Sorry, But You MUST Have A Permit!

Yippee skippy….the weekend and something besides the political shenanigans………

You need a permit to fish….or hunt….our to start a business or to park… other words you need a permit for a whole bunch of stuff…….but this is just beyond belief…..

”A new law would give Nevada City the power to hand out permits to a small group of homeless, which would give them permission to sleep in public.”…(SEE MORE)

**The world (society) around us has been in slow decline and decay for a long time.   It used to be shocking to me each time I heard about yet another freedom being striped away from us to feed the greed and control appetite for the disgusting elitist pricks.   I think this new travesty trumps them all.   Nevada City now requires their Homeless to have permits to allow them to be Homeless in their City.

Is this an idea that could catch fire?  So what will happen if they do not have a permit?  A night in jail?  That should solve the problem of the raising numbers of the homeless.


7 thoughts on “Sorry, But You MUST Have A Permit!

  1. I know that some homeless people are like nomads, Then there are some whom have been broken so horribly from this system. Some get hooked to the same drugs that our mad scientist’s created yet blame It on “the people”.
    The laws and regulations on insurance, underpaid jobs.
    Why should they be permitted a permit to live on land that is free. ….. ohwait! The government “owns” that. Well what we have here ladies and gentle men is “failure to communicate” They need teachers. They need to have housing that A) Helps them get off the stuff. b) Real loving counsel. c)They need to start being treated with
    respect. We all need to breed peace.

  2. I would imagine that inorder to obtain a permit to be homelss one would need an address and possibly a phone number. Blank boxes on the application form would not be allowed.

    have you been homeless before?
    How long do you intend to be homeless?
    Reasons for being homeless?
    Do you yhave the requisit clothing to sustain your homelessness?
    do you have a mortagage?

    and so on…..

  3. The irony is, if they fail to comply, they’ll go to jail, and no longer be living on the streets. That’s the bureaucratic mind for ya.

    1. Hi Kelli and thanx for the visit……maybe those without permits will be herded onto buses and taken to the city line so then it is somebody else problem….sounds like a typical political solution to me….

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