On To ‘Cybergeddon’



Allow me to help you out…..

refers to cataclysm resulting from a large-scale sabotage of all computerized networks, systems and activities. It combines cyberterrorism, cyberwarfare, cybercrime, and hacktivism into scenarios of wide-scale internet disruption or economic collapse. Economic or industrial infrastructure could be targeted, such as banks or industrial control systems. Since 2012, the amount of Internet-based attacks and their complexity have increased.

“Cybergeddon is a possibility,” FireEye CEO Ashar Aziz explained in an interview with Bloomberg: “Attacks on critical infrastructures such as the power grid or financial institutions could wreak havoc not just on United States economy, but in fact, the world economy.”

Since 2005 (maybe earlier) we have been warned of that massive army of Russian hackers…allegedly run by the GRU (Russian intelligence) just positioning for the massive hack of our vital systems…..

So for damn near 20 years we have been warned and we have been waiting for ‘cybergeddon’….so what are they waiting on?

Now with the war in Ukraine and the growing sanctions on Russia imposed by most of the Western alliance…..I ask again….what are they waiting on?

Russia’s war in Ukraine, now nearing its 10-week mark, has been devastating, killing thousands of civilians and forcing millions to flee their homes. Thus far, this devastation has been wrought primarily by conventional military means, without Moscow launching the “full-scale cyber assault” or “cybergeddon-scale attacks” feared early on. As various authors have pointed out, “Ukrainian air defense and aircraft didn’t appear to be affected by cyber disruptions, and there are no reports of critical infrastructure damage from cyberattacks”; “Ukraine’s electricity grid, its communications systems and other infrastructure are still largely up. Its president is streaming from his government office.” Why?

One group of scholars has long argued that expectations of cyber apocalypse have been overblown, with doomsayers ignoring that cyber and military campaigns serve different purposes. Cyber operations, these experts say, are neither “catastrophic weapons of destruction” nor good for “managing destruction at scale”—meaning they’re unlikely to be the game-changers many anticipated in modern warfare. “It’s much simpler,” four of these authors write, “for Russia to launch an artillery barrage at a [Ukrainian] power substation than to hack it from Moscow.”


Even more thoughts…..


Would not now be the time for Russia to unleash ‘cybergeddon’ as a retaliation for all the woes the West is imposing on Russia?

Is it possible that the whole ‘cybergeddon’ was just another political smoke screen?

Just and few thoughts…..

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4 thoughts on “On To ‘Cybergeddon’

  1. Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it does seem that many ‘myths’ have been exposed. The mighty Russian Army seems to be inept, their Navy has suffered unexpected losses, and their Air Force cannot seem to ‘precision bomb’ any target. Perhaps their much-feared ‘Cyber Attack Capablility’ is non-existent?
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Just because we cannot understand it, we cannot ignore the possibility of cybergeddon and we need to be presumptively prepared for it if it should ever come. It has always been our lack of preparedness for potential outcomes that have been our achilles heel.

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