“It Only Happened Once”

Another great thought for the “Can’t Fix Stupid” Files.

Once again it is from a member of Congress, my favorite MORON, Taylor-Green…..

It seems that she wants the country to stop talking about the failed coup of m06 January because it only happened once.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) on Sunday shared video of herself berating a reporter who asked about the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

The reporter was NBC’s Scott Wong, who quoted Greene in an article about Jan. 6.

“The American people are fed up with this over-dramatization of a riot that happened here at the Capitol one time,” Greene said, according to Wong. “They are sick and tired of Jan. 6 — it’s over, OK?”

On Sunday, Greene posted video of the brief interview and suggested Wong’s report was misleading.

But the video shared by Greene confirmed that the quote was accurate.

In the video, Greene seems to become upset after Wong asks if Republicans were wrong to boycott the Jan. 6 Committee.

“People are rotting in jail pre-trial because they have been arrested for it,” she says at one point. “Why don’t you go to the jail and visit those people? Everyone is being prosecuted that should be prosecuted. Why don’t you care about things that honestly care about instead of continuing on with this? OK?”


Only happened once?

9/11 only happened once….should we not talk about it any more?

The same for Pearl Harbor…..or the Alamo…..should we just forget it?

Everyday this moron proves just how stupid she real is and yet she can win an election…..what does that say about the people in her district?

She truly proves…..You Can’t Fix Stupid!

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Another Insurrectionist Convicted

If you celebrate Easter then I wish you a pleasant and safe day.

After the failed coup of 06 January the participants are finding justice is final.

Another fool that followed the idiocy of Trump and his idiot sycophants had found Lady Justice is not kind to the guilty….

An Ohio man who testified he was “following presidential orders” from Donald Trump when he stormed the US Capitol was convicted Thursday of obstructing Congress from certifying Joe Biden’s 2020 electoral victory. A federal jury also found Dustin Byron Thompson, 38, guilty of stealing a coat rack from an office in the Capitol during the riot on Jan. 6, 2021, the AP reports. Jurors deliberated less than three hours before reaching a verdict, rejecting Thompson’s novel defense. He blamed Trump and members of the president’s inner circle for the insurrection and for his own actions. Thompson, who had been free since his arrest, was ordered held pending sentencing on July 20.

Thompson’s jury trial was the third among hundreds of Capitol riot cases prosecuted by the Justice Department. In the first two cases, jurors convicted both defendants of all charges. An exterminator who lost his job during the pandemic, Thompson was the first riot defendant to mount a trial defense blaming Trump and members of his inner circle for the insurrection. Assistant US Attorney William Dreher told jurors that Thompson knew he was breaking the law when he joined the mob that attacked the Capitol and, in his case, looted the Senate parliamentarian’s office. Thompson’s lawyer “wants you to think you have to choose between President Trump and his client,” the prosecutor said. “You don’t have to choose because this is not President Trump’s trial. This is the trial for Dustin Thompson.”

His defense attorney said Thompson hasn’t avoided taking responsibility. “This shameful chapter in our history is all on TV,” Samuel Shamansky told jurors. But he said Thompson, unemployed and consumed by a steady diet of conspiracy theories, was vulnerable to Trump’s lies about a stolen election. He described Thompson as a “pawn” and Trump as a “gangster” who abused his power to manipulate supporters. US District Judge Reggie Walton barred the defense from calling Trump and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani as witnesses. But the judge allowed jurors to hear recordings of speeches that Trump and Giuliani delivered on Jan. 6, just before the riot. Thompson testified that he joined the mob attack and stole a coat rack and a bourbon from the Senate parliamentarian’s office. “I can’t believe the things that I did,” he said.

Glad to see that ignorance of the law is still not a defense for stupidity.

Then there is a leader of the Proud Boys that wimped out and pleas guilty….

A Proud Boys defendant pleaded guilty Friday to two felonies in the Jan. 6 attack on the US Capitol, becoming the first of the group’s leadership to admit guilt and agree to cooperate with the investigation of the organization. Charles Donohoe, who led the North Carolina chapter of the Proud Boys, pleaded guilty to conspiring to obstruct an official proceeding, as well as to assaulting, resisting, or impeding an officer. In return, prosecutors dropped the other counts in his indictment, NPR reports. The case is one of the most prominent brought by the Justice Department as a result of its investigation of the riot. Donohoe appeared in federal court in Washington virtually.

Five other senior Proud Boys, including Henry Enrique Tarrio, are charged with conspiracy in the attempt to stop Congress from certifying President Biden’s electoral victory and have pleaded not guilty. Donohue’s cooperation could help those prosecutions and cause others to seek similar deals. The 34-year-old faces 20 years in prison on the conspiracy conviction and eight years for assaulting police, though Donohue’s plea deal probably will mean shorter terms, per CBS News. He also will pay $2,000 in restitution for damage to the building.

Before Jan. 6, Donohue posted in a Proud Boys group chat that DC officials were trying to contain the protests to deny former President Donald Trump “the people’s support,” adding, “We can’t let them succeed.” The leaders met at the Washington Monument on Jan. 6, then went to the Capitol, per CNN. Video shows him pushing past police with a crowd, carrying a police riot shield, and going up the steps to the Capitol. “We took it over unarmed,” he messaged other Proud Boys later, court records say.

Personally I say throw the book at the treasonous pricks….give them the max fine and time.

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