How to build a better election – The Week

The V (for vote) Day is only days away……I am not confident that the voter will do anything that will help change the downward spiral of this system….I do wish I could be more optimistic….but sadly I cannot.

Almost everybody realizes that the election system needs a major overhaul…..reform will not do it….it needs a change….and before the next election.

This article is a good damn idea….NO!  It is a goddamn excellent idea!


How to build a better election – The Week.

Five Crazy Conspiracy Theories About Ebola That Conservatives Actually Believe | Right Wing Watch

God how I love the way that misinformation makes its way into the national conversation……and the stupidity of those that believe it is even more amusing…….

I have been a critic of this whole Ebola crisis…..I have stated that it is nothing more than the media milking a story for every ounce of crap they can glean from it…….

And there are the total bullshit from the Right on this crisis……..there are those that believe each and every one of these fear statements…..

Read and report!


Five Crazy Conspiracy Theories About Ebola That Conservatives Actually Believe | Right Wing Watch.

Malala: A Woman Of Destiny

There comes a time when the young need to step forward and show the rest of humanity what is right…..Malala Yousafzai is such a person.

This young lady deserves every prize given by humanity to those that put humanity first…..and she shows the world again how a responsible person acts…..

Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani education campaigner shot by the Taliban, has donated $50,000 (nearly £31,000) towards the reconstruction of schools in Gaza.

The Nobel peace prize winner, speaking after receiving the World Children’s Prize for the rights of the child in Marienfred, Sweden, on Wednesday, said the money would be channelled through the United Nations relief agency UNRWA to help rebuild 65 schools in the Palestinian territory.

Malala, who now lives in the UK and has her own fund to help small-scale organisations in a number of countries, including Pakistan, told journalists that children in Gaza had suffered from conflicts and war. The money would help children get “quality education” and continue their life, knowing they were not alone and that people were supporting them, she said.

Where are all the ‘responsible’ individuals?  I am talking about the individual making a difference not some for profit corporation that receives a tax deduction for their “gifts”.

She has my vote, if anyone is asking, for Woman Of The Year.

The world needs more people like this wonderful young lady.  If we had more then this conflicted planet would be a much better place to live..

Why Rocket Go Boom?!

Recently a private company rocket was attempting to re-supply the International Space Station but things did not go as planned….

A rocket that was supposed to deliver supplies to the crew aboard the International Space Station exploded in spectacular fashion just six seconds after liftoff this evening, reports CNN. The good news is that nobody was aboard, and NASA says nobody appears to have been killed on the ground at the Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. (“No indicated loss of life,” in NASA-speak.) The rocket’s cargo ship held about 5,000 pounds of supplies and science equipment for the six people now on the space station, reports AP.

The Anteres rocket was launched by Orbital Sciences Corp., one of the two companies (along with SpaceX) hired by NASA to make supply runs to the space station. No word yet on what went wrong. NASA reported “100% favorable weather” and “no technical concerns” just prior to liftoff.

Truthfully, I was going to let this disaster go but…..I cannot now….the media is spending so much time covering it that I just have to interject my thoughts…….

The media reports are speculating on just what went wrong with the launch……the first culprit according to the media is the motor……..

The cause of yesterday’s rocket explosion over Wallops Island, Va., remains under investigation: While a tweet from Orbital Sciences refers to a “vehicle anomaly,” other reports have focused on aging rocket engines. They were built in the 1960s and 1970s to send Soviet cosmonauts to the moon, the Guardian reports.

The  ‘experts’ are speculating that it could have been a biol;d-up of pressure….then there is the possibility of something mechanical or even electrical……

I can save them a lot of time investigating……could it be as simple as the rocket was a piece of CRAP?

Think about it…..thanx to the damn silly program of privatization the space program is being out sourced to corporations that are in it for the profit.  Now how do corporations turn a profit?  by making the product as cheaply as possible.  ERGO….a piece of CRAP!

As far as the engine thing….it is old…okay…. but is not the Russian program using old technology to re-supply the ISS?

You truly want to know what happened?  Putting the future of our space program in the hands of profit seeking companies….this will not be the last problem they will face.

It’s All Obama’s Fault

That seems to be the sport of the year, well in most cases the last 6 years, to blame Obama for whatever is in the news of the day.  The crashed economy, Ebola virus (btw, do we really need a logo for a disease?),………I could continue to list all the possibilities but instead just pick a subject and I am positive that you can find someone who can pin it on Obama.

