IST Saturday News Dump

I have had all this king stuff I can endure… his ass and be done with it.

And then there is the Kentucky Derby….enough already!

It is that time again yet another weekend begins…..basically Summer is on its way….

Let’s start with food…..

Do you eat Parmesan cheese?  I prefer Romano but that is just me.  You may not be so interested in parm after this….

Every now and then on the Internet, people discover something about food that you thought everyone already knew. Hey, we’re all learning, right? Last month it was the turn of paprika and all spice, but now it’s our old friend Parmesan cheese under the spotlight.

“Today years old when I found out Parmesan cheese is made from baby cow’s stomach & I could go cry,” one user wrote on Twitter, prompting others to learn this too. “I’m just gonna have to go full vegan at this point.”

Parmesan is traditionally made from cow’s milk, aged for at least 12 months in copper vats, where it is heated and other ingredients like whey and rennet are added. It’s rennet that vegans, vegetarians, and anyone just a bit grossed out by eating the stomach juices of baby cows don’t like the sound of.

“Animal rennet is an enzyme obtained from the fourth stomach of an unweaned calf (this can include veal calves, or even lamb and kid),” according to the Courtyard Dairy.

This whole turn to ‘plant based’ anything has me doing a lot of bitching…..why are more women into the switch to ‘plant based’?

As the world increasingly turns towards vegetarian and vegan diets, one group are having a much harder time making the switch: men. Men generally eat more meat than women and are more resistant to changing this, so why are they so stuck in their ways? 

The answer, like many things, could be good ol’ fashioned toxic masculinity, argues a recent study. Researchers from Australian National University suggest that men may resist making the switch to being meat-free because eating meat makes them feel more “manly”, while not doing so threatens their masculinity.

Okay I call bullsh*t to this…..I am too old to worry about my masculinity….I like the taste of meat especially cooked on a grill.  You?

AI has been in the news these days…..I found an article about the research into brain waves using AI…..

Scientists used AI to read people’s brain scans and recreate a whole story only from their brainwaves, per a study published Monday

Participants were asked to listen, watch, or imagine a story while sitting in a brain-scanning machine called an fMRI, per the study from experts at the University of Texas, Austin.

The AI was able to accurately predict what the story was about by reading only the participant’s brainwaves, per the study. 

This type of technology could one day help people who have lost the ability to communicate, the scientists on the project said. 

“For a noninvasive method, this is a real leap forward compared to what’s been done before, which is typically single words or short sentences,” Alex Huth, an assistant professor of neuroscience and computer science at UT Austin, said in a press release.

More on the technology front…..

Remember Steve Austin?  Don’t hurt yourself….he was the  bionic man….with a bionic eye among other parts.

The presentation on his screen shows a small device, about the size of a penny, attached to a thin tail of wiring. It’s a device he hopes can restore a critical sense and help the blind see again. It doesn’t look like much — a miniature city of electronics attached to a microLED display just 2mm square — but it doesn’t have to.

The prosthesis he’s showing off is known as the Science Eye, and once it’s been proved safe and effective, it’ll be implanted on top of, and inside, the eyeballs of human patients suffering from diseases where the eye’s light-sensing cells have died. The idea is to coax other cells within the eye to receive and translate light signals. The device was unveiled as the biotech exited stealth on Nov. 21 last year

Does this move us closer to downloading our consciousness into a robot?

A new space station in the works….only this one is underwater…..

The plan to build an underwater research habitat took a major step forward this week after the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) inked a deal with the Proteus Ocean Group to develop the facility for a 2026 deployment.

Called Proteus, the 2,000-square-foot underwater lab will seek to advance marine science, research, and education, while also seeking solutions to some of the planet’s most pressing problems, NOAA said.

The facility, dubbed the “underwater space station” for the way it will let scientists work for extended periods in a unique environment, will be located at a depth of around 60 feet off the Caribbean island of Curacao and serve as an underwater habitat for up to 12 scientists, innovators, and even private citizens who will be able to live beneath the waves while studying the ocean habitat.

This concludes my useless news round-up for this first Saturday of May.

Enjoy your day…..Be Well  and Be Safe….

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