When The Going Gets Tough…The Tough Go………

I will be going light on my head today…….a couple of days of relaxation…….

Today is a Federal holiday……..we will be celebrating the Declaration of Independence this weekend…….and like every other event we have had a warning of the possibility of some sort of terrorist activity……

For the past couple of days the media has been reporting that there is a chance that terrorists could strike out at the US…….ISIS has issued a note for their followers to do “something calamitous”……to strike at the infidels.  And as usual that means the US…….

But while the government is giving this info to the media it is also saying something else……..

While conceding there is no specific threat, nor evidence of any ongoing plot, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security are both issuing warnings about terrorist plots on the Fourth of July, and Rep. Michael McCaul (R – TX) predicted several “small scare ISIS attacks” that day.

Did you notice that there is NO evidence of a pending attack?

If ISIS is keen to attack US assets, there are much more convenient targets in the Middle East, particularly with the Pentagon sending a number of ground troops to the outskirts of Ramadi for “training” operations, meaning US forces are just a stone’s throw from a major, ISIS-held city.

As for attacks on US soil, there doesn’t seem to be any particular reason why ISIS might want to launch such an attack now, particularly with US officials doing a good job of terrorizing themselves about the mere thought of such attacks.

Here is where I have my problem…….what is the purpose of these warnings?  A warning?  Maybe fear?

After they issue the warning and the media dutifully helps spread the word, irrespective of evidence, we are told to not let this warning stop us from enjoying our holiday…..because if we are afraid to go out and spend money then the terrorists have won (remember hearing that after 9/11?)

Again…..what is the purpose of reporting this “imaginary” attack if we are to go out and walk into the middle of it?  How does this exercise make us safer?  We are warned just about every holiday of some possible attack or terrorist activity……why?  Is it just CYA for the toads in government?

Few Americans care…..that is until there is an attack then they will blame everybody from the president to the dude that delivers your pizza……..all these warning are nothing more than an exercise in stupidity……

Please be careful and go enjoy yourself……you deserve a break!



Happy 4th

We Americans celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence on the 4th of July…..so for that reason I will take a couple of days and spend some time with my lady, my family and most of all my granddaughter, who by the way won a diploma as a history “rock star”,  their title not mine,  in the 6th grade………proud, proud, proud………

I will not write for these days unless the world burst into flames or a meteor decides to visit……..And if you and your family are driving this holiday weekend please be careful……….

The Fourth of July weekend is always a relatively dangerous one for drivers, but this year’s may be particularly bad. The National Safety Council predicts 409 deaths and 49,500 injuries on the roads between 6pm tomorrow and 11:59 pm Sunday, the highest projected numbers for the holiday weekend since 2008. One reason is that traffic has generally been increasing in recent years as the US emerges from the recession. But also, the Fourth falls on a Saturday, and weekend holidays tend to result in more cars on the road and more drinking, reports NBC News.

Indeed, 41% of vehicular deaths on the Fourth involve blood-alcohol concentrations over the legal limit, per an Insurance Institute for Highway Safety report cited previously by the LA Times. The NSC offers the usual list of safety tips on everything from seat belts to cell phones and adds that parents should avoid the temptation to loosen up too much in regard to their teens’ driving habits. “Drivers always need to be vigilant, but this weekend, focus on the safety of your family,” says the agency’s chief in a statement

I wish all my readers and commenters a very nice and safe day…..enjoy the time with family, fun and food……..cold beer and brats!

I will return in rare form on Monday……….have some fun people!

America’s Lost History

In case you are unaware I am a history nut………and I try to sneak in some historical info into many of my posts.  I have a degree in political history so I must educate whenever the need arises.

Today we celebrate the Declaration of Independence……so what better time to give a short history lesson?

We American’s think we know all about the early days of the republic……most of us do not have any idea of the situation in those early days….I am talking about the time between the two wars, 1780-1811.  We are taught about the presidents and some of the legislation in those times but there is so much more going on.

