Mr. “O” and Blago

How many morons does it take to become a party?

Repubs are scrambling around trying to connect Obama with Blagojevich.  But they are suspiciously silent on the possiblity that he could be violating the Constitution.  Why is that?

Apparently the Constitution only means something if it can generate votes for them.  You know the crap about guns and marriage?

Looks like the end of partisanship that all say that want to end, is not gonna end anytime soon.  It is just the desparate grasping at straws by a Party with no course and no plan.

Kinda does my old radical heart good to see the conservs flounder around looking so dazed and confused.

5 thoughts on “Mr. “O” and Blago

  1. Yes, they’re trying to make some kind of connection between Obama and Blago, and there IS NO connection. I’m not crazy about Obama, but he sure as hell ain’t involved with shitbags like this guy.

    This level of audacity and brazenness, this Blago guy–it’s just beyond belief. I see him as another Nixon-type of pure scum.

  2. Jenny—do not hold back—what do you really think about Blago? LOL

    Repubs have sour grapes–they are just laying some foundation for future attacks. They are looking more pathetic with each passing day.

    Time for more caffeine…..Peace

  3. LOL, yes I shouldn’t have held back!!!

    I need some serious caffeine right now… !#$%! Have a fabulous day!

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