Thoughts Without Posts–2013 #2

Finally, my two days of mental cleansing……leaving the silliness and the absurdities that is politics behind…….

Every day I make hundreds of notes and some are lucky enough to make it into posts….then there are others that just do not hold the fascination and I opt out making them into posts…….and that brings us to this post……

1–Why do so many women want to be blonde?

2–Where is sharia law a threat to US citizens?  Is not forced living by christian religious law the same thing?

3–GOP is trying hard to make real change impossible and in doing so they making it inevitable.

4–Is it me or is reality TV becoming more and more white trash?

5–“a test for a moral society is how it treats its children”…….the US is failing.

6–If you follow the POPE on Twitter then you will do less time in Purgatory……

7–politicians and diapers need changing often and for the same reason…….

8–Let’s be honest….the GOP wants to appear to be moving on immigration without doing anything……

9–Who decided that Khaki was the universal color of geek-dom?

10-Who decided that orange would be the international color of decaf?

11-Is there a correlation on the amount of endorphins in the brain and the loss of reason?

12-Difference between dumb and stupid…..dumb ain’t funny…..Lewis Black.

My mind will not shut down….it is always calculating or formulating so there are thoughts written everywhere……stay tuned…..more to come…..


4 thoughts on “Thoughts Without Posts–2013 #2

    1. Larry, it just keeps getting more and more trailer park….btw do you know what Texas means in Spanish? Trailer Park….sorry could not resist….LOL

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