I will attempt to take you back to those days and fill in the blanks that our educational system seems to leave out of the curricula.

We are taught a little about the Louisiana Purchase,  Lewis and Clark or the Sedition Act or Burr killing Hamilton in a duel then we move on to the War of 1812…..but ask yourself….is that it for our history up to the newest war?  Three of the really big stories that we are seldom taught is the Barbary War,  the Burr Conspiracy and the establishment of the Republic of West Florida………

First the Barbary War………….

The year is 1801 and the pirates operating on the North Coast of Africa had been a pain in the US butt for years…..they had hijack ships and kidnap sailors to hold for ransom……Jefferson is elected and he felt like he had to do something……and his decision was the first time the US goes to war on its own (and we are still doing it)…….

The plan was to send an invasion force across the desert and attack the pacha of Tripoli (Libya) from the land while a naval force entered into the bay as a diversion…….

The trek to Tripoli was arduous and after a month of desert walking the Marines come to town.  1805 the Marines along with 500 mercenaries arrive and do battle…..and after a short battle the city was captured making it the first time that an American flag was raised in another country.

Some have written that this was Jefferson’s attempt to trade without paying to play…….the old “free trade” con.

Next on to the birth of a new republic…….

1806 September-October – Jefferson receives further information from a variety of sources in Pennsylvania and New York, including Generals William Eaton and James Wilkinson, that Aaron Burr is organizing a military expedition against Spanish possessions for the purpose of separating western territories from the United States. Eaton, a veteran of the recent Tripolitan War, claims that Burr tried to recruit him. Wilkinson, commander of United States military forces in the West, provides information about the conspiracy after having been implicated in it himself. He does not specifically name Burr.

November 27. Jefferson issues a proclamation declaring that “sundry persons, citizens of the U.S. or resident within the same, are conspiring & confederating…against the dominions of Spain” and requiring that all military and civil officials of all states and territories of the United States prevent “the carrying on such expedition or enterprise by all lawful means within their power.”

1807 – January 17. Aaron Burr is captured near New Orleans. He escapes but is recaptured and imprisoned. In April, Burr is charged with treason and tried in Richmond in a federal circuit court presided over by John Marshall.   Burr is acquitted. Later, with other charges pending, Burr escapes to England.

There are rumblings that all might not be as they appear ……that Jefferson had a hard on for Burr any way and this was a good excuse to get rid of him.

Then came the death of Meriwether Lewis of the famous team of Lewis and Clark that explored the newly acquired Louisiana Purchase.

The intrigue surrounding the famous explorer’s untimely death has spawned a cottage industry of books and articles, with experts from a variety of fields, including forensics and mental health, weighing in. Scholars have reconstructed lunar cycles to prove that the innkeeper’s wife couldn’t have seen what she said she saw that moonless night. Black powder pistols have been test-fired, forgeries claimed and mitochondrial DNA extracted from living relatives. Yet even now, precious little is known about the events of October 10, 1809, after Lewis – armed with several pistols, a rifle and a tomahawk – stopped at a log cabin lodging house known as Grinder’s Stand.

He and Clark had finished their expedition three years earlier; Lewis, who was by then a governor of the large swath of land that constituted the Upper Louisiana Territory, was on his way to Washington, D.C. to settle financial matters. By some accounts, Lewis arrived at the inn with servants; by others, he arrived alone. That night, Mrs. Grinder, the innkeeper’s wife, heard several shots. She later said she saw a wounded Lewis crawling around, begging for water, but was too afraid to help him. He died, apparently of bullet wounds to the head and abdomen, shortly before sunrise the next day. One of his traveling companions, who arrived later, buried him nearby.

Read more: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/meriwether-lewis-mysterious-death-144006713/#IfiPI4ToH5r2EZws.99

Another part of our lost history…..events that we learn nothing about……and it does not end there………

Next is the Republic of West Florida………

In the early morning hours of September 23, 1810, a group of armed settlers led by Philemon Thomas attacked the Spanish fort at Baton Rouge. After a brief skirmish, the attackers took control of the fort. Three days later, the Republic of West Florida declared its independence.

