The ‘Pink Floyd’ Controversy

50 years ago the icon Pink Floyd album, ‘Dark Side Of The moon’ was released and on this anniversary there is a plan to re-release the album to commemorate the occasion.

And as usual these days nothing goes by without some sort of conspiracy or controversy and Pink Floyd is no different….

Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” turns 50 this year, and just as iconic as the album itself, which spent a jaw-dropping 18-plus years on the Billboard charts, is the cover art designed by British graphic designers Storm Thorgerson and Aubrey Powell. Widely considered one of the most famous album designs of all time, the artwork features a beam of light refracting through a triangular prism, coming out the other side as a rainbow. Thorgerson said he was inspired by a photo he saw in a physics textbook. On Thursday, to mark the upcoming anniversary and promote its commemorative box set, the band uploaded a new logo to its social media accounts, showing a white triangle against a black background, with the number “50” inside it, and a rainbow filling in the zero.

What should’ve been an exciting time for Floyd fans to join together to celebrate the album, however, turned into an online battle, as some who’d apparently forgotten about the original cover art started accusing the band of suddenly becoming “woke” by using the rainbow, often seen as a symbol of gay pride, to promote LGBTQ rights, per USA Today. “Lose the rainbow, you’re making yourself look stupid,” one commenter wrote, as seen in a viral screenshot now circulating. “Just another band pandering,” noted another. Some even noted they wouldn’t be listening to Pink Floyd anymore because of the logo update.

Louder reports that other fans soon came to the rescue to educate these “less enlightened” detractors. “Boycotting Pink Floyd (as if it would matter) because you don’t understand prisms and can’t remember the original cover is beyond parody,” one person wrote. Still others came just to watch the comments fly back and forth. One of the most popular remarks: “Man, some people took ‘we don’t need no education’ too seriously.” At any rate, as that fight continues on social media, planetariums across the world plan on playing the album in March, along with “stunning visuals [of] the solar system and beyond,” per an announcement from the band. The $300 box set, which will include remastered versions of both the original album and the 1974 live recording, releases on March 24. Watch science at work in creating rainbows in this Pink Floyd promo here.

Maybe these detractors should have stayed awake in science class.

Like I keep saying…..’can’t fix stupid’.

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16 thoughts on “The ‘Pink Floyd’ Controversy

  1. I remember that some of my closest straight friends and some of my closest gay friends always played Pink Floyd albums (“The Machine particularly) when they were getting high on something or the other. They claimed that listening to it helped them enjoy a much finer high. I wouldn’t know about that but I did enjoy the music because it was “Hip” and I was a flower child of sorts … all decked out in my white bell-bottom trousers and nehru jacket leisure suit, a Cancer zodiac medallion in a chain around my neck ….burning Nag Champah incense …those were the days my friend, I hoped they would never end.

  2. So sad that it has come to this, right? I prefer the “controversy” over whether, if you start the exact at the exact moment of the opening logo on “The Wizard Of Oz”, it is a soundtrack to the movie – with music cues sync’d up perfectly with scenes from the film! As pointed out on wikipedia: Dark Side of the Rainbow – also known as Dark Side of Oz or The Wizard of Floyd – is the pairing of the 1973 Pink Floyd album The Dark Side of the Moon with the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz. This produces moments of apparent synchronicity where the film and the album appear to correspond.

  3. Seems there isn’t anything the WOKE doesn’t find objectionable. I wish they’d object themselves out of existence. They like nothing so let them be nothing.

  4. Beautifil music!

    I’ve .never seen them as a group.

    What I did see, and hear, was Waters giving a concert in Arnhem, province Gelderland.
    Must be about 20 years ago.

    The Dark Side of the Moon.
    Music and text was so good to listen too.
    The whole album was performed.

    The pig flying, the lights, the colours, the clip of the song Money, Shine you crazy diamond.

    It’s just silly how people make a fuzz over nothing.

    A rainbow is just plain beautiful.

    How silly people get that they can’t see a rainbow as a rainbow.

    Why not just leave their “coloured” opinions out of it.

    Timeless music!

    IST – Shine, you “crazy” diamond!

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