The Nonviolent History of American Independence

I will betaking most of today off to spend with family….lots of traditional stuff like BBQ, a few beers and lots of fun……but I could take my leave without one of my traditional history lessons….

Independence Day is commemorated with fireworks and flag-waving, gun salutes and military parades . . . however, one of our nation’s founding fathers, John Adams, wrote, “A history of military operations . . . is not a history of the American Revolution.” Often minimized in our history books, the tactics of nonviolent action played a […]

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Bye for now…..will return to tomorrow….enjoy your day……

4 thoughts on “The Nonviolent History of American Independence

  1. Interesting article. It refreshed my memory. I learned most of this in an American History course I took at the University of Canuckistan. (Taught by a former member of SDS, who “immigrated” before getting arrested.)

    It’s a very interesting “what if” theory. But I’m almost positive the American colonies would have eventually become an independent nation/nations without resorting to terrorism & insurrection against the British Empire. It would have taken longer, but it was inevitable.

    Why am I so sure? Because I sit in a former British colony adjoining America that gained its independence from Britain without so much as a fistfight! While operating increasingly independently for some time, Canuckistan officially became a nation on July 1 1867. It might have happened even sooner if America didn’t invade Canada in 1812. (With the expansionist war mongers to our South, it made sense for the Canadian colonies to retain access to the British military.)

    So if American colonists had kept the non-violent political & economic pressure up, the drop in the Brit’s export related income would have become permanent. As Empires usually do, the Brits ignored the requests/needs of their “lessors”. That only made their “lessors” anger worse. (Hmmmmm?) But that underlying economic reality may have eventually forced the Brits to come to a settlement and/or grant more autonomy. Empires are about generating profit for the homeland. Long-term losses are unsustainable.

    However, being the impatient, gun loving, folks that they are…the American colonies didn’t wait. They went looking for a fight…and got one! But if both sides had used their heads, they probably could have found middle-ground. (aka the Canuckistan way)

    As it happened, Americans have permanently associated violence as the primary means to get what they want.

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