A Change Of Guns?

The US military is always looking to improve the killing power of their weapons. Our military is always looking for the optimum rifle for our troops in the field…..we went from the M-1 to the M-14 to the M-16 to the Car-15 they use today….and now the military is thinking of changing again….but to what?

I read the other day that the US is thinking of acquiring the AK-74….not to be confused with the AK-47….

The US Army has issued a sources-sought notice for Russian-made AK-74 Kalashnikov assault rifles or any copies made in other countries.

According to the service, the rifles must have a fixed stock and approximately 16-inch barrels.

Proposals may also include four 30-round steel or polymer box magazines, one cleaning kit, one oil bottle, one shoulder sling, and a user’s manual.

Responses to the notice should include the country of original manufacture, the army said.

“Weapon systems of interest are those that follow the design pattern of rifles from Romania (eg. md.86), Russia (eg. AK-74), and East Germany (eg. MPi AK74),” the notice reads. “Weapons manufactured elsewhere are also desirable provided they adhere to the AK-74 pattern.”

The US Army did not specify why it is seeking the assault rifles.

However, several defense outlets noted that the US military maintains stocks of various foreign armaments to mock enemies during simulation drills or to support research efforts.

The AK-74 Kalashnikov is a 5.45-caliber, air-cooled weapon widely used as the standard service assault rifle of the Russian military.

Based on the classic AK pattern, the rifle is designed to be reliable in adverse conditions and easy to use by military personnel with minimal training.

It has an overall length of 940 millimeters (37 inches) and a rate of fire of 600 rounds per minute.

The Kalashnikov can integrate red-dot, telescopic, and night vision sights for improved accuracy in low-light conditions.


Now I would like to ask….how would this happen if Russia is heavily sanctioned?

Buying from other outlets would seem to help purchasing pirated intellectual property.

Is that not what we accuse China of doing?

An interesting article…..and many questions.

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14 thoughts on “A Change Of Guns?

  1. Actually, history suggests soldier assault weapons adopted for universal use have been designed and produced in the U.S. under specific design parameters to satisfy the Pentagon. Given that, I would presume acquiring this weapon has little to do with being some “new” weapon for our military in the field, replacing what we currently are using (if for no other reason than the AK-74 is inferior to our M-16 variants). Also historically, the military has stockpiles of foreign weapons for a myriad of applications, from training to covert operations to foreign aid. Given the AK-74 is widely accepted and manufactured and utilized in less developed areas maybe we are just stock-piling it. As of now there’s no indication of the numbers to be acquired. The timing of this sources-sought notice might suggest something to do with Ukraine and their war with Russia. Here’s an interesting read….


    If you scroll down you will see the vast numbers of assorted weaponry and calibers being sent to Ukraine under various aid packages from various countries. One plus with the AK-74 over the AK-47 is that the bullet itself weighs considerably less, hence the soldier can carry more ammo in the field. The standard issue for the Ukraine military is the AK-74 as there are stockpiles left over from the Soviet era. On the other hand… if Ukraine is anticipated to be joining NATO in the years to come following the war, they will require capacity to utilize the NATO calibers, of which the 5.45×39 AK-74 does not qualify.

    Here’s a thought to ponder. If we would be training/assembling a Ukrainian fighting force here in the States (of their people.. not U.S. citizens) given their infrastructure limitations for them doing it themselves, we would have to include their weaponry for training and issue purposes.

      1. Seems there are already a number of non-Russian sources manufacturing the weapon.. Romania is a big one. I have no idea if they are producing under license or under some defense treaty. I know Romania has produced a civilian non-auto AK-47 for decades and was sold legally here in the U.S. To answer your question… my theory would be that “under license” would include some level of sharing the profit in some form. But that may not directly mean sharing money (which I was presume would be against some sanction) or some trade commodity (which could be some non-sanctioned commodity). Good question though.

      2. Or these producers stealing intellectual property? If so, are we not pissed at China for doing that? Just wondering chuq

      3. The proverbial double standard for the sake of political expediency? Please say it ain’t so! 🙂

  2. The US has a serious problem.
    The country is gun-dependent
    There should be Gun-dependent Anomynus treatment centers.
    Starting with the Pentagon, the National Rifle Association etc.
    Weapons kill people. To defend, to attack, rage, revanche,in the playing hands of children, in the hands of people that just kill no matter who or why!
    In secret and in plain sight.
    Gun-addicts that have never enough guns.

    Slowly you place weapons and Americans in a country at war.

    Do you ever learn from history? Your meedling makes situations rarely better but very often much worse.
    Starting to talk is the first and better way as throwing guns and threating speeches

      1. Don’t get me wrong!

        You are one of those that are a voice of reason.

        By experiences in the seventies But also by your historical knowledge.

        Never fall silent!Keep heart!
        Be the voice that makes people think.

        Your words and links do matter.
        I might agree or disagree with your views.

        That’s no problem
        You make me think, evaluate

        Your links, if they interest me.
        Give more insight in the subject at hand.
        Explain the historical background.

        I always enjoyedto learn something new

        I just want to say. The way you encourage to just THINK is needed and of value.

  3. I would agree in part with Doug. They are training Ukrainian soldiers in the UK, (up to 10,000 currently, and it’s not a secret.) so almost certainly in the US too. Best to equip them with the same weapons that their comrades will be using once they go back to fight in Ukraine.
    I also agree about the reliability of the weapon in harsh conditions such as mud and cold. It is said you can submerge an AK in mud overnight, then pick it up and fire it without having to clean it. That’s a bonus in winter fighting.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. The 47 is a superior weapon for actual battlefield conditions. I do not dispute the use of the weapons just who do we buy them from. chuq

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