In the news is of course the outbreak in West Africa…..shootings…..and of course the big elephant in the room…ISIS.

And yes someone is blaming the rise of ISIS on, who else?  OBAMA.

I have heard all the Right wing excuses for the rise of ISIS and even a few from the Left….but the best accuser is a prince from Saudi Arabia……..

Saudi Arabia‘s Prince Turki al-Faisal on Tuesday blamed the United States and Europe for the rise of the Islamic State.

“Had America and Europe listened to the kingdom and provided the moderate opposition with anti-tank, anti-aircraft and artillery weapons, we would not have had to deploy our air forces to face the challenge of [the Islamic State],” Faisal said in the keynote address of the annual Arab-US policy conference put together by the National Council on US-Arab Relations. “These terrorists filled the void because of this neglect of the genuine opposition. And while Assad continued to bomb and gas his people, the moderate opposition had to fight on two fronts.”

Faisal is often trotted out to declare publicly what current Saudi officials say in private. Last year, he told Al-Monitor in an interview on the sidelines of the NCUSAR conference that there was a “high level of disappointment” with the Obama administration’s Syria policy.

May I ask……what prevented these toads from doing what it took to fuel the conflict?

I love it when these people trot out and make public statements to cover their butts.

Saudi Arabia is the home of Wahhabism which is at the core of the extremists beliefs of ISIS and Al-Qaeda.  Plus substantial funding for these groups flow out of places like Saudi Arabia and Qatar..

Yes the CIA is partially to blame for the rise of ISIS….but to lay it all on the shoulders of Obama is just ignorant……I mean would they want the US to lay all the blame on the kingdom and its royal family?

It could be asked….just what did the kingdom do to prevent the rise of ISIS?….they claim they warned the US and Europe of the rise of ISIS but yet did very little to do anything about that rise.

They are safe and secure because they, the Saudis, know that the West will not let anything happen to them …..and why is that?

We all know the answer too damn well……..don’t we?

Chuq’s Daily Musical Interlude

A yawn and a stretch……time to put all this tedious crap away for the day…..

Today’s interlude is a group that holds a fond spot to anyone that was in Viet Nam……..and for any of my fellow vets out there….how many times did you ask that question while in country?


ISIS Coalition Situation Report (SITREP) #27

Good day and thanx for stopping by……

Today’s briefing will be a short one….the coalition is focused on Kobane and not much else seems to matter to the media…….

Item 1–Kurds en route to Kobane via Turkey…….

Iraq’s Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has sent 150 Peshmerga paramilitary fighters into Turkey, to be taken across the country’s southern border into the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani (Ayn al-Arab in Arabic).

There are considerable doubts over whether or not 150 additional troops, even armed with artillery as they reportedly are, will really be a game-changer, with estimates of thousands of fighters on either side of the battle.

Item 2–Turkey sets demands for the war in Syria……..

Turkey has named its price for co-operation in the West’s fight to end the Islamic State’s stranglehold on the Syrian border town of Kobane, saying the fight must be led by the Free Syrian Army rather than Kurdish “terrorists”

The country’s prime minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, said that any military operation to free Kobane must involve arming regular Syrian rebel groups rather than the Kurdish militants who have so far defended the town. Turkey has refused to help the Kurdish fighters so far, claiming that many of them belong to the militant Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which has waged a separatist insurgency against the Turkish state.

“Equip and train the Free Syrian Army so that if the Islamic State leaves, PKK terrorists should not come,” Mr Davutoglu said, aiming his comments at the US.

Eventually the Us will stop being dictated to about the direction of the coalition….

Item 3–The economy of Syria is badly damaged by airstrikes…….

The US war on ISIS in Syria, when it hasn’t centered on the offensive near Kobani, has mostly been a war on oil. Airstrikes have pounded oil wells and refineries across ISIS territory, which is also the primary oil-producing part of Syria.

It’s being couched as an effort to cut off ISIS funding, but the oil wells and other infrastructure being targeted are actually privately owned, and the attacks are badly damaging the civilian economy across Syria.

After at least 3 years of a civil war…how much civilian economy could be left to destroy?

That concludes today’s briefing….the briefings may be shorter for now… the drudgery of the air war continues there may not be much to report.

Thanx for your time and attention.

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