Oh Yeah….Syria!

Benghazi has taken over the tube……….Iran is a mere memory (for now)…..and Syria is nothing more than a couple of 30 second spots in the news, if that…….we all feel that our troops should come home from Afghanistan and that Israel needs protecting, especially from itself………


That is injected into the post to see how many trolls are waiting in the wings……..

Now back to the main tilt of this post……..Syria!

While we were spending all our time condemning this person or that for the situation that happened in Libya………something else was being said…..

(Newser) – With the US election over and Syrian rebels seemingly gaining momentum, the Obama administration is taking a fresh look at its own potential involvement in the conflict, the New York Times reports. First, Washington must consider whether NATO should install surface-to-air missiles in Turkey, which some see as a deterrent to Syrian Air Force attacks near the border. Another possibility: Directly arming the rebel forces, instead of supplying weapons through countries like Qatar. Recent rebel successes have lent “a new urgency, and a new focus” to the debate in Washington, says an official.

What’s more, “the administration has figured out” that if it doesn’t get involved before the war ends, “they won’t have influence with the fighters, and the fighters will control the territory,” says a defense expert. In other Syria news:

  • If the rebels want Western support, they’ll need a transitional government, and quickly, notes the Christian Science Monitor, and yesterday saw the first meeting of Syria’s new opposition coalition. “The objective is to name a prime minister, or at least have a list of candidates ahead of the Friends of Syria meeting” that’s coming up, says a vice president. But the meeting was rife with disagreement.
  • Russia appears to be sneaking helicopters to Syrian forces, Time reports. Documents leaked by Anonymous show an apparent flight plan to deliver choppers via travel over Iran, Iraq, and Azerbaijan—thus avoiding countries that have a weapons embargo against Syria. “It’s getting to Syria by the back door,” says an expert.

Will Syria be our next trip into adventurism?  Will more American troop[s be put into the fray?  How will they (politicians) justify our intervention?


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