One Door Closes And Another One Opens

I have waited for a couple of days before I posted this……I wanted see how many pundits made the connection… far not many.

I realize that I may watch international situations more than most but after all the slogans, accusations and innuendos you would think more would be said about the Russian thing in the Middle East……

The media covered the Russian primary airstrikes against targets in Syria and there was some debate on whether they were fighting ISIS or the anti-Assad rebels……all that is just ducky….but what about their other conflict that was all the news 6 months ago……Ukraine.

You remember Ukraine, right?

That “square” country just South of Russia……you know where pro-Russian rebels have been fighting the Ukrainian army in the East of the country…..ring any bells?

At least I can depend on the UK press (the Guardian) for some info….may not always be as accurate as I would like… least it reports stuff……

As Russia ratchets up military action in Syria, the fighting in east Ukraine is winding down. The leaders of Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany will meet in Paris on Friday for talks on Ukraine, and while a lasting political solution still seems some way off, there is confidence on all sides that the military action could finally be over, a year after the first ill-fated, and largely ignored, ceasefire agreement was signed in Minsk, Belarus.

With all sides tired of military conflict, the most likely outcome appears to be Moscow pushing the territories back to Ukraine legally, with an ensuing period of uncertain peace as both Moscow and Kiev decide how far they are ready to compromise on their goals.

Putin is weary of the conflict in the Donetsk region and is looking for a way out of the situation……it is costing him lots of cash and he needs to spread the wealth around……but there is the possibility of a settlement in Ukraine……

“If Ukraine gives the regions special status, a full amnesty, recognises the rebel forces as a ‘people’s militia’ and gives the regions the right to its own cultural policy and special economic relations with Russian regions, then we would give the Ukrainians back control of the border.”

With this incident winding down….he, Putin, looks West… Syria.

In Syria Putin can openly use his military instead of the covert ops he was pulling in Ukraine…..basically, he can flex his military muscle and reshape the Middle East if he is successful.

If he, Putin, is successful in Syria then he can always return to Ukraine at a later date and commence his muscle flexing exercises.  His opportunities are almost limitless.

The Vlad and Yuri Show

Kinda early for a stroll down memory lane, right?………but what the Hell…..I am going to feed you history until it comes out your ears…..and you will thank me at a later date……

A historical perspective of what Putin is trying to do within Syria……it appears that Putin is using some of the same techniques that his mentor in the KGB years ago in Afghanistan…..

The whole world is wondering just what Putin is really up to in Syria and his pledge to fight ISIS……this should give all a good look at his intentions…..

Source: Vlad and Yuri: How Putin is applying the lessons of Afghanistan to Syria – Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East

Old habits die a hard death!

If It’s Fall….It Must Be SCOTUS Time

We all remember the last session of SCOTUS…..same sex marriage and the Obamacare rulings…..the Right went batcrap crazy because the court seem to be a bit liberal in its rulings…….a couple of good wins for liberals and a few back steps for conservatives…….but all that could change.

It is now Fall and the next session will be starting soon……what does that mean?

The Supreme Court is facing a docket of high-profile political cases that will test whether recent liberal victories were more fluke or firm conviction, the New York Times reports. The court—which is divided 5-4 for conservatives, but saw Justice Roberts vote liberal on Obamacare and same-sex marriage—will look at cases including unions, affirmative action, and possibly abortion. A primer:

  • Unions: Since 1977, unions have been allowed to charge non-union workers for dues that go to collective bargaining efforts, but not political ones. Now California teachers have brought a case saying collective bargaining is itself political. “It could set the stage for a Citizens United-style reconsideration in the area of union dues,” a lawyer says.
  • Affirmative Action: Abigail Fisher says that being white played a role in the University of Texas denying her admission back in 2008. The Supreme Court punted on her case in 2013, and now it’s back on the docket. Like the unions case, this was brought by a conservative group that recruited the plaintiffs.
  • The death penalty: Justices will decide on capital-punishment cases in Pennsylvania, Kansas, Georgia, and Florida, the Wall Street Journal reports. Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer have already expressed doubts about whether capital punishment is constitutional.
  • “One person, one vote”: Should state legislative districts be drawn based on their number of people or eligible voters? If justices choose the latter—leaving out immigrants and children—Latinos could lose political clout and rural areas will gain, Politico reports
  • Abortion: Justices may opt to revisit a Texas law that could reduce the state’s abortion clinics from more than 40 to roughly 10. At issue is whether new clinic requirements are an “undue burden” on women’s right to an abortion.

