The Party Of War

Yes I am antiwar so I keep informing my readers about the wars we start and fight and seldom finish.

I remember the days when the GOP was the party of war….I protested against their many wars and their many mash-ups to war…..but recently the GOP is not the only party of war….the Dems and liberals are as much of a warmonger as their counterparts.

a remarkable column by Stephen Kinzer appeared in the Boston Globe. It was headlined: “Republicans Return To Their Roots As The Antiwar Party.”

More significantly, the subheading ran: “Since the Vietnam era, Americans have come to expect antiwar rhetoric from liberal Democrats. Cancel that.” It began:

“With Americans now engulfed in passion for Ukraine, it wasn’t surprising that President Biden proposed sending $33 billion worth of weaponry and other aid to Ukraine’s beleaguered military. Nor was it surprising that Congress raised the number to $40 billion, or that both the Senate and House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly in favor. Hidden within that lopsided vote, though, was a shocker: Every single “no” vote – 11 in the Senate and 57 in the House – came from a Republican.

“Since the Vietnam era, Americans have come to expect antiwar rhetoric from liberal Democrats. Cancel that. This month’s votes in Washington signal a dramatic role reversal. Suddenly it is conservative Republicans who oppose US involvement in foreign wars.”

Strikingly not only did the “conservative” Democrats vote for the $40 billion that included more weapons of death and destruction for Joe Biden’s cruel proxy war against Russia to the last Ukrainian. All the “progressives” did so, including AOC and The Squad, Bernie Sanders, Ro Khanna, Barbara Lee and all the rest. It was a clean sweep.

The Democratic Party, Now the Leading Party of War

The truly sad part is that the sop-called progressives, The Squad, are just as pro-war as any GOPer…did lobbyists and their massive cash reserves change minds?

Is there another reason the ‘liberals’ have become the party of war?

Senator Bernie Sanders’ foreign policy adviser Matt Duss (an alumnus of the Saudi- and UAE- funded Center for American Progress) published a widely discussed essay in The New Republic in which he declared that American liberals and progressives need to prioritize expressions of “solidarity” with Ukraine over policies that might put an end to the bloodshed.

In this Duss, a reliable weathervane of liberal opinion, is hardly alone among liberal commentators and policy practitioners, after all, Democrats on the Hill unanimously voted for each of President Biden’s billion dollar aid packages to Ukraine.

What accounts for the enthusiasm for war in Eastern Europe against Russia among American liberals?

James W. Carden: What Accounts For the War Lust Among American Liberals?

The Squad has had some excellent policies to follow….but this seems to be an eye to re-election and not keeping the US from engaging in war after war that benefits no one but the industry.

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6 thoughts on “The Party Of War

    1. I have no problem with WW2…there was more at stake than the one country…..I saw aid but to a point….our endless cash should not be endless. chuq

  1. I don’t think either main party in America has ever been anti-war. Just anti-some wars, and very happy about others. Especially if those wars involve helping Irsael.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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