The recent events around the dealings of Justice Thomas and his closeness with some billionaire who seems to be paying the bills for Thomas.

I read a piece written by Bill Astore that sums up what is happening within our Supreme Court……a good piece and should be read…..

A big part of the American experiment is the idea we are a nation of laws as defined by the U.S. Constitution. The law is supposed to apply equally to all, and disinterested, impartial, justices are supposed to make rulings that are unaffected by money or race or religion or any other factor other than the law itself and what’s right and what isn’t.

That doesn’t describe today’s Supreme Court of the U.S. (SCOTUS).

Justice Clarence Thomas has accepted all kinds of undeclared gifts from a billionaire supporter, including tuition for his great-nephew at private boarding schools. Justice Neil Gorsuch profited from a real estate transaction with a rich law firm CEO with extensive business before the court. Apparently, SCOTUS polices itself here, and so far the SCOTUS cop on watch is asleep.

Justice Brett Kavanaugh gained his seat under a storm of controversy. I wrote in September 2018 that he should withdraw his name from consideration, based on the demeanor he showed at his Senate hearing, but of course he didn’t. Justice Amy Coney Barrett was specifically “saved” by President Trump to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg; everyone knew she was a conservative Catholic opposed to abortion with a clear record of being pro-business to boot.

You’d think the #1 criterion for a SCOTUS justice would be unassailable integrity, but today it seems to be predictable partisan positions (both political parties are guilty here, though Republicans are more blatant). Allegiance to moneyed interests is a big plus. The latter point is why these justices see no problem with accepting “gifts,” otherwise known as bribes (for that is what they are, in plain speak).

Integrity in the court has left the building many years ago…..the rot within the court is all pervasive….the only for sure about the court is it is as corruptible as the rest of DC and our elected officials….the only difference is these political hacks have a lifetime to have their palms greased.

It is beyond time to make some much needed SCOTUS reforms… term limits, mandatory retirement and stop allowing political hacks on the highest court in the land.


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8 thoughts on “Rot At SCOTUS

  1. Let me offer you my reading on what the United States Supreme Court will look like as Republican influence over it becomes stronger and stronger —

    The SCOTUS will eventually have total jurisdiction over a wide range of offenses, most of which will be political offenses, including treason, sabotage, and resistance to the Republican regime. The court will be staffed exclusively by Radical Republican loyalists, and and will be used for no other reason than to intimidate and punish political opponents.

    Common civil matters will be arbitrated by local loyalist courts (Kangaroo Courts) and such cases will never be sent to the SCOTUS unless they are capital cases or political cases.
    By this time, police forces will have been given authority to perform summary executions for offenses committed within their jurisdictions.

      1. Some of this seems to be already bring practiced as more police shootings of civilians are reported. Instant judgment, instant execution .. then the investigations that rarely find the offending officers guilty of anything.

  2. Could they not change the law to allow those judges to be elected by the people? That might be a way of avoiding so much corruption, though not perfect, I concede.
    If not, it seems you are stuck with the system forever.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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