Chuq, What To Do?

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Has anyone else noticed that the war on ISIS has all but slid off the front page?  I guess it is the old “outta sight, outta mind” thing.

We Americans are a fickle bunch.  Once we lose interest then we move on to the next “big” story that the media feeds us.  And then begin to bitch about that little piece of info fed to is through an eye dropper.

It is almost predictable just how fast the war thing becomes a distant memory once the case has been made to do it and the public gives it it’s approval.  Once we digest the new events then we start bitching about what is being done and how we cannot understand the situation at all.  And the bitching will continue until the media decides it is time to move on and give Americans another diversion.

Bet you would like an example…..look at the latest war on Gaza…..while the bombs were falling and people dying every pundit was trying to get to the “real” facts of the conflict….now the bombs have stopped but the dying continues and NO one cares enough to do a follow up….this accomplishes things like diverts the attention from the possible war crimes of Israel and diverts attention to other bigger things (to be determined by the media)…….

Or the latest news………..Afghanistan and the United States signed a long-awaited security pact today that will allow US forces to remain in the country past the end of the year. At a ceremony held at the presidential palace in Kabul, newly appointed national security adviser Mohammad Hanif Atmar signed the document along with US Ambassador James Cunningham. The deal will allow about 10,000 American troops to stay in the country after the international combat mission ends Dec. 31.

The pundit class never noticed…..but a DUI from some swimmer makes in the evening news…..matters not that we will be fighting in Afghanistan for at least 25 years.  Or their fixation on some American blue blood that squirts out a baby…..NO one cares!

There is NOTHING more important that our soldiers and especially fighting a war they cannot win……saying nothing about the damage these wars have done to lives and families….but somehow it is not that important.  It is SHAMEFUL!

This is one blogger that will NOT take the bait.  And because of my stubbornness I will possibly lose some readers because I will not bow to social convention and take the bait.

When I write I write for truth and understanding….NOT for popularity.  If my style loses me readers then so be it…..but I will NOT compromise just to gain popularity.

As the war continues….so will be my posts……..

For my readers that appreciate my attempts to paint a more factual picture of our involvement in the Middle east….Thank you for your time…..and to those that will move on…..sorry to see you go.

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Is there a moderate Syrian opposition? – Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East

The big question on anyone’s mind that has an interest in the affairs of the Middle East…..Americans are told almost daily about these ‘moderates’……but is there such a thing?

A good piece from the Middle East that tackles that question……..


Is there a moderate Syrian opposition? – Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East.

Syria: F.U.B.A.R.

Inkwell Institute

Middle East Desk

FUBAR?  Anyone ever served in the military?  FUBAR is a term one uses when a situation is spiraling out of control…….it stands for “F*cked Up Beyond All Repair”.  And that is about the best description I can think of that accurately describes Syria.

There are four conflicts going on within the borders of Syria.  First, Assad’s military against the Free Syrian Army, which is not an army, more a loose confederation of militias, second it is Assad against ISIS, third it is militias against ISIS, fourth, militias against each other all trying to be the power that takes down Assad…….in that cluster f*ck where do you put your resources of assistance?

A better question is…….where in the mess do we find allies, those ‘moderate’ rebels?

The latest series of airstrikes in Syria proper…….what is the word coming out of the country?

Though Syrian officials had previously expressed opposition to US airstrikes on their territory, Reconciliation Minister Ali Hayder today said the government believes the strikes are going in “the right direction.

Good to know that Syria’s Assad thinks we are doing the right thing………..but what are the Syrian rebels saying?

Syrian rebels are expressing growing anger about the way the US airstrikes in Syria have gone, complaining that not only did the US not strike Syrian military targets, but that they also attacked al-Qaeda’s Khorasan group.

Those are the people, the fighters, that will be the hammer to drive in the nail of the airstrikes…….

Sorry, but there are more holes in this whole war thing than in a piece of Swiss cheese…….NONE of this is sounding like we will have any ‘friends’ to be our troops on the ground by proxy………

One more point, if and when we train these fighters and turn them loose…..will we protect them from attack from Assad forces since their main concern is the defeat of Assad….will we protect them?  If so is that not an expansion to a war with Syria?

Every day more questions are being asked about these so-called ‘moderate’ rebels that the coalition wants to train……and so far NONE of the questions have been answered with the truth……..we have NO idea who will be those fighters we will depend on to keep Americans from having to intervene…….

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They’re Making Up Stuff by Justin Raimondo —

One last jab at the total nonsense from the war propagandists……fear is a potent motivator…….and a well used tactic by those wanting war……and we Americans fall for the bullsh*t every time.

I have suggested that the appropriate name of our operation to ‘degrade and destroy’ ISIS should be….”Operation We Make This Sh*t Up As We Go”……….


They’re Making Up Stuff by Justin Raimondo —

McCain: Will He Ever Withdraw Head From Butt?

When it comes to American foreign policy Sen. john McCain has been wrong for 30 years….ergo he has his head firmly lodged in his butt.

The only part of the American political scene that is worthy of my attention is the slap fight that McCain is having with Rand Paul……and the slap fight he is having with Obama.  And all the slaps are over American foreign policy.

After a couple of weeks of Paul/McCain back and forth about foreign policy…..he, McCain, has once again turned his attention to Obama……I knew it would not take long , now that the war has begun…..McCain needs to poke at the prez as often as he can…..I believe he gets bonus funds for doing so from the M-IC special interests…..

