Why is the global economy suffering so much turbulence?

2016 is an election year so candidates will be making hay with the economic woes of the planet…..China is sliding….US is crumbling……Wall Street is a bouncing ball……..wages suck…..inflation is under control (tell that to someone on a fixed income)……gas prices in a race to the bottom……as soon as the luster moves on from the Muslim theme or the immigrant subject or the refugees…..the economy will make a return to the campaign ads and rhetoric…….

But with the markets playing the rhumba on the bowels of traders…..the question is….does anyone know what the Hell is going on?

A tumbling oil price and see-saw financial markets are clear symptoms of economic instability. But what’s the cause?

Well there is a newspaper trying to help in the understanding of economics of the day……

Source: Why is the global economy suffering so much turbulence? | Business | The Guardian

Can you see it now?

4 thoughts on “Why is the global economy suffering so much turbulence?

  1. The status of the world economy, i.e., chaotic, is a reflection of the advent of what was once called The Population Bomb. The book by that name came out in the 1960’s, with a perfectly logical explanation of all the problems we are now witnessing from the pressure of population on the world’s ecosystems, and culture…. The economy merely reflects the same entropic qualities as does the fact of climate change, and constant war, and the divisiveness of human nature under the stress of over-population….

    We are reaping exactly what we have sown…. There is no understanding possible of what may happen, as the pressure continues to mount on the totality of the planet’s resources…. unless we can learn to accept our nature, and the consequences thereof….

    Even Chaos Theory, a mathematical field which has the closest chance of predicting future events on such a scale, cannot firmly establish any parameters which reflect reality as it is….

    SIGH…. but, people will continue to wonder why things are so fucked up, never realizing it is our own blindness making the world what it is today….

    gigoid, the dubiously cynical….

  2. And as the economy worsens in the E.U countries and Mario wants to ‘do’ more Q.E…..joke….things will only get worse….however….something for you to wrap ur head around…
    How Do the Economic Elites Get the Idea That They ‘Deserve’ More? http://wp.me/p1c6I1-34D via @wordpressdotcom
    Capitalism vs Democracy vs Capitalism: My TED Global Talk http://wp.me/p1c6I1-34P via @wordpressdotcom
    I have been following Yanis V. for a few years …..great man!
    The E.U is not democratic…a curse to the elites….
    and a curse to Washington…grin
    The Greeks are so much better educated than u r average Yank….
    Kalimera chuq

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