Zelensky Calls On Russians To Surrender

Recently The president of Ukraine went to the airways to call on Russian soldiers to give up their fight and surrender……

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky used his nightly television address on Monday night to call on Russian troops to surrender and “survive.

“I know that you want to survive,” Zelensky said during the address, according to BBC News. He also added that Russia has lost more troops as a result of its invasion of Ukraine than it did during the Chechnya conflict.

Zelensky on Monday also vowed that if Russian forces decided to surrender, they would be treated “as people, decently,” the BBC reported.
When I heard this story I thought about history…..Ukrainians have a history of abuses in time of war…..right wing turned on the partisans and vice versa in World War 2…..
I do not think that soldiers participating in the death and destruction would be treated humanely….
Then the story came out that a doctor is considering castration…..

The owner of a war-zone mobile hospital in eastern Ukraine has told a Ukrainian TV interviewer that he has instructed his doctors to ‘castrate’ captured Russian soldiers.

Gennadiy Druzenko, 49, told Ukraine-24 about his alleged order, but it is unclear if it was bravado or a genuine order that would break the Geneva Conventions. 

Discussing captured injured Russian soldiers, Druzenko said: ‘I have always been a great humanist and said that if a man is wounded, he is no longer an enemy but a patient.

‘But now [I gave] very strict orders to castrate all [captured Russian] men, because they are cockroaches, not people.’

He also told famous Russian TV host Yevgeny Kiselyov on the Ukraine-24 channel: ‘Believe, all doctors who saved the patients – Russians will die here. Die in large numbers.

‘Those who [come here] will remember their nightmare on Ukrainian soil.

‘Like the Germans remember Stalingrad.’


I am sorry but that type of rhetoric was expected by me plus it does not sound like any soldiers will be safe and treated humanely to me.

Like I stated earlier….soldiers that are committing these atrocities in the name of Putin can expect no quarter from the Ukrainians.

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7 thoughts on “Zelensky Calls On Russians To Surrender

  1. Also during war one should keep a minimalist moralistic behavior. For me, Zelensky is not really what he tries to show. His speeches are sometimes likes preaches, the other time he speaks like one of these former war criminals. Sorry° Russia will never capitulate. A country that has so many nuclear bombs that it can destroy the entire world will at best launch surgical nuclear attacks. Does this so-called “H-bomb” still exist? ;-/ Best wishes, Michael

  2. I don’t know what’s the truth here. In war the truth is the first abandoned.

    What I do know is that the newspaper cited here is a very unreliable one.

    It’s been accused of discrimination, sensationalizm, sexsism, homofobic etc.

    Both parties in this conflict will give statements about how evil the “other” is.
    History has shown that in war every country is capable of athrocities,or threathing with them

    1. Major news sources are unreliable….they decided what story line they will pursue….plus they keep repeating the same stories and calling it ‘breaking news’……chuq

  3. My old mum would have said ‘two wrongs don’t make a right’. If they actually do anything like what has been suggested, they must surely lose the support of many countries currently backing Ukraine.
    Then again, Afghan and Iraqi prisoners were treated badly by both British and American captors.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I am sure there is a reason that this story was not covered…..the MSM is a cheer leader for war and Ukraine has given them a really good war to promote. chuq

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