Understanding Iran–Conclusion

From the Professor’s Classroom.

It is the summer of their discontent…..I read that somewhere…..it explains what is happening in Iran.  And what is happening is that history is repeating itself….all over again…as Yogi would say.

Let us step back into my trusty “way Back” machine and travel to the 1960’s.  The Shah has been installed as “supreme” ruler of Iran by the oil companies and the CIA and he begins his “White Revolution”.  A massive program of economic and cultural reforms.  And at the same time opposition to the Shah and his US handlers was growing.  Enter the SAVAK–the Shah’s secret police that was used to quell any and all opposition throught arrestys, torture and murder.  They helped the Shah retain his power over real and pertend political opposition.

Then in the late 70’s the protests grew and grew from all corners of the country.  And all looked to a little known cleric exiled in France, the ayatollah Khomeini.  There was marching in the streets, beatings, arrests and deaths associated with these protests until the Shah lost it all and the Islamic Republic was formed.

The US and its citizens lost sight of basic human rights in there fear of “creeping” communism and at lead to a blind eye to what was actually going on in Iran.  So in the attempt to protect the flow of oil from Iran, they allowed those to come to power that would cease the flow of oil to the west.  Kinda like shooting oneself in the foot.

Now we return to the present and the election results and the ensuing protests.  It all sounds so darn familiar, right?  The politics of Iran is coming in full circle back to the beginning.  The results of the recent election has brought about beatings, arrests and death; weapons used by the SAVAK are now the weapons of the Council.

Wish I could go forward in time and see what the result will be, but I cannot….it will all depend on the actions of the clerics on the Council and the strength of the opposition.  There is a rumor circulating that Washington is pumping money into the opposition to the tune of $400 million, but that is just a rumor….but one cannot discount it….it is not like we have never done that before.

The protesters seem to have the will and the guts to continue their actions….the leaders are behind them 100%….maybe the leaders should step forward and prove they are willing to face the same dangers and results as the protesters…then maybe all this will be for the good of the country…well the good of the west,  at least.

Afterword:  Slowly but slowly the ruling mullahs and their lackeys are quelling the protests….the protests are becoming smaller and smaller as the “enforcers” use violence to get a handle on the demostrations.


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