Looks like a couple of really important rulings will be coming our way with this session…..the question is will the liberal swing continue or will the judges see the errors of their ways as pointed out by conservs?


What You Should Know About That Completed TPP “Trade” Deal

By now everyone that has a political blog has written something about the new trade agreement the Us has decided to get in on……the TPP.

Personally, I think it will be more disastrous than the boondoggle of Clinton…..NAFTA……

Most everyone has bitched about the agreement but how many have bothered to see what they are bitching about?

In case you are one of those people….let me help……

The United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, and eight more Pacific Rim countries on Monday came to an agreement on a free-trade pact that would kill upward of 18,000 tariffs currently in place on US exports ranging from cars to avocados, in a deal the Washington Post hails as the largest “in a generation.” The terms of the Trans-Pacific Partnership were hashed out over nine days in Atlanta, with an intended Sunday announcement falling through amid continuing debate. What you need to know:

  • What makes the deal so large? The counties involved (also Brunei, Chile, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, and Vietnam) represent about 40% of the world’s GDP.
  • How long has the deal been in the works? Negotiations have occurred over almost eight years, per the New York Times, with the Post terming five of those years as seeing “arduous” debates. President Obama has been pushing the deal as a way to keep China from having an overbearing influence on Pacific trade.
  • What were some of the final sticking points? Drugs and dairy. US producers of biologic drugs (that is, those made from living organisms) currently have 12 years to keep their data secret so as to ward off cheaper rivals. Australia was the loudest opponent; the compromise provides between five and eight years of data protection. On the dairy front, America will be able to export more dairy to Canada and Japan; we’ll also import more such products from New Zealand.
  • So is it a go? Not yet. Congress now has 90 days to review the agreement, whose full text won’t be available for as long as a month. That puts the up-or-down vote in early 2016 (February at the earliest, per Politico.) The Wall Street Journal reports that support among Democrats is tepid; as for Republicans, it paints their support as “unpredictable” as they eye the 2016 election. Labor unions, environmentalists, and liberal activists see it as a bad deal for American workers and the planet. Candidates ranging from Donald Trump to Bernie Sanders aren’t fans, either.
  • What would it mean for Obama? “Legacy-making” and “legacy-defining” are the phrases being trotted out by the media, with the Times summing it up as a potential “capstone for his foreign policy ‘pivot’ toward closer relations with fast-growing eastern Asia, after years of American preoccupation with the Middle East and North Africa.”

There are the basics of the agreement….and I could stop there and hope that everyone would care enough to check the deal out…..but we all know that I am not that kind of writer…….there is so much more that needs to be said about the agreement….it might as well be me that sez it!

The agreement remains secret for now, but here is what we know and what to expect.

Source: What You Should Know About That Completed TPP “Trade” Deal

This deal will be a horrible deal for the American worker….just like NAFTA…..we all need to speak up and demand ALL the information….if it is so good for Americans why is it still a secret?

That one question says it all.

Turn The Page!

As A Historian……I Am Ashamed

Everyone that visits IST knows that I am a history buff…..and that I try to incorporate some history into every post that I can…..with the hope that it will make them more interesting and at the same time give my readers a little more knowledge.

Recently I have done a few posts on the trend that some GOP states are trying to do…..that is the rewriting of history…..mostly it is for political gain and some times it is to cloud the real history that should be taught.

