I want to change the dialog a bit from a war that no one will win.

I thought I would take a look at the SCOTUS term as it is drawing to a close and we have a new judge for the media to fixated on…..

These are the 3 cases that we should watch closely……..

The Supreme Court this month will hear its last oral arguments in a term that has been overshadowed by disputes over abortion and the Second Amendment and the confirmation of the nation’s first Black female justice.

As the country awaits decisions in those potentially landmark cases, three cases stand out as highlights among the remaining disputes to be argued before the justices. 

They involve a Trump-era immigration policy, a dispute over a high school football coach’s religious practice on school grounds and the Miranda warning that suspects are given by law enforcement. 

It’s the last set of arguments that will include Justice Stephen Breyer, who will retire this summer. He will be replaced by the newly confirmed Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Three cases to watch as Supreme Court readies for final oral arguments of term

Speaking of Brown, the new justice, the media had a field day reporting on her confirmation….the first black woman and on and on…..

But now that we have a new judge what will change of SCOTUS?

The truth of the matter is…..NOTHING will change!

When soon-to-be Justice Jackson takes her seat this summer (retiring Justice Stephen Breyer plans to stay on until “the Court rises for the summer recess this year”), the Supreme Court will be more diverse than it has ever been. Not only will a Black woman serve as a justice for the first time in American history, but the Court will, for the first time, have four women. It will also have three people of color for the first time in its history.

It’s a historic moment. As Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) said at the beginning of Jackson’s confirmation hearing, her confirmation shatters a glass ceiling: “It’s a sign that we as a country are continuing to rise to our collective, cherished, [and] highest ideals.”

The current Court, with its Republican supermajority, is more hostile toward voting rights — and specifically to the proposition that states may not write election laws that discriminate on the basis of race — than any Court since the Voting Rights Act became law in 1965. Indeed, the current Court may be more hostile to efforts to achieve racial equality than any Court since Brown v. Board of Education (1954).

Jackson’s confirmation means that she will have a seat at the literal table where the justices meet to cast their initial votes in argued cases. But her voice is likely to do little to sway her six Republican colleagues in the most closely watched and most important cases.

Having the first black women on the Supreme Court will do NOTHING to change the direction of the court….NOTHING.

Please do not hold your breath for some sanity on a conservative court….you would mostly likely turn blue and die.

Enough said.

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2 thoughts on “SCOTUS–2022

  1. I have little to add on this as your Supreme Court is mainly a confusing mystery to me. In fact, almost everything I know about it comes from reading your blog! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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