Are We Failing Our Children?

I say yes and have been saying it for a least a decade.

Instead of teaching our children the fundamentals for insuring their quality of life they are confronted with crap on a daily basis…..bathrooms issues, non-existent mandatory lessons, etc.

Latest study shows just how badly we continue to fail our children….

A federal assessment of US students known as the “nation’s report card” is out, and the results are pretty bleak. Scores are down in reading and math—especially math—across the country, with the pandemic blamed for wreaking havoc on education. Details:

  • The test: The National Assessment of Educational Progress tests fourth- and eighth-graders on reading and math, and the results out Monday are the first since 2019, per the AP. Complete results with state breakdowns are here.
  • The drops: The average math score among fourth-graders fell 5 points since 2019, from 241 to 236 out of 500, per Politico. The score for eighth-graders fell by 8 points, from 282 to 274. In this category, scores dropped in every state but Utah, whose declines weren’t considered statistically significant, per the New York Times. The average reading scores for each group also fell, by 3 points each. “Not a single state saw a notable improvement in their average test scores, with some simply treading water at best,” per the AP.
  • Context: “In NAEP, when we experience a 1- or 2-point decline, we’re talking about it as a significant impact on a student’s achievement,” Peggy Carr, commissioner of the Education Department’s National Center for Education Statistics, tells the AP. “In math, we experienced an 8-point decline—historic for this assessment.” Eighth-grade test subjects would be high school freshmen this year, and the results suggest nearly 4 in 10 fail to grasp basic math principles.
  • Blame game: Those looking to examine whether red or blue states fared better during the pandemic (in regard to school closings, for example) are out of luck. No clear patterns exist on that front, per the Times and Politico. For example, California was roughly on par with Florida, even though they took very different approaches on school closures. “There are no winners. There are no losers. There are losses among all states and all grades,” former North Carolina Gov. Beverly Perdue, chair of the National Assessment Governing Board, tells Politico.
  • An alarm: “I want to be very clear: The results in today’s nation’s report card are appalling and unacceptable,” says US Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, per the Times. “This is a moment of truth for education. How we respond to this will determine not only our recovery, but our nation’s standing in the world.”

This is what you get when you elect dimwits as education providers.

This is what our children get when elections are about personalities and wedge issues and the important stuff is made light of at every turn.

Do you care about your children?

If so then for christ sake elect people that want to educate your children and not idiots that want to feed bias and bigotry,.

I Read, I Write, You Know

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11 thoughts on “Are We Failing Our Children?

  1. and have been saying it for a least a decade. Always this! So what? It just means no one is listening. Are you some kind of king, or head of state, or why exactly should anyone care what YOU said, a decade ago, 4 decades ago, 2 years ago, yesterday? RSVP

  2. I agree that our children are being failed in the field of education. But that is what happens when you get an education system that is bloated with expensive stuff that has little to do with educating anyone and when teacher unions constantly demand more and more money — average teacher pay around here is $85,000 per year — with plenty of teacher aides to allow them more time in the teacher lounges …and who needs a commercial sized bus to take kids back and forth to basketball games? Do the kids really need all that extra stuff that the taxpayers are required to pay for through never-ending tax levies always demanding more and more and more. We need to re-design the entire system and get back to practical education to prepare kids for hand-on living and we are not doing that right now.

      1. As you wish. I still contend that the biggest problem is the corrupt school bureaucracy where everything is over priced, the brats are pampered beyond believe and the administrators are overpaid bureaucrats who believe they are running prisons instead of schools.

  3. I can believe the home schooling involved during the worst of the pandemic could account for much of the proficiency decline. Home schooling by video lessons isn’t ever as good as in person lessons with a live teacher who can answer questions or give personal attention to the student’s questions after class.

      1. Plus, the curricula aren’t necessarily what advances civilization. Dinosaurs and people existing at the same time sorts of bs….

  4. In the UK, we have impending budget cuts in education, thanks to the austerity plans of the latest government. But rich people and politicians can send their kids to private schools all over the world, and pay for university education too. They don’t care about ordinary people’s kids.
    Never have, never will.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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