The Cup Of Christ


It is of my weekend of solitude……and in honor of Easter….

Have you read the Arthurian legend?  How about the Da Vinci Code?  Maybe the Alabaster Jar?  And about a 1000 other books written about the search for the Holy Grail.

What is the grail?  A actual cup or maybe a person or how about a concept?  Thoughts?

Yes for many years there have been people that have searched for this cup of legend for various reasons…..fame, wealth, religious, so on….and so far there has been nothing to point to where it is or even what it is…….but WAIT!  That may have changed………..

Historians claim that a goblet long identified as belonging to the daughter of an 11th-century Spanish king has actually housed the Holy Grail—and has been sitting in a basilica in the northwestern city of León for nearly a thousand years. A three-year quest that began at a Cairo University in 2011 led medieval history lecturer Margarita Torres and art historian José Manuel Ortega del Rio to determine the onyx goblet is the one Jesus Christ used at his last supper, and was contained within the “Chalice of Doña Urruca”; the two presented their theory in a book out last week called Kings of Grail.

In Cairo, they stumbled on two Egyptian parchments that described the upper part of the goblet and recounted its passage to Cairo from Jerusalem via Muslims who then gave it to a Spanish emir, reports the Irish Times. That led them to what had been long referred to as the goblet belonging to the daughter of Fernando I, which the AFP describes as “formed by two goblets joined together.” Fernando I ruled León from 1037 to 1065 and was, in Torres’ telling, given the goblet, whose construction they were able to date to a range of 200 BC to 100 AD, by an emir. The historians’ revelation caused crowds to swarm the San Isidro basilica to such an extent that the goblet was taken off display on Friday by curators now searching for a more crowd-conducive display space. The AFP points out there are some 200 “Holy Grails” in existence in Europe; the historians say their book chips away at the so-called proof offered for some of the best known ones.

Whatcha think?  Has the puzzle of the cup of legend finally been solved?

Now Pronounce You………


I seldom post on religious stuff but from time to time I find some interesting and yes even controversial stuff that I think my readers might find interesting……..and since it is the Easter weekend….why not?

Have you heard the debate on whether Christ was married or not?  There has been much said on this account….many skeptics say there is no way he was married…..and then there are those that say it would be only logical that a Jewish man age 30 would be married keeping with conventions…..

Some say that there is no proof and others that point to different references made in some of the books that did not make it into the Bible in the 330 ADs……that would be the Council of Nicaea….when the emperor decided there needed to be an official Bible to his liking……

Sorry, I had to digress for a moment…..there seems to possibly be proof……..

To call it controversial is putting it mildly: Harvard professor Karen L. King in September 2012 debuted an ancient papyrus now known as the “Gospel of Jesus’ Wife” at a conference in Rome. The papyrus makes an explicit reference to the woman’s existence with the line, “Jesus said to them, ‘My wife…’” Now, extensive testing by professors from Columbia, Harvard, and MIT in the fields of electrical engineering, chemistry, and biology has found no indications that it is a modern forgery, per an article by King published today in the Harvard Theological Review. The Boston Globe says it most likely dates to eighth-century Egypt, and the chemical composition of its ink is in line with the carbon-based inks the people of that country used at the time.

But the Globe cautions that a master forger could have accessed the proper materials, and that traditional ink-dating methods couldn’t be used because the papyrus is so small: a fragment roughly 1.5-by-3 inches in size bearing just eight incomplete lines (translation here). The Review also published a rebuttal by Brown Egyptology professor Leo Depuydt, who points to “gross grammatical errors” he says no native speaker of Coptic would make, the New York Times reports. (More criticism of the papyrus here.) The new findings certainly don’t prove that Jesus was married, a point that King has never challenged; she’d like to see the debate shift to discussions of the document’s significance, and “questions like, ‘Why does Jesus being married, or not, even matter?’” King was in 2011 asked to review the fragment at the request of its anonymous owner, who says he bought it more than a decade earlier from a collector who said he purchased it, along with five others, in East Germany in the ’60s.

This should bring out the religious to attack me……but so be it……..

Okay my question ow is…if it is a forgery, what did the forger have to accomplish by making it?


Juan Cole: Pictures Don’t Lie: Refuting #There Was No Palestine – Juan Cole – Truthdig

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From the land that has been fought over for 1000s of years……some say there is no Palestine only Israel……of course that would be the followers of Israel…..but Palestine is a place and should be a reality……


Juan Cole: Pictures Don’t Lie: Refuting #There Was No Palestine – Juan Cole – Truthdig.

Middle East Only Democracy

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How long have you heard the Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East?  How many times has Israel been held up as some shining example for the rest of the Middle East?

Does a so-called democracy do such a thing?

From a report on the AP……..

Israel’s Shin Bet intelligence service said on Thursday that it has detained a young Israeli Arab journalist for traveling to Lebanon, which Israel considers an enemy country.

Majd Kayyal, a 23-year-old journalist for the Lebanese newspaper As-Safir, traveled to Beirut last month for a conference.

Although Lebanon bars Israeli citizens from entering, the Shin Bet said Palestinian officials in the West Bank gave Kayyal Palestinian travel documents that allowed him to enter Lebanon.

Kayyal was arrested last Saturday at the Israeli border on suspicion of being recruited by a militant organization. The Shin Bet said it dropped that suspicion, and is considering indicting him for traveling to Lebanon.

