Let’s Defraud Seniors

This is post is for all those Americans that have had their 50th birthday surely they have received their official letter inviting them to join AARP (where did they get your birthday info)……

The big deal these days is that Medicare Advantage plans for us pre-dementia seniors….to me they seem like a scam and not worth the cash they cost….seems I am not the only one with such thoughts….

I recently wrote about the deceptions that insurance companies are pulling on seniors…

Those MediCare Advantage Plans

Now further info has been given to help seniors know what is being done to rip them off…..

Insurance giants are exploiting Medicare Advantage—a corporate-managed program that threatens to result in the complete privatization of traditional Medicare—to capture billions of dollars in extra profits, Saturday reporting by The New York Times confirmed.

The newspaper’s analysis of dozens of lawsuits, inspector general reports, and watchdog investigations found that overbilling by Medicare Advantage (MA) providers is so pervasive it exceeds the budgets of entire federal agencies, prompting journalist Ryan Cooper to call the program “a straight up fraud scheme.”

Nearly half of Medicare’s 60 million beneficiaries are now enrolled in MA plans managed by for-profit insurance companies, and it is expected that most of the nation’s seniors will be ensnared in the private-sector alternative to traditional Medicare by next year. Six weeks ago, Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) launched an inquiry into “potentially deceptive” marketing tactics used by MA providers to “take advantage” of vulnerable individuals.

As the table below shows, almost every major player in the industry has been accused of fraud by a whistleblower or the U.S. government. In addition, the vast majority are engaged in rampant upcoding, or exaggerating patients’ illnesses in order to reap more money from taxpayers—something they do while refusing to provide necessary care for tens of thousands each year.


Seniors should research this before they commit to a monthly deduction to their Social Security benefits.

Remember if something sounds too good to be true then it probably is just that….too good to be true.

Please do not fall for the glowing promos….you need to be more vigilant for these parasites will suck you monetarily dry.

I Read, I Write, You Know

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12 thoughts on “Let’s Defraud Seniors

  1. If you tnink this is a scam (which it most certainly is) just wait until you see what giant investment firms will be doing to seniors once the right wing radical republicans finally succeed in privatizing social security.

  2. republicans and Wall Street just love to get their hands on other people’s money so they can gamble with it

  3. Thanks. Now I can throw out all those invites without feeling the need to at least glance at them. I knew it was sculduggery though.

  4. My own Mom—who I am now the 18/7 (versus 24/7) Caretaker of—gets these type of mail-outs every single day and a minimum of 4-5 phone calls per day from “ Medicare Assist” or any other similar caller I.D. She is in Stage 6 Dementia now and has fewer good days, increasingly worse days.

    Nevertheless, she is indeed a prime target not only for these scam campaigns, but anytime she gets on the internet too, ESPECIALLY Facebook; because her personal info (like DOB) and browsing history is full-on public domain now. I’ve saved her from at least four major scams over the last 10-years! I’ve had to completely takeover her finances, bank accounts, etc, everything… mainly because of America’s rampant Snake-Oil salespeople and corporations over the cell phone, internet social-media, and even targeting in-person her Senior Living Community about once or twice a month! We are in Texas, by the way… where the 19th-century Wild, Wild, WILD West and promoted lawlessness—disguised as GOP “Less Government ” or “Smaller Government ”—has been the current rave for over 20-years. 🙄🤦‍♂️

    Meanwhile, over the same period Texas ranks either in the bottom-half or bottom-third of EVERY Quality of Life category that exists… barring one:

    The Texas Rainy Day Fund/Account.

    I think that ESF account balance is up to approximately $13.6 billion today with a projected positive $27 billion Treasury balance for 2023! Riddle that one out for bottom-of-the-50-state-life-rankings the last two, three decades! (scratch head)

    1. My state of Mississippi is always at the bottom as well….I post this stuff to help those preparing to retire for the scams are always lurking….thanx for the visit and comment…..chuq

      1. Ah yes, my collegiate and post-collegiate state of Mississippi, Jackson, Ridgeland, Madison, and Pearl. 😋 Spent 12-years living there, four at Belhaven College/University, 3.5 at Reformed Theological Seminary, and about 3.5 at Charter Hospital off Lakeland Dr., not as a patient but on staff as an Intake Counselor. 😄 Some fond memories AND not so fond at all. 😉

        I’ll pop by again Lobotero when possible. Take care.

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