A Thanksgiving Thought

I really hate it when people use history to make a point andf then make up the facts to suit their presentation.  I was reading a transcript of a Rush Limbaugh show where he said:

On August 1, 1620, the Mayflower set sail. It carried a total of 102 passengers, including forty Pilgrims led by William Bradford.”

Actually, I believe the first governor was name Carver, Bradford became the leader after his death.

There is more:

Now, you know the usual story of Thanksgiving: They landed. They had no clue where they were, no idea how to feed themselves. The Indians came out, showed ’em how to pop popcorn, fed ’em turkey, saved ’em basically — and then white European settlers after that basically wiped out the Indian population.”

He was right, this is not true either.  The Natives showed up at a harvest festival but brought NO food.  It was there custom that the guess was fed and entertained.  The Pilgrims had guns and hopefully knew how to hunt.  The Pilgrims were taught to plant by one Indian, Squanto.  The Indians needed the whites as allies against their neighboring tribes.  So it was a mutal pact.

But what Rush was basically doing was saying that the original “socialistic” community doid not work…but it did…it was the only thing that kept the Pilgrims alive….since out of the original 100 or so..less than 40 survived the first winter.  If they had not pulled together then they could have made all Indians happy by perishing.

Rush needs more fact and less fiction…he would look more informede…but then his listeners have NEVER allowed facts to cloud their judgement.

Is It Jail For Korean Adulterer?

This one is for a very good friend at Culturepress.

South Korean prosecutors have demanded an 18-month jail term for a popular actress who admitted breaking the country’s strict laws on adultery.

Ok So-ri had sought to overturn the 50-year old legislation, which carries a maximum jail sentence of two years.

She said it was an infringement of human rights and amounted to revenge.

Ms Ok has admitted having an affair with a well-known pop singer and her husband, Park Chul, is said to be seeking “a severe sentence”.

She blamed her infidelity on a loveless marriage to Mr Park, also an actor, and launched a legal challenge against the adultery law itself.

But the court ruled that the adultery law did not violate the right to “sexual self-determination and privacy” and that the available punishment was appropriate.

Ms Ok’s lawyers have said the legislation “has degenerated into a means of revenge by the spouse, rather than a means of saving a marriage”.

The Korean Times says that in the past three years about 1,200 people have been indicted annually for adultery, but very few have been jailed.

courtesy of BBC News

Americans are damn lucky that the Puritans did have the foresight of including this in the Constitution.  This is a damn silly law in the 21st century and is aimed at keeping women as second class citizens.

Enuff said?

Random Thoughts

This is a regular feature on Info Ink, it is notes that I have made but that did not necessarily make it into a post.

To begin with, it is Thanksgiving and I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my readers a joyous day; enjoy the fun, food and family and I will see you the day after.  Thanx for the visits and the comments they are much appreciated.

And now for something completely different (to quote Monty Python)

1–Do you realiuze that $33 trillion worth of wealth has been lost since the first of the year?

2–Could Bowflex have found a more pretentious bunch to hawk their product?

3–Just what the hell does “Economic Patriotism” mean?

4–Tiger Woods gets dumped from Buick–about a $7 million cut in pay

5–Without China and the Saudis the US economy would not exist.

6–How many times can the politicos in the media say the word “transparency”?  22 times in a 5 minute interview.

7–Anne Coulter has had to have her mouth wired shut–see!  there is a GOD!

8–Question?  If gas is falling like a lead balloon, how much has an airline ticket dropped?

9–On T/giving day a group will be running “Thank you, Sarah Palin” ad.  Is that a good idea?  I mean she was interviewed in front of a turkey killing machine in action.  Would that not remind people just how callous this woman is?

That is all for now…Peace….Out