Who Owns The Moon?

The US has walked on the Moon and all the predictions are that we shall return to doing so in the very near future…..

But apparently word has been issued by China that the US would not be allowed to walk on the Moon….yes you read that right….”not allowed”….

There is a new space race happening more than five decades after the United States beat Russia to become the first nation to ever put on a human on the moon. This time, the contenders are the U.S. and China. And if China wins, it could cause serious trouble for the rest of the world, according to NASA chief Bill Nelon.

During an interview with Politico, Nelson and several other experts expressed concern over China’s attempt to land on the moon before NASA’s expected 2025 touchdown. They believe that the country could stake a claim on areas that are rich in minerals and other resources and block other countries from making a lunar journey.

“There is potentially mischief China can do on the moon,” warned Terry Virts, the former commander of the International Space Station. “If they set up infrastructure there they could potentially deny communications, for example. Having them there doesn’t make things easier. There is real concern about Chinese meddling.”

The chief and the others from NASA worry that China is attempting to reach the moon “under the guise of scientific research.” But nations should worry that their work is actually a power tactic.


My question is when did China take ownership of the Moon?

But is China that advanced that they now control the Moon?

“It is a fact: We’re in a space race,” NASA Administrator Bill Nelson told Politico in a recent interview. And it’s not just about politics and bragging rights—there are both national security and practical implications, according to many US officials. “We better watch out that [the Chinese] don’t get to a place on the moon under the guise of scientific research,” Nelson added. “It is not beyond the realm of possibility that they say, ‘Keep out, we’re here, this is our territory.'” Meanwhile, America’s space agency got almost all the money it wanted from Congress, including full funding for key components of the Artemis program, which seeks to put a permanent human presence on the moon by 2025. Much depends on whether SpaceX delivers on its promises.

Artemis may be ambitious, but it’s the Chinese program that has developed in “stunningly fast” fashion and with “enormous success and advances,” particularly in the past decade. As Fortunereported last month, construction of the Tiangong (“heavenly palace”) space station is complete, and the first three-person team of “taikonauts” are in orbit conducting science experiments. Unlike the collaborative International Space Station, Tiangong is entirely managed by one nation, highlighting China’s “self-reliance” as it works toward its “larger space ambitions.” As for moon exploration, China has already expressed its “pioneering ability” by collecting samples and establishing communications from the far side of the moon, per Politico.

American scientists and military officials have expressed a fair amount of concern about Chinese ambitions, based in part on how China has asserted itself in the Pacific around the disputed Spratly Islands. China vehemently rejects suggestions that it intends to lay claim to any celestial real estate, and some experts say existing treaties—together with more friendly, collaborative engagement—should be sufficient to keep the peace. Still, there are practical matters at stake, including competition for a limited number of good moon-landing sites with access to water and other resources.

This Moon thing will be interesting to watch…..But first I guess we have to get beyond the South China Sea thing…..

Watch and Learn!

I Read, I Write, You Know

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28 thoughts on “Who Owns The Moon?

  1. This is just another reason Mankind should give up conquering space. As a race, Mankind is not fit, emotionally or psychologically to do anything in space except to destroy, destroy and destroy — just like they have done on earth.

    1. You hate the human race?

      Does China control the moon? How so?

      Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun. — Mao Zedong

      When we wheel and deal with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), we wheel and deal with people who don’t have any love for anyone. They will use anyone and anything to get what they want.

      What is characteristic of godless people? Many strive to create the world in their own image. If I think I am wonderful, then to justify my self-love I insist that everyone become like me.

      If you want the human race to become what you say that we already are, “not fit, emotionally or psychologically to do anything in space except to destroy, destroy and destroy,” then don’t oppose the CCP. Unfortunately, that already seems to be the current position of the Democratic Party and some Republicans. Why? I fear they have more in common with the CCP than they do ordinary Americans. They seem more interested in imitating the CCP than protecting us from the CCP.

      1. I do not have to read right wing garbage in order to have a successful bowel movement although I must admit that some of it causes certain degrees of libidinal stirrings. Therefore, I do often entertain it for that reason alone/.

      2. Remember this.

        Really Tom, you have nothing worth listening to.

        Now consider your comeback.

        Even though you have made it quite plain you want to broadcast your views unchallenged, I have been trying to point out your errors. Why? From time to time you say something worth refuting. I suppose I will have to wait for another such time.

      3. I do not object to people challenging my views and you are not pointing out my errors because I am not making errors. If you believe I am making errors then that is because you are filtering my stuff through your own personal lens — and that is alright because that is what everybody does. I might come on here and tell you that I believe YOU are making errors but I will not do that because you have a right to express what you believe whether it is correct or not. Of course, the same as you in some respects, I consider most of the stuff that you write to be based in error too so we have a catch 22 — and in approaching the situation in this manner, you and I both are demonstrating what is wrong with our entire government. No room for compromise. If our government could learn to compromise, it would not be dysfunctional. What you and I are doing is the same as what the democtrats and the republicans are doing — we are refusing to compromise and that is where the true error lies.

      4. John,

        You are welcome to point out what you consider my errors, and we can discuss your observations. However, what you have just written isn’t worth discussing. You didn’t actually say anything.

        Imagine the problem with planning to plan how you will plan to plan. You are so far removed from discussing anything specific there is nothing there. You have just exhaled hot air. If you have a specific topic you want to address, then get to it, and stop making lame excuses.

        This is a public forum. You want to state your opinion? Go for it. You want to remain unchallenged? That is up to our host. If he wants to operate a boring echo chamber, he won’t be the first.

      5. My Conservatism is surviving just fine. According to John, that requires your blog to be an echo chamber, by implication a populist Conservative echo chamber. 🤣

      6. All so much stuff….this post was about the Moon and echo chamber has little relevance….just once stick to the post and comment on that…..chuq

      7. Maybe you should have told that to the first person who commented on this post, but it would not have may any sense then either.

      8. I don’t have to presume anything. It is fairly obvious you don’t how defend what you believe. So, you are just looking for a way to shut down the discussion.

        Instead of sticking your nose further up into the air, you may wish to think about that. If you could actually deliver on that tagline you use, you would just eat me alive.

        Anyway, you have shut down discussion. At this point I am just amusing myself by needling you. That eventually becomes counterproductive. It just makes most people madder and more stubborn. So, goodbye.

      9. I do not need to defend….if you spent more time reading and less time trying to belittle others you might have a grasp on how silly your statement is on the face of it. GOODBYE! chuq

  2. I don’t get why it is okay for the USA or anyone else to explore The Moon, but not China. But I consider the whole thing to be a waste of time and money, so couldn’t care less either way. They should spend the money improving things on Earth.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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