Warhawks Gain Footage

There are some in our Congress that are more than willing to put US troops in the thick of the fighting in Ukraine….the latest is Dem Senator Coons of Delaware….

Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) signaled that he wants the US to send troops into Ukraine to fight Russia in an interview on Sunday. When pressed about the issue, Coons said Russian President Vladimir Putin “will only stop when we stop him.”

Coons was asked on CBS News’s Face the Nation about comments he made last week in an address to the University of Michigan. In the speech, Coons said the Biden administration and Congress should “come to a common position about when we are willing to go the next step and to send not just arms but troops to the aid in defense of Ukraine … If the answer is never, then we are inviting another level of escalation in brutality by Putin.”

When asked in the CBS interview if President Biden was wrong to say he’ll never send troops into Ukraine, Coons said, “The American people cannot turn away from this tragedy in Ukraine. I think the history of the 21st century turns on how fiercely we defend freedom in Ukraine, and that Putin will only stop when we stop him.”


Coons is not alone…..

Rep. Adam Kinzinger, an ultra-hawk who has been one of the biggest proponents for a no-fly zone, signaled he favored sending troops in a tweet on Sunday. “It’s time to understand that Ukraine must win… and negotiation is not in the cards at the moment,” Kinzinger wrote. “Our generations are getting a lesson that our grandparents understood: the only way to defeat evil is to destroy it.”

The UK has already sent some troops into Ukraine…for training purposes…..

Over the weekend, The Times reported that the British Special Air Service (SAS) soldiers have deployed to Ukraine to train Ukrainian forces on anti-tank weapons provided by London, the first known NATO troop presence in the country since Russia invaded on February 24. While meant as a training mission. the presence of British troops in Ukraine risks provoking a response from Moscow.

Coons is earning his money from his masters by beating the war drums…..

My thought is he needs to walk the streets in Ukraine and see for himself what his actions will bring.  He needs to stand beside Irene’s only son and experience the blood, mud and death before he fires off a inexperienced mouth.

My thought is he needs to STFU about the involvement of US troops.

Hopefully he will not spread his crap any further than to make the news bite for back home.

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9 thoughts on “Warhawks Gain Footage

  1. It has been no secret here that UK Special Forces are in Ukraine. It has even been stated that they are in the West, just outside Lviv. They are supposedly training Ukrainians how to use certain weapons, and also in tactics for guerilla warfare should the country fall. Some were listed as killed during the rocket attack on the military installation near Lviv, but because they were SF, no names were released.
    One prisoner taken by the Russians fighting in the Donbass region was descibed as an ‘Ex Special Forces British soldier’, but there was some talk here that he was on active service. The Russians said he will be treated as a ‘mercenary’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. You wrote, “My thought is he needs to walk the streets in Ukraine and see for himself what his actions will bring.’ —– My thought is, “He needs to walk the streets of Ukraine to see what his actions might prevent for the rest of the world….” Who can honestly doubt that before this is all over, the whole rest of the world will be forced to do what he is advocating?

      1. I appreciate the hookup with the Libertarian Institute and have added it to my blogroll. I like some forms of some of their ideas.

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