So of course when I read this piece I was fit to be tied……

Roni Dean-Burren was incensed when she got a text message from son Coby of a page in his ninth-grade geography textbook. “The Atlantic Slave Trade between the 1500s and 1800s brought millions of workers from Africa to the southern United States to work on agricultural plantations,” read a line in the McGraw-Hill World Geography book under a section called “Patterns of Immigration.” The Texas mom posted the photo to Facebook last Wednesday with the caption, “The Atlantic slave trade brought millions of workers…notice the nuanced language there. Workers implies wages…yes?” A subsequent video on the matter she posted the following day (“Immigrants. Yeah. That word matters,” she says) was shared more than 45,000 times, and now McGraw-Hill says it will make changes.

“This program addresses slavery in the world in several lessons and meets the learning objectives of the course. However, we conducted a close review of the content and agree that our language in that caption did not adequately convey that Africans were both forced into migration and to labor against their will as slaves,” the company said in a post Friday. “To communicate these facts more clearly, we will update this caption to describe the arrival of African slaves in the US as a forced migration and emphasize that their work was done as slave labor.” But though the changes will be made in the book’s digital edition immediately, Dean-Burren tells the Washington Post that only a handful of students use that version—and since the textbook in question is new, the next print run likely won’t happen any time in the next decade. She wants McGraw-Hill to consider recalling the books or sending out supplements. (This is far from the first time Texastextbookshavecausedcontroversy.)

So slaves were really just “migrant workers”?  That goes beyond a lie.

I do not understand why some state would want a lie to be taught the people that they claim are the most important segment of society…..our children.

Does anyone have an idea of why this should not be ridiculed for the lame attempt to make history a lie?

I understand if they are ashamed of what was done in the name of the state…..but to lie about it does not make it right…..or make it go away.

What If Everything Your Doctors Told You About Breast Cancer Was Wrong? | Mother Jones

This post is for my female readers… is of interest to me for my lady just had to deal with breast cancer…… was a scary time for her.

She had been getting her regular mammograms and all appeared okay…there was a slight problem that they were keeping an eye on the situation…… then….BAM!

She is doing fine now….but I wonder if it could not have been caught mush earlier?

Any way since this is a big question for women and I read this article….I wanted to share it with my readers……

For years, scientists have known that mammograms are largely ineffective. Why can’t we get that message across?

Source: What If Everything Your Doctors Told You About Breast Cancer Was Wrong? | Mother Jones

More News You Will Not Hear

I do enjoy finding news that is sadly overlooked and then post it and see where it goes…..and that is an exercise in futility.

You see people have made their minds up, something I would not expect from a society that prides itself on its free thought declaration, and NO amount of stats or news or anything will change that little mind…..once they get a thought then it is set in stone…..

But what the Hell….no one ever said that I was worried about anything I post… here it goes……

This is from Yahoo News……

Despite what Donald Trump and many other politicians have told you, the major threat to America isn’t Muslim extremism. In fact, statistics show that the real danger lies with domestic extremists who aren’t of the Muslim faith.

The New York Timesreported back in June that since Sept. 11, 2001, almost twice as many people have died at the hands of white supremacists and other non-Muslim extremists than by radical Muslims. Using data compiled by New America, a Washington Research center, a study found that 48 people have been killed by extremists who are not Muslim—including the mass killings in Charleston, S.C.—compared to the 26 by self-proclaimed jihadists.  However, this does not factor in yesterday’s tragic shooting or less publicized incidents like the Las Vegas couple who murdered two police officers and left a Swastika on one of the bodies.

These stats reveal a vast difference between public perception and the number of actual cases in which Muslim extremists have claimed American lives. So why aren’t more people outraged about domestic terrorists? Because then we’d have to admit that white supremacy is still a problem.

While the public hasn’t quite caught on yet, scholars say that the issue needs to be addressed. “There’s an acceptance now of the idea that the threat from jihadi terrorism in the United States has been overblown,” Dr. John G. Horgan, who studies terrorism at the University of Massachusetts said. “And there’s a belief that the threat of right-wing, antigovernment violence has been underestimated.”

I know….none of this can be true for they are after all…..Muslims, right?

You will not hear stories like this one….why?  It does not feed the paradigm that the media wants……and that plays into the hands of lying scum.