Time For Men To Pay A Price

Roe v Wade decision has made our women second class citizens yet again….their personal choices out of their hands and put it into the hands of the old farts that run state governments.

Some have said that there should be some price for men to pay as well…..most of the concern is that of the popularity of Viagra….but I read about one idea that I could get behind and maybe you should as well if you are at all concerned about the loss of the right of choice.

An Oklahoma Democrat has proposed that young men in his state be forced to have vasectomies in the wake of the Supreme Court overturning the Roe Vs Wade ruling.

Last month, Mickey Dollens invited his fellow lawmakers to co-author a bill which would give a mandatory vasectomy to every young man in Oklahoma.

The vasectomy would only be reversed once each man could prove they were financially and emotionally stable, and not a moment before.

If any of this is sounding insane, that’s because Dollens is only raising the bill to make a point that the state having such invasive control over a person’s body is, indeed, insane.

This invasive control is exactly what will happen to many US women after the Supreme Court made the decision to overturn Roe Vs Wade last week, effectively ruling that the constitution doesn’t safeguard a woman’s right to an abortion.

The only exceptions to Oklahoma’s new abortion laws are in the case of rape or incest, and even then only if they have been reported to the authorities.

Saying he was thinking about introducing the legislation on forcing men to have vasectomies next year, Dollens suggested to Republicans who thought he was being ‘crazy’ that now ‘maybe you understand how 50 percent of Oklahomans feel’.

Republicans have argued that there is ‘nothing higher or more critical than the defence of innocent, unborn life’.


It may sound a bit extreme but no more so than taking a woman’s right of choice.

I agree with this idea…..let men pay for a price as well as the women.

Any thoughts?

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24 thoughts on “Time For Men To Pay A Price

  1. LOL.. Forced sterilization now! Fortunately I am at the age where that doesn’t matter anymore…. for me. Anyway.. after kid #3 I had every tube tied off, cut off, dissected, removed……… no longer a procreative threat to humanity… nor any possible threat to anti-abortionists.

      1. The key is to copy the Chinese and strictly enforce a one child policy… two at the most with Orwellian consequences for disobeying the law.

  2. I was asking this question just an hour ago (been thinking about it all morning since I saw the articles about a increase in men asking for vasectomies just after they overturned Roe). I really wonder if the pro-birthers even took into account that there are plenty of men out there who do not want children or any more children, and a good number of them are going to do what they can to prevent it if their ladies can’t get the services they need. My hat’s off to those gents who’ve taken the time to make an informed decision like this.
    And how long will male methods be allowed, I wonder?

  3. It is time for men to concentrate more on the many marvelous capabilities of their hands rather than taking their needs to outside sources.

  4. Oh, this sounds like beared by some conspiration theorists. I will turn your look to the sea horses. There the males are bringing children to life, and care for them. An alternative also for humans? 😉 xx Michael

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