The House Sh*t Show Has Begun

It all began on 03 January 2023 when the heir apparent to the Speakership was denied his ‘rightful’ place as the head of the GOP in House.

It took 15 votes for the heir to be crowned as the supreme GOP voice in the House.

But it will not stop there…..

Kevin McCarthy’s decision to transfer powers held by the House speaker’s office to a band of GOP members ended this week’s chaos, but it caused concern—among Republicans and others—about what’s ahead. The new reality could keep the House from performing such central tasks as funding the government and finance the debt, the New York Times reports. Under one of the concessions, one House member could start the process of removing Speaker McCarthy, which could give the dissidents the clout to keep those critical measures from reaching a vote. “I think it’s a terrible decision,” said Republican Rep. Don Bacon, per the Hill.

Another involves the Rules Committee, which decides which bills can be taken up and what amendments can be proposed. McCarthy gave the far-right group that had blocked him approval over one-third of the committee members, though the bloc accounts for just 10% of all GOP lawmakers. That means the group could block any legislation, possibly by joining with committee Democrats opposed to it. And the rebels want chairmanships of subcommittees they wouldn’t otherwise be entitled to, which is unpopular among other Republicans. “Everybody has to work their way through the seniority process and earn positions on both committees and gavels and things of that nature,” said GOP Rep. Ann Wagner.

And this only the beginning.

Social programs and other safety nets for our society will be under attack from these self-styled revisionists.

In closing let me quote James Baldwin…..

It is impossible not to recognize that the people who are endlessly boasting of their freedom–we’re the best because we’re free!–loathe the very suggestion for anyone other than themselves. They are forever stitching flags, making and threatening and dropping bombs, creating instruments of torture and torture chambers and overseers and deputies and detention centers. Their notion of freedom is so strenuously calisthenic, not to say defensive, that freedom becomes a case of keeping everyone out of your backyard. Or bomb shelter: there are none, by no means incidentally, in the ghetto.

– James Baldwin, “A Letter to Prisoners”

In the end this sh*t show will harm those that believe our country is free and a democracy.

This is what a sh*t show is truly about….and we will have a doozy.

Any thoughts?

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14 thoughts on “The House Sh*t Show Has Begun

  1. Mess with Medicare and Social Security and the next Capitol insurrection will be by old people wielding canes and charging with their walkers over Congresspeople of that party. It will be brutal.

      1. Living in a scarlet state, where most citizens are average Joes working or having worked hard all their lives, I just don’t get it that they blindly, stupidly vote straight Republican when the Republicans are pretty straight forward about where they will cut funds.

  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Buckle up!! It’s gonna be a bumpy ride!! … “In the end this sh*t show will harm those that believe our country is free and a democracy.
    This is what a sh*t show is truly about … and we will have a doozy.”

  3. Why do republicans think there’s something wrong and dangerous when spending more than you have and democrats don’t see anything wrong with inventing stuff to fund , increasing the debt which constantly takes more out of what’s collected to service the ever increasing debt ? But it gets more complicated because of our aging population. How are we going to finance the elder care of millions of people that is needed ? I don’t think I even know anybody that can cover nursing home care for parents or for themselves when that time comes. In my case my parents moved in with me and I took care of them full time after an earlier than planned retirement I did. My adult children couldn’t come up with a dime to help me per their low income and their own children to care for. In Yuma, Texas, the hospital is $20,000,000 in the hole for last 6 months of 2022 taking care of illegals. Yeah, it’s a brewing shitstorm alright. I resent the left designating it a Republican Shitstorm.

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