A New SUPER Thing

My last day and back to the mental masturbation that is our political system…..

It seems that almost weekly there is a new SUPER hero hitting the screens across the country…..Green Lantern, Capt. America, yada, yada……then there are supermarkets, super bugs, super secrets and so forth……do you remember the VW called the Super Bug?……speaking of bugs…….and then there are those STD’s like syphilis, clap, herpes, aids and many more….but can we call any of them Super?

Well, to be honest…..yes we can!

From an article in the Global Post……

Scientists are warning of a new, untreatable strain of gonorrhea, discovered in a sex trade worker in Japan.

The mutant strain of gonorrhea, a common sexually transmitted disease also known as “the clap,” is resistant to penicillin and other antibiotics, according to research presented at a conference on STDs held in Quebec City, reports Canada’s National Post.

Scientists from the Swedish Reference Laboratory have warned that the new “super” strain of the bacteria Neisseria gonorrhea, dubbed H041, is resistant to cephalosporins, a fourth-generation class of antibiotics. Unemo warned of a “future era of untreatable gonorrhea,” with the STD posing a major threat to public health.Gonorrhea is one of the world’s most common STDs, but if left untreated it can cause serious, life-threatening health complications in both women and men.

Symptoms of gonorrhea include a burning sensation when urinating, and the STD can cause discharge from the genitals, the BBC says. But some 50 percent of women infected with gonorrhea, and 2 to 5 percent of men, have no symptoms.

Holy Crap!  Once again it comes down to the only sex that is practiced without the fear of some sort of infection or such is……phone sex……… and that is the new definition for “oral sex”….it is about as much enjoyment as watching someone eat a great steak….Jesus…they can just suck (no pun intended) the fun out of anything, right?

4 thoughts on “A New SUPER Thing

  1. I’d stick with the mental masturbation if I were you. It’s much safer, And, the only one fucking with your mind is You. 🙂

    1. So true…….but (there is always a ‘but’)……..my biggest mind f*ck is politics….no matter what I post it almost always leads to another….I have Brain Worms…..LOL Have a good weekend…..

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