Next Up, China

For now the conflict in Ukraine is turning into a stalemate… the State Department needs to keep the defense industry in the fray… China is now the new focus, it has been a focus for a long time but it makes the news again…..

China has been identified as the number one “threat” facing the US in the Pentagon’s new National Defense Strategy (NDS), which was sent to Congress on Monday.

The full NDS is still classified, but the Pentagon released a fact sheet on the document that says it “will act urgently to sustain and strengthen deterrence, with the People’s Republic of China (PRC) as our most consequential strategic competitor and the pacing challenge for the Department.”

The fact sheet outlines four priorities for the Pentagon:

  1. Defending the homeland, paced to the growing multi-domain threat posed by the PRC
  2. Deterring strategic attacks against the United States, Allies, and partners
  3. Deterring aggression, while being prepared to prevail in conflict when necessary, prioritizing the PRC challenge in the Indo-Pacific, then the Russia challenge in Europe
  4. Building a resilient Joint Force and defense ecosystem

The Pentagon says that while China is the focus, Russia poses “acute threats” because of its invasion of Ukraine. “We will collaborate with our NATO Allies and partners to reinforce robust deterrence in the face of Russian aggression,” the fact sheet reads.

The fact sheet says that the Pentagon will “remain capable of managing other persistent threats, including those from North Korea, Iran, and violent extremist organizations.”

The Biden administration’s focus on China is demonstrated by the uptick in US military activity in Southeast Asia. According to a report from the Beijing-based South China Sea Probing Initiative (SCSPI), the US conducted nearly 1,200 surveillance sorties over the South China Sea in 2021, about a 20% increase from 2020.


An uptick in military activity in SE Asia?

Where I have I heard that before?

After weeks of little news about China other than they support Russia in the Ukraine mash-up….the US is return to lathering up the warhawks with dire predictions.

How long before this is a problem that will need our full attention?

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2 thoughts on “Next Up, China

  1. I’m sure that the MIC would relish the thought of a proxy war against China in Taiwan. I just hope some sense can prevail before that happens.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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