Kayyal was held for five days before being allowed access to a lawyer. The Shin Bet said this is permitted in security cases.

The more we learn about Israel the more we realize it is NO democracy.  I believe one of the characteristics is free press and the rights of journalist to report the news…….Israel crapped on that one…how many others does it crap on?

Let us see….land confiscation, special work permits, minority injustices, etc………..Israel should NOT be held up as an example of anything but totalitarian state…..which puts one group of citizens above all others…..PERIOD!

Ukrainian Fascists Force “Jew Registration”


By now I think that everyone has saw or heard the story about the Jew Registration in Ukraine…..of course this will bring about many horror stories about the 1930′s in Germany…..the MSM is running with the story and even Sec. Kerry has jumped on the bandwagon…..the hawks will play this for all it is worth……

I read a piece by Jason Ditz about this developing situation…….

Determined not to let a good piece of rhetoric go to waste just because it was untrue and discredited nearly 24 hours ago, Western media outlets are running frenzied stories about Jews in the protester-held Eastern Ukraine cities being forced to register, providing a new chance to make World War 2 comparisons, and advancing the US narrative that the Russians, and not the “pro-West” protesters with swastika stickers on their helmets, are the “real anti-semites.”

Incredibly, the State Department is endorsing the myth as absolute fact, because what USA Today claims unnamed Israeli media claims they saw posted outside a synagogue in Donetsk is good enough for them.

The truth, not so much.

The leadership of the self-proclaimed People’s Republic of Donetsk insist the official looking leaflets are fakes, and the signature of one of their leaders a forgery, designed to discredit the protest movement. The putative Jew registration service simply doesn’t exist, and Ukrainian Jews who show up at the government building expecting to have to pay a $50 “registration fee” are wasting their time.

Though USA Today appears not to have noticed while trolling the “Israeli media” for stories, the news that the rumors were untrue has been a top story in the Times of Israel for almost 24 hours, because Israeli papers may run a story about what someone saw on a leaflet, but they also follow through on the story afterwards.

Lord knows following through on whether or not urban legends are true isn’t done in the US, which is why all the top stories in US papers today are either Jew registration that’s not happening, or a handful of kids in Tokyo wearing zentai, because that’s sure to be the new fad nationwide.

I will consider this a propaganda piece until I see a more reliable piece of evidence……..looks like a case is being made in the public for an escalation……..

I will be watching for more accurate reporting….maybe the truth will come out……

Is The 2016 GOP Field Slimming?


In a day not too far away we will go to the polls and vote for our next president…….some of us will vote D and others the R……..not a year ago we had a wide array of possible candidates especially for the GOP……we had Christie, Bush, Cruz, Paul, Walker and a few outside choices like Scott…..but just a few short months from that prediction the field may be thinning a bit…….why?

There seems to be many GOP governors that were a good choice that are having a few legal problems that could crap all over there desire to run…….

From Talking Points memo………

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R): Perhaps the governor that’s gotten the most attention over an investigation is Christie, who has continued to be dogged by the George Washington bridge traffic scandal. The latest news on that front is that a commissioner for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey resigned on Monday, just a few days after new reports of a second investigation of Christie’s ties to the Port Authority. Other Port Authority officials have quit in recent months as probes into the lane closures of the George Washington Bridge at the center of the bridge scandals have intensified. (The commissioner’s spokesman has denied that the resignation was connected to the reports on investigations of the George Washington Bridge closures.)

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R): In Wisconsin Walker faces challenges over whether he conducted illegal activity while running for governor. On Thursday, Walker’s re-election campaign asked the Wisconsin Supreme Court to take up a case from the state Court of Appeals over if prosecutors could subpoena documents as part of an investigation into illegal coordination between Walker’s campaign and outside groups during recent recall elections. Walker survived one of those elections in 2012.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R): Earlier in the month, the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta ruled that Scott’s administration broke federal law when it purged non-citizens from voter rolls during the 2012 presidential election. In a ruling of 2-1 the Court of Appeals determined that the roll purge violated the National Voter Registration Act’s “90 Days Provision” that says states have to “complete, not later than 90 days prior to the date of a primary or general election for Federal office, any program the purpose of which is to systematically remove the names of ineligible voters from the official lists of eligible voters.”

And then there is everyone’s fave “oops” moment governor…..Rick Perry…….

On Monday a state district judge named 12 jurors and two alternates to consider possible criminal charges against Perry. A day earlier Perry hired a high profile Austin-based defense lawyer to represent him. At the center of all this is an ongoing investigation over Perry vetoing funding for the Travis County District Attorney’s office. The investigation has been called “Bridgegate West” by the Dallas Morning News, a reference to an investigation of corruption in New Jersey.

If these faves do not run….then who will be the pre-campaign front runner?  Who will the media crown as the GOP frontrunner?  They already have Clinton as the Dem…..but who will they throw their weight behind?

Universal Credit: A Primer | Center for American Progress

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This is a program that UK is flirting with…..but it could work here in the US as well……if it is successful in the UK we can bet that the GOP will form some sort of bill that mirrors these actions……

Fore armed is fore warned…..check this out and see what the future could bring… will depend on the outcome of a couple of elections……something to think about, eh?


Universal Credit: A Primer | Center for American Progress.

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