Cut Spending Now!

We all have heard the conservative tag line….”Cut spending NOW!”…… has been a popular conserv tag line for decades……and today it is more important than ever to the GOP… will win them elections and more clout in Washington…..

The whiz kid of the GOP, Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, is leading the charge on this issue….I have said many times that I believe that he is sharp and knowledgeable.  And like the dutiful son he echoes the tag lines, slogans and stands of the elders of the Party………

The starting point for tackling this challenge is the federal budget. For families, organizations, and businesses alike, a budget sets priorities and forces tough decisions.Our proposal would create a legally binding federal budget, with enforceable limits on spending and deficits, force Congress to address our entitlement crisis and budget for our long-term liabilities, and allows for budgetary oversight by moving from the frenetic annual calendar to a biennial budget and appropriation process.

Budget process reforms can help limit the excesses of spendthrift lawmakers — but real restraint requires a commitment to get spending and deficits under control.

Among the proposals:- Cancel unused bailout funds. The financial rescue package has morphed into a Washington slush fund for special interests. To prevent its continued abuses, we should terminate the Troubled Asset Relief Program.

Cancel unspent “stimulus” funds. We need more jobs, not more debt.

Reduce government employment and freeze government pay. We need to grow the economy, not government.

Cut and cap discretionary spending. After an 84 percent increase in discretionary spending, Washington has added trillions of dollars to our debt, yet failed to produce the jobs promised. We should return spending to pre-Obama levels and establish discretionary spending caps.

Reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. We need to phase out the federal control of these mortgage giants, limit taxpayer exposure and combat crony capitalism.

I have been commenting on the proposals that they are offering as a way to lessen the impact of the budget deficit….and I agree with the original statement….to cut taxes now!  But I would do it in other ways……like ending two wars and most readers know how I feel about the taxes thing…in case you are unaware……EVERYBODY pays the taxes on ALL their income and all their FICA payments on ALL their income……those three would go a long way to tackling the deficit….this mamby-pamby approach helps NO one but those that are NOT paying the fair share.
But I guess they would not be Repubs if it were not that way.

11 thoughts on “Cut Spending Now!

  1. I don’t know your tax system in any detail at all, so it’s hard for me to comment except in general terms – but (there it is!) I do think that, at face value at least, Ryan has it exactly right.

    This is my biggest criticism of Keynesian thinking – either head for full blown socialism, or go the other way and look at proper fiscal responsibility with minimal government – keynesian middle way sound like a good theory, but it’s actually in my opinion the worst of all options.

    The ONE thing any responsible government MUST do for its people is to create a healthy economy with a THRIVING and robust, unfettered jobs market. THAT frees people – the other way leads to ever increasing debt and debt (either individual, or national) is SLAVERY.

    So, I understand where you’re coming from, but the country is committed to much of what you criticise (like it or not – and I agree, I don’t like it, but there it is) I believe your way is short term and human nature could ultimately destroy any nation that follows that path.

    Make people freer, INDEPENDENT and responsible – self sufficient in fact – help them to be that way by all means, but not at all STATE DEPENDENT – it’s inefficient, demeaning and destroys the natural vibrancy of humankind, which is the ultimate resource any nation needs to prosper and is the lifeblood of humanity.

    1. The tax system code is about 15 volumes… depends on how much you make as to whgat bracket you are in….and then the more you make the more tax breaks there are….so basically, the poorer you are the moire percentage you pay in the end…..that is about as simple as I can make it….sorry

      I cannot disagree with you…but Americans at least, want responsibility and independence….in words…they then want all the help that government can give….the poor and especially the rich….I also agree about the slavery thing….but in this case it is wage slavery….

      Ah, the human nature thing…..I think we have covered that until we both throw up our hands…LOL

      The prob in the US is that everything is short term…..the only time long term is mentioned is when the opposition uses it in campaign ads….I believe that short term answer will be good in the long term…that is if done properly….but then we get into an equation that will make one drink…..

      1. I will go with the Stilton, a very good blue cheese, but I will have to pass on the port…..I will stick with sherry…a good Spanish one at that….

      2. Of course – you have the sherry and more port for me then 😆

        Stilton can be blue or not – I like both.

      3. The stinky the better…..I like the Spanish Cebrales (sp?)……damn I am hungry and definitely need the drink even more….LOL

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