Three days after West Florida completed the formation of its national government, the United States suddenly acted. On October 27, 1810, President James Madison issued a proclamation claiming the territory for the United States. This was done without the approval of Congress or through negotiation with either the Republic or Spain and its legality was the subject of serious question.

Madison’s actions were very controversial. He had sent military forces into the territory of a friendly nation without the consent of Congress. This was technically an act of war.

Many suspected that Madison had encouraged the revolution in West Florida. The fact that West Florida’s president Fulwar Skipwith had been American diplomat to France and political ally of both Jefferson and Madison seemed to indicate this was the case. In 1811, the western part of West Florida was attached to the Territory of Orleans, which became the State of Louisiana in 1812. The eastern sections became part of present day Mississippi and Alabama.

Just a couple of the events that history has forgotten……..all are full of deception, intrigue and adventure…..these are events that all Americans should be aware of and the historical significance each played in the forming of our nation.

Early American history is fascinating….once you get past the BS that is more about indoctrination than education.

Read a book people!

VA to Iraq war vet: ‘We’re not accepting any new patients’

I have been bitching about the treatment of American vets for 40 years…..this country treats our returning vets like a worn out tool to be discarded when broken……this country should be ashamed!

Recently we have heard time and time again that the VA is improving……..there have been propaganda pieces in the media to show these improvements……but my question is……just how improved is the VA system?

VA to Iraq war vet: ‘We’re not accepting any new patients’.

Kinda sounds like the same old system to me……..

Any thoughts?

On the road to Afghanistan

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My latest op-ed over at Legationes……I appreciate the guys over at the site for their confidence in my writings…….please stop by their site and learn some stuff……chuq

Originally posted on Legationes:

The above title kind of sounds like a 1940’s movie with Bing Crosby and Bob Hopebut, but in this case and in today’s world it has to be about the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and the crumbling situation in the Central Asian nation of Afghanistan.

The big news is that the United States of America has implemented an exit policy in the Afghanistan conflict. Well, not so much. U.S. troops are leaving a considerable force behind to help both the Afghan police and government make the transition, but I fear the forces will soon be returning to the country…

US humvee crossing a small river in AfghanistanUS humvee crossing a small river in Afghanistan It all began rather slowly. First there were reports that an ISIS unit had attacked in eastern Afghanistan. Locals in Afghanistan’s Nangarhar Province have reported another round of fighting between Taliban forces in the area and militants calling themselves fighters…

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Plan B From Planet X

The war on ISIS is about as clear as the plot line of the famous Bela Lugosi SciFi classic, Plan 9 From Outer Space…………..

The nightly news is sometimes full of the atrocities committed by that dastardly group….ISIS.  The US and its buds have responded by airstrikes and training and equipment……..so far it is pretty much a draw……some successes and some failures…..but absolutely nothing that would resemble a winning strategy……

So with all that said….is there a plan B?…..plan A is not a winning one!


What If There Is No Plan B for Iraq? by Tom Engelhardt — Antiwar.com.

Five things that won’t work in Iraq | Middle East Eye

Many of my friends have asked why I am so concerned with what is happening in Iraq and Syria…….after all it is no more than a chunk of sand.

The answer is simple…..in the early 1980’s I worked in Syria first and then Iraq…..in Iraq I found a warm people that loved life, of course they were looking over their shoulder to be sure that the secret police were not knocking at their door……most had a strong sense of history….in those days it was a beautiful country especially along the two rivers……..but all that came to an end in 1991.

As I analyze the situation I see the countries of Syria and Iraq gone forever……no matter the outcome of this war with ISIS they will never be the same countries ever again.

The US and its allies have tried so many different tactics and so far NONE have worked in securing the nation……but we keep trying the same five (5) things over and over…..and it keeps failing over and over……..

What’s that old saying?  “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome”…………..


Five things that won’t work in Iraq | Middle East Eye.