In a 60 Minutes interview last night, President Obama asserted that the US had “underestimated” the looming threat posed by ISIS, but John McCain strongly disagrees. “We predicted what would happen if we didn’t leave residual force [in Iraq],” McCain tells CNN. “His intelligence comments—the intelligence people are pushing back hard. We predicted this and watched it. It was like watching a train wreck and warning every step of the way that this was happening.” The latest crisis, he adds, is “a direct result of [Obama's] failure to leave a residual force behind,” Politico reports. Are we currently at war? “Of course we are,” he notes.

It is just pathetic that this “real American hero” cannot keep his mouth shut.  He refuses to believe that the Iraqi prez, Maliki, did not want American forces left in the country….NONE what so ever.  Now in hindsight he may have screwed himself with that policy…..but was just that…HIS policy NOT Obama’s……..

This is really not that hard to grasp for someone with a small brain……..but apparently McCain has lost the capability to tell or recognize the truth……a common malady of and aging Republican.  Just like most of the mental midgets in the GOP……they have lots of criticism but kinda thin on solutions ……but to be truthful…….they have NO solutions to any problem this country is facing.

At least McCain is consistent…….he has proven that he has NO grasp of international relations…..all he has is a mouth that will not stop and a brain that will not start.

ISIS Coalition Situation Report (SITREP) #8

Good Morning…..

I continue to issue SITREPS on the continuing saga of the ISIS coalition and the events surrounding it…….situations that are not as important to the media as I think they should……for too long the American people have been plagued with a lack of information and bags of misinformation and most time out right LIES….hope these attempts will make those interested a more powerful voice in their governments need for war…..

Let us begin…..

Item 1–I start with the cost of the war…………..I recently reported that the air war on ISIS is costing $7-10 million a day…….now there is an update……

The air war in Syria and Iraq has already cost nearly $1 billion and ultimately could cost as much as $22 billion per year if a large ground force is deployed to the region, according to an analysis by the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments.

The study, due to be released Monday, shows a range of costs based on sustained but low-intensity combat up to a force of 25,000 U.S. troops on the ground.

Keep in mind that all say this will be a prolonged situation….now aswk if that cash could be better spent.  And then ask Congress if they cannot find money to fund school lunches where is this money coming from?

Item 2–We already have about 1600 Amewricans on the ground and now the military is quietly moving more troops into range……..

1,600 US ground troops are already in Iraq, despite the Obama Administration’s claims that there won’t be any ground war in the nation. More or coming to the region very soon.

The Marine Corps has announced a plan to send 2,100 troops to Kuwait as part of the “Special-Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force” for Central Command, to perform assorted “theater sustainment missions.” The exact timing of the deployment is unclear, but will come at some point in FY2015, according to officials.

Keep in mind that Kuwait is a hop from Baghdad……

Item 3–Turkey has been a hold out from joining the coalition…..but since the return of their kidnapped people they seem more open to the exercise…….

Weeks of fighting has put ISIS forces less than 5 km from the outskirts of the key Kurdish border town of Ayn al-Arab, and has them trading fire with Kurdish militias desperately trying to slow their progress.

I understand that they want to protect their border as ISIS inches closer daily……but this smells of something different……..need to keep a close eye on this development……

Item 4–The news is not good for the Iraqi Army….regardless of the hype they are not holding their own on the battlefield……because they seem to be inept they are recruiting now……..

QUSH TAPA, Iraq — The Iraqi military command has begun a campaign to re-enlist soldiers and officers who abandoned their units, a crucial step in its effort to rebuild an army that has been routed in battle after battle by Islamic State jihadists.

Even as the government has continued to equip volunteers, the de facto amnesty for deserters is an acknowledgment that the army desperately needs experienced soldiers……even those that deserted the field recently.

I know they are sucking but is giving cowards a chance to be cowards over again the right tactic?

Item 5–Back in the 90’s I trusted CNN with information from the Middle East……now not so much….so this interview I question it somewhat……….

The United States may be touting its strikes on ISIS targets in Syria, but one of the terror group’s fighters says the hits are trivial at best.

In an exclusive interview with CNN, a Syrian ISIS fighter using the pseudonym Abu Talha said the militant group has been preparing for such attacks.

“We’ve been ready for this for some time,” Abu Talha said. “We know that our bases are known because they’re tracking us with radars and satellites, so we had backup locations.”

It is logical that ISIS was prepared for the attacks since we telegraphed them weeks before it happened……I am still not convinced that this was an accurate interview.

Item 6–Finally, the one subject that everyone in the Obama White House tries to avoid talking about….civilian causalities……

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, US airstrikes against ISIS-held Syria today hit grain silo and other civilian targets, killing at least two civilians and burning multiple silos full of harvested grain.

Locals scrambled to rescue civilian workers trapped by the rubble of the attacks, and it is believed that the US mistook the large silos for “jihadist bases.”

Keep in mind that civilian causalities are inevitable as munch as the admin would rather talk about something else….we will be killing civilians ……and now the count goes on.

That concludes today’s briefing.  Hopefully you can gain insight to the war and its consequences.

Next briefing as needed.

Thanx for your time and attention.

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The Fake Terror Threat Used To Justify Bombing Syria – The Intercept

Thanx to past deals the US has engaged in….I was suspicious when a “new” terror group popped up in the news conferences…..

I have been searching the internet for a confirmation….so far I got diddly…and I mean diddly squat!

It is disturbing to realize that few people bother to read such presses that I post for their information…….these are the first people to bitch and moan when they learn something they do not agree with…all the while the info was there and they were just too ‘busy’ to bother reading the information….it might take them away from Candy Crush for a couple of minutes…..


The Fake Terror Threat Used To Justify Bombing Syria – The Intercept.