Ukraine–What Went Wrong?

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This post will  not make me many friends….but I have never been one that held my tongue or my pen.

The world is in admiration of the Ukrainian president, Zelensky, thanks mainly to the PR campaign by the media.

But sadly the American public is fickle and the interest seems to be waning…..after a month of yippee skippy and all the chest thumping….the rest of the story needs to come out.

After a month of war in Ukraine and the invasion of the forces of Vlad the Invader and the news is always dire for Russia and glowing for the forces of Ukraine and Zelensky.

Since my return from Vietnam I have studied conflicts around the world and I can tell you that the media is not giving the entire picture for they deal with emotions and not actual facts…..

So when I read the news of the conflict in Ukraine I am always trying to make sense to the fighting…..there is always more to a story than the media’s version…..and the same with the Ukrainian conflict.

The question now is just what went wrong that would lead to the death and destruction that is being inflicted on Ukraine.

Where did all this begin….well the Smithsonian takes a look…..

Over the centuries, the Russian and Austro-Hungarian Empires, Poland, and Lithuania have all wielded jurisdiction over Ukraine, which first asserted its modern independence in 1917, with the formation of the Ukrainian People’s Republic. Russia soon wrested back control of Ukraine, making it part of the newly established Soviet Union and retaining power in the region until World War II, when Germany invaded. The debate over how to remember this wartime history, as well as its implications for Ukrainian nationalism and independence, is key to understanding the current conflict.

In Putin’s telling, the modern Ukrainian independence movement began not in 1917 but during World War II. Under the German occupation of Ukraine, between 1941 and 1944, some Ukrainian independence fighters aligned themselves with the Nazis, whom they viewed as saviors from Soviet oppression. Putin has drawn on this period in history to portray any Ukrainian push for sovereignty as a Nazi endeavor, says Markian Dobczansky, a historian at Harvard University’s Ukrainian Research Institute. “It’s really just a stunningly cynical attempt to fight an information war and influence people’s opinions,” he adds.

Dobczansky is among a group of scholars who have publicly challenged Putin’s version of the Nazi occupation of Ukraine and the years of Soviet rule it’s sandwiched between. Almost all of these experts begin their accounts with the fall of the Russian Empire, when tens of thousands of Ukrainians fought against the Bolshevik Red Army to establish the Ukrainian People’s Republic. Ukrainians continued to fight for independence until 1922, when they were defeated by the Soviets and became the Ukrainian Soviet Republic of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R.). By leaving out Ukraine’s short-lived but hard-fought period of independence in the early 20th century, Putin overlooks the country’s sovereignty, says Dobczansky.

There is always more to the news than the day’s offerings by the media.

If you want to know then always look beyond the day’s news and find the answer you search for…..always look for the ‘rest of the story’.

Some say that the forces of ‘Vlad the Invader’ were destined to fight in Ukraine…..

This war was not inevitable, but we have been moving toward it for years: the west, and Russia, and Ukraine. The war itself is not new – it began, as Ukrainians have frequently reminded us in the past two weeks, with the Russian incursion in 2014. But the roots go back even further. We are still experiencing the death throes of the Soviet empire. We are reaping, too, in the west, the fruits of our failed policies in the region after the Soviet collapse.

And there is more……

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Is Interest Waning?

Is interest in the conflict in Ukraine waning?

According to my stats here on IST….it is…..

I have noticed that the old saying about the news, ‘If if bleeds it leads”, is hold true.

I ask the question because as a person interested in world affairs I have noticed the the media is no longer focusing on Ukraine….there are now reports of Covid, hearings, markets and such…..

So my thought is that since it is basically a stalemate between Russia and Ukraine the media finds NO ratings possibilities….so as usual they moved on.

Maybe it is the fact that the attention span of the average American is that of a four year….apparently it is also true the media drives that consensus… is looking elsewhere for a ratings bonanza so they start winding down major coverage waiting for the story to exploit.

There is only so much emotional baggage the American people can withstand until they become numb to the news and/or the suffering.

I believe that that period is quickly approaching.

As I was writing this post news came out of the massacre of Bucha, Ukraine by Russian forces…..

Ukraine has accused Russia of carrying out a “deliberate massacre” in Bucha, a town near Kyiv. Moscow denies the charges and calls for an investigation led by the UN.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry published several photos and videos alleging to show the aftermath of crimes committed by Russian forces. The Washington Post claims to have verified a video showing nine dead bodies, including a child.

The Times published an account by a member of the Ukrainian territory defense force, Sergeiy Torovik. “We found 18 bodies in there,” he said. “They had been torturing people. Some of them had their ears cut off. Others had teeth pulled out. There were kids like 14, 16 years old, some adults. They just took the bodies away yesterday.”

Ukraine’s first levied the allegations against Russia days after Russian forces withdrew from the area. Bucha Mayor Anatoly Fedoruk confirmed to the media that Russian troops had exited the area on March 31. Russia has responded by denying the charges and highlighting mayor Fedoruk’s statement.

“Moreover, on March 31 the mayor of Bucha, Anatoly Fedoruk, confirmed in his video address that there was no Russian military in the town, but did not even mention any local residents laying shot in the streets with their hands tied,” the Russian Defense Ministry said.


The analyst in me starting asking questions…….where are the dead Russian soldiers….seems to me that photos of that would be of some PR value.

Once again…I question anything offered by the Azov Battalion as evidence…..the media is depending on this neo-Nazi group for too much….The New York Times published photos of the Azov Battalion in the town shortly after the exit of Russian forces.

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Somethings Are Inevitable

These days there is nothing to actually to look forward to….but the new color ‘discovered’ by Apple, the big innovation by the company for its iPhone….the color green….how’s that for innovation?

But that is just my rant…..the president has given us something to look forward to in the near future…..

President Biden warned that the US-led Western sanctions campaign against Russia will lead to “real” food shortages across the world.

“With regard to food shortage, yes, we did talk about food shortages. And — and it’s going to be real,” Biden said at a press conference in Brussels. “The price of these sanctions is not just imposed upon Russia, it’s imposed upon an awful lot of countries as well, including European countries and our country as well.”

Biden’s sanctions on Russia come as the US is facing a 40-year high inflation rate and record-high gas prices. Although he tried to blame the inflation on what he called “Putin’s price hike,” Biden has admitted before that Americans will feel economic pain because of the sanctions he imposed, which include a ban on Russian oil imports.

So far, the Western sanctions have done nothing to slow Russia’s attack on Ukraine and have not deterred Russian President Vladimir Putin. When confronted with this fact, Biden snapped at a reporter and said deterrence isn’t the point, and signaled that he expects the war to go on for a long time.

“Sanctions never deter. The maintenance of sanctions — the maintenance of sanctions, the increasing the pain, and the demonstration — why I asked for this NATO meeting today — is to be sure that after a month, we will sustain what we’re doing not just next month, the following month, but for the remainder of this entire year. That’s what will stop him,” he said.

Oh goody….higher food prices and shortages… that is something to thank this war for….

This situation does not bode well for Biden and the Dems going forward…..

One more thing to look forward to….the 2024 presidential election is a mere 2 years away….and the polls, I know it is early but it is something to consider,  have ex-president ahead of the sitting president…..47 to 41 percent….time to pay attention is NOW!

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