“Legitimate Political Discourse”

Note:  I wrote this post before the Ukraine thing fired up…..so I thought I would step back from the war to look at what is happening in this country.

The GOP continues to downplay the insurrection of 06 January….they have been on the hunt for a tagline that would explain the treasonous acts committed that day and now they have a new one….’legitimate political discourse’.

“Legitimate political discourse” is an interesting phrase. Three weeks ago the Republican National Committee (RNC) voted overwhelmingly to call the violent putschist Capitol Rioters of January 6, 2021 ordinary citizens engaged in legitimate political discourse.” That was their phrase for fascist marauders who:

+ Said “we’re going to take out country back” as they headed to physically assault the legislative branch of the US government.

+ Screamed “Hang Mike Pence” while invading the US Capitol to prevent the peaceful transfer of presidential power after the 2020 election.

+ Constructed gallows intended for the execution of Pence and other elected officials on the steps of the Capitol.

+ Chanted “USA, USA” and “Fight for Trump” while beating Capitol police officers, defacing monuments and paintings, breaking windows, denting doors, stealing government documents and computers, and wiping feces on Capitol walls and looking to kidnap, beat, and kill Congresspersons and Congressional staff.

+ Screamed “stop the steal” to falsely claim that Joe Biden’s election was fraudulent and to justify an attempted putsch meant to install their Dear Cult Leader Donald Trump as a de facto dictator.

+ Carried the Confederate Flag, symbol of Black chattel slavery and slaveholder secession, into the halls of Congress.

It was all very consistent with the prompting of the wannabe president-for-life and “instinctive fascist” Trump, who helped spark the riot by telling his supporters on January 6th to go down to the Capitol and “fight…fight like Hell. If you don’t fight like Hell,” Trump added, “you’re not going to have a country anymore.” At the same “Save America” rally before the Attack on the Capitol, Trump’s demented mob lawyer Rudy Giuliani told “Stop the Steal” protesters to engage in “trial by combat.”

On “Legitimate Political Discourse”

The GOP is trying to do what they do best….rewrite history….whitewash the ugly if you will.

Every Red State legislature is doing this on multiple fronts……from education to abortion to race and now the acts of treason…..

This LIE should be confronted on every level and at every turn….

The failed coup on 06 January was nothing noble it was affront to our very laws and the republic….this lie should not be allowed to continue.

But the fools that stormed the Capital we doing nothing…..the coup is taking place in plain sight…..with the help of the Supreme Court and the Senate….chamber….then SCOTUS…..a conservative body that is forcing their values on the rest of the nation.

The Senate does nothing to help the situation by being a no progress

Ignorance cannot prevail!

Turn The Page!

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”


4 thoughts on ““Legitimate Political Discourse”

  1. You mention that “Ignorance will prevail.” I maintain that ignorance already has prevailed and has been prevailing for a long time now. Americans are just too intereested in self gratification to notice or to care.

  2. The war in Ukraine is managing to sideline so many serious issues in countries around the world. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen to the insurrection in DC.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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