana Governor Mike Pence has won.

The Veepstakes is one of America’s odder political and journalist traditions. Everyone wants to know, as soon as possible, who will occupy a famously not-that-important job and reporters eagerly sniff out leads even though the name will be publicly announced soon enough. Donald Trump, by leading an unusually interesting campaign, managed to also lead an unusually interesting search process.

Source: 2 winners and 3 losers in Donald Trump’s VP selection – Vox

Are they pleased?  Nope!

It seems there is yet another candidate that needs to pick a VP to join the ticket…..

The MSM will now switch gears and start the process all over again…..we will hear so much from so many.

This will be all consuming…that is until next week when the big story will be thew GOP convention……

Hillary will have to take the backseat to the antics at the convention in Cleveland…I am sure that she will find some way to sneak into the news during the week….it is not like her to go silently away for a week.

And then we start this crap all over again….so much from so many.

8 thoughts on “Is It Pence Per Chance?

  1. I relate most strongly to the final lines, re: the crap keeps on comin’…. To be honest, I no longer give a shit WHO gets the nominations, for any of them, for none of it makes any difference at all in what will occur…. and I really wish people could see how futile is not merely the whole process of democracy, but, staying convinced there is a way to fix it. It isn’t fixable, and pretending it is merely carries on the same bullshit we’ve been slogging through my entire life….

    You can’t fix stupid… it bears repeating, until they GET IT!….

    gigoid, the dubious

    1. Maybe this will make it clearer.. If we keep doing things the same old way, expecting different results is just plain stupid, not to mention the definition of insane….


      1. Yep…. well, I don’t know about those checked flannel pajamas with fuzzy slippers, but, yeah, all the rest, including the one I paraphrased, since I couldn’t decide if it was his or someone else’s…. Already getting lazy…


      2. Poor Trump cannot get a break…his big announcement is nothing compared to Nice and now Turkey…Hahahahah…chuq

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