Is It Time To Worry Yet?

WE are only a few months away from the kick-off of the 2024 election season…..and it looks like the two front-runners are Trump and Biden…..and that is where this post picks up….

For most thinking voter the news that Trump will run again can send us into a ranting frenzy….of the is the case then this story should bring on a stroke.

A new poll gives President Biden and Democrats cause for concern just as his reelection campaign officially gets going. Biden’s job approval rating has fallen to 36% after standing at 42% in February, the Washington Post-ABC News poll found; his previous low was 37% early last year. The president’s disapproval rating now is 56%, with 47% expressing strong disapproval. Although the economy was in bad shape because of the pandemic when Biden took office, more respondents consider former President Donald Trump to be better at handling the economy, 54% to 36%, per the Post. Possibly most worrying to Democrats, Biden is about 4 points down in a head-to-head matchup against Trump.

It’s not all roses for Trump. The poll found majorities saying he should face criminal charges over the attack on the Capitol, efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election, and his handling of classified documents after leaving office. Although Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis hasn’t entered the race, Trump has about twice as much support at this point. Respondents don’t find Biden or Trump especially honest or trustworthy, but the president comes out ahead on those measures.

At least one Democratic pro was alarmed by the poll results, including Biden’s loss of support among particular groups, per the Hill. “It’s sobering in the sense that the coalition that elected Joe Biden, with the historic numbers that we saw in 2020, that coalition right now is fragmented,” party strategist Donna Brazile said on ABC’s This Week. She said she sent the poll findings to Democrats at her first opportunity—12:02am Sunday. “It kept me up and I thought they should wake up and look at those numbers,” Brazile said.

Oh.. great a replay of 2020 as boring as it was……progress in this country will suffer (as it always does)

I am not voting for either of these two old guys for neither represents anything that I support.

I will either vote third party or write-in if these are the two candidates for the presidency.

Any thoughts you would like to share?

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13 thoughts on “Is It Time To Worry Yet?

  1. I prefer not to comment on things over which I have no control. What will be will be and with the mindset of the American Public these days, none of what happens during elections can be any good for the country.

  2. If Trump and Biden are our choices, I’ll throw my vote away on the Independent – whoever he is!

  3. In order to please MTG and McCarthy, we ought to write Vladimir Putin in on our ballots this time around.

  4. I was very wrong in 2016, thinking Trump had no chance. So I will wait and see, as well as quietly worrying that the buffoon might win again.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. The Buffoon will most likely win again. The cards seem to be falling in that direction. God help us all if it happens.

  5. It concerns me that there would be a third party of a write in! It concerns me because ot may through the whole thing to tRump again!! Just because of that I’d have to vote Biden … holding my nose!! 😦

      1. That might be a “Hold Your Nose” moment but the problem is that most people are physically unable to hold their noses for as long as it is going to take to be able to breathe freely again if it happens.

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