This Is The Best They Could Do?

Closing Thought–05Feb21

I have been writing about the new Congresswoman that has made many many offensive statements and now she was up for committee assignments in the House….And the leadership of the House has stepped up to basically censure this woman…..

House Democrats on Thursday stripped controversial GOP lawmaker Marjorie Taylor Greene of her committee assignments. The nearly party-line vote was 230-199, the Washington Post reports, with 11 Republicans voting against her. The rare move came a day after House Republicans opted not to take action against the Georgia Republican. Coverage:

  • The freshman lawmaker has been under fire for recently unearthed posts and comments she made before being elected Congress in which she backed QAnon conspiracy theories, supported the idea that the Parkland and Sandy Hook school shootings were hoaxes, and even backed violence against Democratic lawmakers, per Politico.
  • In a Thursday speech on the House floor, Greene expressed regret for her “words of the past” without explicitly apologizing, reports the AP. Greene said she was a “very regular American” before coming to Congress who passed along QAnon theories and the like, but she said they did not represent her true views. (She said much the same in a closed-door GOP conference meeting Wednesday night, according to Politico.)
  • “I was allowed to believe things that weren’t true and I would ask questions about them and talk about them and that is absolutely what I regret,” she said Thursday, per the Wall Street Journal. “If it weren’t for the Facebook posts and comments that I liked in 2018, I wouldn’t be standing here today and you couldn’t point a finger and accuse me of anything wrong, because I’ve lived a very good life that I’m proud of.”
  • The controversy speaks to the GOP struggle at the moment to strike an internal balance between the pro-Trump camp (that includes Greene) and GOP critics of the former president’s behavior, such as Rep. Liz Cheney, the No. 3 Republican. Witness what the Politico Playbook calls the “head-spinning night” on Wednesday, when the GOP conference gave strong support to Cheney while declining to punish Greene.
  • Greene had sat on two House panels: the Education and Labor Committee and the Budget Committee, per CNN.
  • Nancy Pelosi said Thursday she was “profoundly concerned” by Republicans’ “acceptance of an extreme conspiracy theorist,” adding, “If any of our members threatened the safety of other members, we’d be the first ones to take them off a committee.” But GOP minority leader Kevin McCarthy on Wednesday night accused Democrats of a “partisan power grab” and said they were setting a dangerous precedent in moving to remove Greene from committees.

230-199?  So 199 Congresspeople think she has done nothing wrong….this is all you need to know about how deep the Trump stranglehold goes on the GOP.

Let the disunity continue!

The House is a pathetic as the Senate…..I am totally disgusted with these slugs!

Greene issued her defiant response to the loss of committees……

If you were expecting GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene to be chastened after House Democrats doled out a rare punishment, think again. “I woke up early this morning literally laughing thinking about what a bunch of morons the Democrats (+11) are for giving some one like me free time,” she tweeted. “In this Democrat tyrannical government, Conservative Republicans have no say on committees anyway. Oh this is going to be fun!” The defiant tweet comes a day after Democrats stripped the freshman Georgia lawmaker of her committee posts because of the conspiracy theories and threats of violence she promoted before coming to Congress. The “+11” refers to the number of Republicans who joined Democrats in the 230-199 vote.r

This will be a hoot to watch this spineless slug run to the closest camera to spout the manure she embraces.

If only the attempt to kick her worthless ass out of the House is successful….

CNN notes that one Democratic lawmaker, Rep. Jimmy Gomez of California, has introduced a long-shot resolution to expel Greene from the House itself. “I’m committed to bringing it up, and I said that to leadership that there needs to be a vote sooner rather or later on this,” he said.

The real humor came from FOX’s  Hannity

Fox News host Sean Hannity on Wednesday condemned Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R-Ga.) past controversial statements ahead of Thursday’s House vote to nullify her appointments to two committees.

Greene, who has indicated support for the QAnon conspiracy theory, attracted increased scrutiny in recent days after previous statements surfaced where she questioned whether a plane hit the Pentagon during the 9/11 terrorist attacks and claimed the 2018 California wildfires were started by a space laser controlled by a corporate network, including the Rothschild banking firm.

