US Intel Vets Warn Against Torture

Back in the days, few years back, when we were having the conversation about torture, I, as usual, had something to say……my post was short and sweet…..

“Try it, then we will talk”!

But once again the subject of torture has returned.  A few of the candidates think that it is thee answer to solving the problem of terrorism.

The veterans of the intel services have something to say about the subject……..

To those living “outside the Beltway” it may seem counterintuitive that those of us whose analysis has been correct on key issues that the U.S. government got criminally wrong – like the invasion of Iraq in 2003 – would be blacklisted from “mainstream” media and ostracized by the Smart People of the Establishment. But, alas, that’s the way it is.

Forget the continuing carnage in which hundreds of thousands have been killed and millions made refugees. Within the mainstream U.S. media and around Washington’s major policy circles, there is little serious dialogue, much less debate about what went so hideously wrong; and Americans still innocently wonder – regarding the people on the receiving end of the blunderbuss violence – “why they hate us.”

Source: US Intel Vets Warn Against Torture « Blog

Sorry to say….but if you have not been tortured then you opinion is not valid…..again I say…..

“Try it, then we will talk”!

8 thoughts on “US Intel Vets Warn Against Torture

  1. Torture of one kind or another has been a part of warfare since the days of antiquity and it will remain so until the end of time. Whether it is right or wrong is entirely dependent upon whether or not it achieves the desired goal. The concept of right or wrong as applied to the concept of torture depends entirely upon the desire of the nation employing it to survive or to submit and be conquered. When I was a young man I heard stories from people returning from Vietnam describing how they had either witnessed or heard of interrogators making use of something as simple as a compound gate to convince onlookers to spill their guts about enemy activities. Compound gates and heads do not work well together sometimes. I will not say that these stories were all true and I will not contend they were fiction. But they did illustrate a point for me that some methods of extracting military intelligence are more effective than others and any are more useful and more valuable than none at all. Every country does it … every country has always done it and every country on the face of the earth will probably always do it so any discussion about the morality of it is misplaced and of no pragmatic value whatever. If we are going to go there, then let’s also explore ways to wage total war without getting anybody killed. Certainly there must be a way!

  2. Torture, as a form of violence used in warfare, as noted, has been around for a long time, and, in truth, is perfectly suited to the whole concept, as it embraces the violent nature of war completely. Also as noted, its labeling as good or bad lies solely in the mind of the user and victim.

    From a dispassionate viewpoint, the decision to be made about using it is one of ethics. Will you choose to embrace the concepts involved in warfare, or, will you reject it as a means of action, due to the strength of your convictions? That is the ONLY place the decision to be violent is made, in each and every person. As long as humans consistently make the decision to act on their delusions and fears, we will have conflict. When people decide to fucking grow up, and stop living by fear, we may stand a chance to achieve some kind of ethical society. Until then, we are nothing more than naked, vicious apes, running around victimizing ourselves, and every other creature alive in the pursuit of our own desires….

    I reiterate; none of it has anything to to do with politics, or religion, other than to note those two delusions are what allow the fucking assholes to manipulate everyone who believes in them. It’s about being STUPID, ffolkes, not about being good, or bad. Those are personal distinctions, and not valid for use in reality, unless you are intent on a life of violence and fear.

    gigoid, the dubious

      1. Exactly right; fear has built our entire world, and it will bring us our doom…

        Homo suicidus


      2. Sadly too many are doing all they can in the name of “national security” to bring us down through the spreading of this mind killer…..chuq

      3. National security is an oxymoron; there is no nation any longer, and security has always been a myth. The only security lies in learning to use your reasoning abilities, rather than sitting on them.

        Humanity is the victim of its own stupid, fearful nature, which refuses to use the tools we possess to control it….

        As far as I can tell, we deserve all that is happening to us….


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