After the prez and his inaugural address I read the reviews…..just about all call it a progressive speech for a progressive future…….poppycock!  I am and have always been a progressive and nothing Obama has done is progressive.  He may have a few progressive ideas but they went NO where……

The media is defining the term progressive……stop it!  A progressive is liberal but a liberal is not necessarily a progressive…….I refuse to let the media define me and my beliefs…….I am an old fart and being such there is a difference…..the media has successfully made the word liberal and progressive synonymous……they are NOT!  Only to mental midgets and partisan bobble heads are they the same……

A Progressive is favoring or promoting political or social reform through government action, or even revolution, to improve the lot of the majority……….Progressives in the 21st century continue in this tradition of democracy building and open transparency of corporate and political power. Progressive values are rooted in the American traditions of equality, fairness, due process, and democratic decision making at the deepest level possible. Progressives recognize that institutional power, both public and private, has created inequalities of race, class and gender, and that democratic governmental regulation is needed to make necessary social justice corrections for humanity worldwide. Progressives believe in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Bill of Rights, open access to corporate and governmental information, democratic media and individual human freedom. Progressives believe that human freedom includes the freedom from hunger, homelessness, unemployment, environmental pollution, discrimination based on physical attributes and long imprisonment for non-violent crimes.  (from a piece written by Peter Phillips for

Obama promised change and we got a toothless financial package, and impotent health care bill, and I expect no more come this second term……..Progressive politics is about moving society forward to a better life for its citizens and Obama has not accomplished that as of yet……..and I doubt if it will this time around.

And please do not say that Clinton was a progressive…..that is total crap!  Clinton and his cronies did nothing to move society forward, all his so-called accomplishments did was make profits a lot easier with the promise of a trickle down con……..and as we know, trickle down is total crap……

All this is leading to my point…..I demand an apology from the media for using progressive to characterize Obama…….it is insulting to us progressives…….


11 thoughts on “Progressive?

  1. I agree that Obama is not a died-in-the-wool progressive but actually much of what he called for in his inaugural speech has been a part of the progressive agenda for years. But for the MSM to focus on the ideological angle now is just the way media corporations are highlighting something that, as “free-marketers” most of them fear.

    They should be reporting on how this agenda reaches across political barriers and serves the needs of ALL interests, not in a fashion that arouses hostile emotions from the anti-government, “socialist conspiracy” groups so they can have headlines for the next few weeks or months to air. I suspect too that they will serve their own self-interests that align with those who provide a source of revenue through their advertisement.

    1. Larry, I agree on what the media is doing…..they want to drive the news not report it……like I said promises are not action…..Obama and any other politician that we care to name are full of promises and short on action……what is best of society is a progressive’s goal…..what is best for the party is secondary…..

  2. I can’t fault you on a single word here. Obama is not a progressive leader, rather a pragmatic one. He is a centrist who was dealt a terrible hand and an irrational Congress. I fear though that something like the Great Society cannot be achieved in the US. Corporatism has soiled the individual. You need only look at the last election where 47% voted R-Money, the embodiment of Corporatism.

    Egalitarianism in a place like Australia was the foundation slab and principle reason why that country works so well. It’s not perfect, but its solid. CEO salaries are now climbing but they’re still inside a bubble of reality that was popped in the US decades ago. Cradle to grave healthcare, education, clean air, water, infrastructure are chips every Australian child receives because its always been recognised that mineral wealth is a public utility, not a private party.

    1. John, Obama is basically following the lines of Clinton and he was NO progressive……Clinton was massively pro-business his policies did more to cause the collapse in 2008 than anyone…..Obama is trying to be part of what Clinton called “the third way”….it is a failure and can only get worse….

  3. Wow, this one sentance is the scarest thing I have read since FDR:
    “Progressives believe that human freedom includes the freedom from hunger, homelessness, unemployment, environmental pollution, discrimination based on physical attributes and long imprisonment for non-violent crimes.”

    Have you ever heard the saying, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.”? Well, you can give a person freedom but you can’t make them exercise it. In America you have the opportunity to persue happiness, but it is up to the individual to catch that happiness at what ever level they are willing to WORK for it.

    There is no freedom from unemployment, that is a utopian lie to brainwash the lazy into false security. What we do have is the right to choose to work in what ever field we wish to practice. You may work for someone else or you will work for youself, that depends on your talent and how much you are willing to invest in your endevor. But you do not have the right to demand employment at someone elses expense.

    This goes to the other utopian lies. You do not have a freedom from hunger. You do not have the right to eat food from someone elses refrigerator. If you want to eat you will need to take action and earn your foor, either through a trade (your time for money that can be used to purchase food) or through cultivation (grow your own).

    If someone chooses to be lazy then they will be hungery and unemployeed. In America you have that choice. That is true freedom.

    In America you are also secure in knowing that if you choose to work for something that no one has the right to take it from you without your consent. All that is changing as the looters have learned to use government as their instrument of theft.

    It makes me sad to know that the country I faught to protect is turning it’s back on the true freedom so many died to give it. But I guess the lure of a utopian progressive society is too strong for a weak mind to over come. Freedom takes too much work for many. Those progressive freedoms translate to nothing more than freedom from work. What a lazy world progressives are desiring.

    1. I wish I could agree but basically you are repeating BS from years ago…..I will agree that freedom takes work and there are very few “lazy” people another political lie……no one wants to think about the work done by progressives in the past…….I know that was the past and we cannot live in the past, right? Your blanket statement that Progressives desire a “lazy world” is erroneous….NO one desire that…….so basically you are saying that hunger and unemployment is a choice?

      1. No apollogy necessary, I did take your comment as course. I hope my comment did not come across course either.

        I see lazy people all the time, some of them even have jobs. Daily I see and come in contact with people that do not care about working hard for an income and would rather be somewhere else if someone else would pay their bills and feed them.

        Think about this and see if you agree with me or not. If the government could provide every American with food and shelter so that they would not be required to work, most Americans would gladly sit at home and do nothing productive.

        And to answer your question, yes I believe that hunger and unemployment is a choice. If you want to work there is work to be done and those jobs pay enough for you to eat. Now, a lot of those jobs may not pay you enough to live the life style you want to live does not mean they are not productive jobs. Also, the available jobs my not be in your neighborhood and you may need to move to be nearer to the jobs, but that is a choice you make.

        I came from a poverity stricken lower income neighborhood and worked for everything I have. I don’t have everything I want, but I feel I have as much as I wish to work for. It is what makes America special, it’s what makes true capitolism work. You get what you earn and no one can take it from you without permission. All though, like I stated before, that is changing. We have politicians that truly believe we should spread the wealth around from those that earned it to those that do not, that is not America.

        Thank you for your time. Sorry if my comments come accross as rants, but I feel that if these thoughts are discussed maybe a better opinion can be formed.

      2. Thanx for your patience…….Before I was forced to retire I worked for the state housing authority as a maintenance person and had contact with lower income people everyday……the majority of them were excellent people….yep, there were some that needed a good kick in the ass, but for the most part they were just like you…..where I live hunger is not a choice, especially if there is a family….individually they could get a $7 an hour job but that would hardly pay enough to live……maybe you could eat but you would be living in a cardboard box…..

        I do not mind , in fact I appreciate differences of opinion, I still study the Federalist Papers and they seldom mean whatever it is people try to deduce from a one liner taken out of context…..but I enjoy a good debate….thanx for the chance….

      3. Dang, forgot to spell check.. please ignore the bad spelling in that last post. Also, my comment should start… I did NOT take your comment as course.

        Sorry, product of the New York government school system and it is hard work to over come that handicap.

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