World War Two Behind The Scenes

I like history but most people deplore the thought of remembering anything they do not understand.

There are many things about this war that few know anything about….basically because because they do not want to know they had rather believe the lopsided stories they have been told.

About the only thing anyone can recall is that ill-fated statement by Chamberlain (a post for another day)

Me? I like to look beyond the popular crap and do a deeper dive.

So were there any efforts to avoid World War 2….beyond that famous statement by Chamberlain…..( I know there will be inevitable condemnation of Chamberlain’s efforts…please don’t)

There are many military historians who are familiar with the battlefield history of World War Two but few know much about the diplomatic history of the war when it comes to peace initiatives, long suppressed by liberal establishment historians, to terminate the war, in many cases years before it ended in actual history, or even prevent it from happening at all. Americans have been indoctrinated to believe since grade school that the war could not have been averted and that our only mistake was not invading and crushing Nazi Germany in its cradle when it was still military inferior and in the process of rebuilding its armed forces following the crushing disarmament constraints of the Treaty of Versailles.

According to the dominant historical narrative, Hitler could not be trusted to keep any of his agreements so any negotiated peace settlement would only delay the inevitable. The only problem with this accepted historical narrative of the war is that none of it is true. These peace offers, which have been largely covered up and/or erased from the annals of history, serve to convincingly rebut the myth that Hitler, an evil dictator who mass murdered five to six million Jews, was undeterrable and unappeasable. They provide convincing evidence that World War Two was, in fact, neither a necessary nor inevitable war to stop a dictator who was bent on nothing less than world conquest as Americans have been taught to believe.

However, the most glaring historical misconception of the war by far, which has since been used to justify numerous wars including an indefinite, unnecessary, destabilizing and incredibly dangerous prolongation of America’s proxy war against Russia in Ukraine, was that it was Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement of Hitler with the Munich Agreement that caused the outbreak of World War Two and therefore the chief lesson of the war is that we must never accommodate our adversaries or else they will be emboldened to invade other countries and perhaps start another world war. In fact, it was not the British policy of accommodating Nazi Germany that caused the outbreak of World War Two but rather it was Chamberlain’s decision to abruptly abandon it and issue an ill-considered British military guarantee against a German invasion that Hitler had never previously considered, in view of the fact that Hitler had spent the previous five years trying to cultivate Poland as an ally against the USSR, that resulted in the outbreak of the war.

There is always more to any war than what lopsided history has taught…..this includes all wars….including the most recent one that all have very strong opinions about as a bit deluded that they are)

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!

Class Dismissed!

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”


26 thoughts on “World War Two Behind The Scenes

  1. WW2 was a wonderful war for the millionaire industrialists on both sides. I never forget that.
    It made household names of companies in every country involved.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Aside from your apparent obsession about who made the most money out of the war, I hve to remind everybody that without that war we would all be eating with chopsticks and goose-stepping around in endless torchlight parades extolling the virtues of Hitler and Tojo.

    1. Sorry you do not like the fact that war made people very rich….we already have Americans extolling the virtues of Hitler….so all is good chuq

      1. We might have idiots extolling the virtues of Hitler but thanks to the war and the sacrifices of millions of Americans, we no live under the threat of his Third Reich.

  3. It is generally accepted among historians that Hitler was not trustworthy and did not keep his agreements. This is evident in his actions during the war, such as breaking the Munich Agreement with Britain and France in 1938 and violating the non-aggression pact with the Soviet Union in 1941. So in this sense, the statement’s claim that “Hitler could not be trusted to keep any of his agreements” is generally true.

    Regarding the second claim, it is difficult to make a blanket statement about the entire historical narrative of World War II, as different countries and regions may have their own unique perspectives and interpretations.

    However, the idea that a negotiated peace settlement with Hitler would have been successful is not widely accepted among historians.

    Many believe that Hitler’s aggressive expansionist aims made peaceful resolution impossible, and that the war was ultimately necessary to prevent further atrocities and aggression.

    If you want an accurate depiction of how diplomacy would have swayed Hitler from his chosen course, ask the heads of any nation that was invaded by Germany in that time period. I am certain their perspective would differ and the number of monuments to their war dead would confirm it.

    However, it is important to note that historical narratives can be complex and nuanced, and different historians and analysts may have differing opinions and interpretations of events.

    And that is where the argument ends …”Opinion.”

  4. The People of the US and the UK might not be ready to fight and die to save Taiwan but, as you know, if the power that be decide to go to war over Taiwan, People from the US and UK (and elsewhere) will fight and die to save Taiwan whether they want to or not… or they will all run to Canada … or they will all go to jail …

      1. If we keep screwing around, we are going to get a big bomb dead center of one of our metro centers and then let us see what attitudes will be.

  5. That why I tell people, not to listen to two sides of any argument or issue – there are always more than that!
    (and that’s why I know there is more to the Ukraine/Russia war than we are being told.)

  6. I’m reminded of Paul Harvey’s “Rest of the Story” series. But here’s my two-“sense” (ok.. cents). There’s been an awful lot of post-WW2 interpretation of wartime events.. and more specifically pertaining to the decision-making that went into the planning of events of the day. Secret-this, hidden agendas-that… and the worst are those that might involve the Stalin Soviet Union. Some of this may or my not have been true, and so-called author/researchers finding “hidden papers” in someone’s attic or a basement Mason jar 80 years later, could be truth or even “Hollywood”-ish. Now, I’m not suggesting research isn’t important for historical accuracy… but there’s been so many of these alleged revelations that WW2 heroes were really diplomatic putzes and interpretations showing the likes of Stalin and Hitler were really nice guys driven to their deeds by a West with hidden agendas. In fact, we all like to give Patton credit with his (George C. Scott) remark, “Give me a division and I’ll make it look like the Russian sons-of-bitches started the next war!”
    Here’s my default perception. None of us living today were living at the time to have experienced the fears and emotions of a threatened public, and their leadership suddenly being thrust into a wartime scenario.. the shifting “guns and butter” economies… no one could have predicted or anticipated that all wartime decisions would be made with the wisdom of Solomon or foretelling the future like a Nostradamus.
    To me authoring some WW2 “research” with the subject being “[insert your wartime hero here] Wasn’t All That Great” (or something similar) doesn’t lend itself to objective research to me.
    Regarding Hess’ flight… Smithsonian has this narrative…
    As for Chamberlain being compared with “hero” Churchill in the area of “chief WW2 appeaser”.. the unfolding of events dictated the timing by which both these gentlemen performed in their offices. History does not always paint a participant positively, often leaving it up to subsequent generations to work it out. But in doing that also mediates the emotions at play in the moment decisions were made, often under fire in reality and emotionally as reactions to fear.. founded or unfounded.

  7. You wrote – “Really you do not see the influence these days? chuq” — I do see the influence these days … Trump’s whole scheme smelled like Nazi to me ..with some reservations …but what I am saying is that the World War II was essential for the preservation of our freedoms and it worked. Oh yes, we have all kinds of unsavory elements even in our own government … we have the wanna be Nazis and we have the influences of the Islamic Brotherhood with their friends dispersed throughout our government … We have all kinds of craziness and potentially harmful influences all over the country that can be detrimental to the future of democracy –I see it all … and I can only see a negative ending to the story.

      1. I don’t know what “Brotherhood Influence” means in this context. I have not met that term as yet.

      2. Sure you do…you mentioned the Muslim Brotherhood influence…..I just shortened it….sorry for the confusion. chuq

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