“I have no earthly clue whatsoever what would cause someone to believe such a thing,” Hannity said on his Wednesday broadcast.


After four years of providing an echo chamber for the people that stormed the Capitol and he really does not know anyone that believes as Greene?

If you believe that manure then I have a bridge I will sell….cheap.

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Cheney/Greene Drama

The GOP is about to make history…..will they censure a fellow Repub for voting to impeach or will they show guts and take decisive action against the little blonde Nazi, Greene?

House Republicans decided Wednesday to stand by two GOP lawmakers who have polarized the party, voting to retain Rep. Liz Cheney as their No. 3 leader and saying they’d fight a Democratic push to kick Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene off her committees, the AP reports. In a 145-61 secret-ballot vote, House Republicans overwhelmingly rebuffed a rebellion by hard-right conservatives to toss Cheney, R-Wyo., from leadership after she voted last month to impeach then-President Donald Trump. Hours earlier, after Democrats slated a House vote for Thursday that would remove Greene from her committees, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy ridiculed them for it. His comments signaled he was dismissing bipartisan demands that the hard-right Georgia Republican be punished for her online embrace of racist and violent views and bizarre conspiracy theories.

The moves were typical of McCarthy’s preference to avoid ruffling feathers as he charts his path to someday becoming House speaker. “You know what that’s going to mean?” he told reporters after the lengthy evening meeting. ”Two years from now, we’re going to win the majority. That’s because this conference is more united. We’ve got the right leadership team behind it.” But each of the GOP’s wings remains concerned that the other is leading them down the wrong path, and to some, the day’s outcome seemed more an uneasy truce than a full-on peace treaty. As for Greene, attendants said the conspiracy theories she’s embraced came up during the spirited closed-door meeting. Some said Greene apologized to her colleagues, though there were conflicting, vague versions of exactly what she’d said. The Hill and other outlets report she received a standing ovation when she finished speaking.

There will be a floor vote on Greene in the House today…..

Democratic leaders in the House are set to hold a vote Thursday on whether Republican newcomer Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene should be removed from her two committee assignments. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said that his Republican counterpart, Kevin McCarthy, is not ready to remove Greene from her spots on the budget and education and labor committees, the Hill reports. “It is clear there is no alternative to holding a floor vote on the resolution to remove Rep. Greene from her committee assignments,” Hoyer said in a Wednesday statement. “The Rules Committee will meet this afternoon, and the House will vote on the resolution tomorrow.”


Greene has garnered controversy for embracing far-right conspiracy theories and false claims of election fraud, as well as for a video that recently surfaced that shows her mocking a survivor of the 2018 Parkland school shooting in Florida. Also, in 2018 and 2019, Greene indicated support for executing Democratic politicians in several social media posts, per CNN. “A member of this House is calling for assassinations. That’s the new precedent,” Democratic Rep. Jim McGovern, chairman of the Rules Committee, said at a meeting Wednesday, per the Washington Post. “If that’s the standard that we remove people from committees, I’m fine with that.”

Will Cheney be penalized for her honest vote?

Will Greene be penalized for her actions and words?

Any thoughts?

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Was It Worth It?

Stupid is as stupid does!  Thus had better be the best sex that either of them have ever had.  If not, it will be the most memorable piece of fornication that either will ever have.

Two British citizens were found guilty on Thursday of having sex in public and were sentenced to three months in prison to be followed by deportation. Hassan Matar, a lawyer for the defendants, Michelle Palmer and Vince Acors, left, said they would appeal. Under the laws of the United Arab Emirates, of which Dubai is a part, the maximum sentence for sex outside of marriage is a year in prison and the minimum is three months. “The verdict shows that the judge was convinced that they did not have sexual intercourse, but he punished them for the indecent act of kissing,” Mr. Matar said. Dubai is a popular destination for European tourists, but it also adheres to some strict Islamic rules, among them a ban on sex out of wedlock.

I have been horny before, but never this STUPID!