Divorcing? No Sex!

AH!  Zen!  My respite from the mind f*ck that is politics…..a couple of days to relax and  mentally refresh……

I bitch about the fact that the GOP, the party of smaller government , is spending a lot of political capital to inject the government into the middle of people’s lives, personal lives, that is…..Newser website has a good report on this type of intrusion….

Massachusetts lawmakers are considering a bill that would forbid parents from having sex inside their homes while getting divorced. The bill is intended to reduce domestic violence and protect children until their parents’ divorce is finalized, supporters tell My Fox Boston. But critics aren’t comfortable with the idea of the government regulating parents’ sex lives. The state is also considering a separate bill that would end lifetime alimony, imposing the kind of payment caps already in effect in most states. Click here for the text of the bill.

I am sorry….but this is one of those things that falls into the category of “none of their f*cking business”!  And I do wish that conservs would let the tag line of small government go….there is NOTHING small about the proposals that these state reps are trying to do…..it is the nanny state that they accuse the Dems of constantly…they need to stay out of people’s bedrooms….there is NOTHING there they need to be concerned over!

The GOP is becoming more and more silly with each passing election…the only way they can win is to LIE and LIE heavily….but I enjoy seeing the party of small government shoot themselves in the dick….

7 thoughts on “Divorcing? No Sex!

  1. I agree. It is funny how when the Democrats try to regulate people’s behavior they whine and whine. Really, the only difference I see between the groups is that the Democrats use incentives and the Republicans use the threats.

    1. Hi Terrant….and let us NOT forget about the lies……they can make even going to church look bad if they want to……

  2. As you know I agree 100% with a desire for small government – almost to vanishing point.

    However, what your GOP wants is NOT smaller government. What they want is control of your lives (just as the Democrats do). What they want is YOU under control and THEM free to make YOU pay for everything whilst THEY pay less and less for more and more – for THEM!

    Seems like a reasonable aim to me – for THEM!

  3. BINGOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! you have finally figured out the lot of them. THAT’S WHY WE NEED TERM LIMITS FOR THEM!!!!!! If it is good enough for the Office of the President it sure as hell good enough for them, problem is, they have to vote it in, you know they ain’t going to do that!!!!!!

    1. Hi Rick and welcome…..you are preaching to the choir….I have been supporting term limits and campaign reform for 20 years….

  4. I probably longer I have seen these thugs at work. It seems to me that the greed and power is to irresistible to them.

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