That Damn Critical Race Theory

Recently there has been an issue that has made the GOP lose their ever-loving minds….that issue is Critical Race Theory…..state after Red State has spent energy and time passing bills the ban the teaching of CRT in their schools.

Lots of controversy has grown up around this issue… state of Mississippi has been one of those states that is running scared of anything thing that will shine the light of truth on our history.

I thought that since this issue seems to be so damn important to the GOP in Mississippi I wanted to see what all the hoopla was about…..

Here is the truth about CRT in Mississippi….this is what a student at the University of Mississippi found out about this issue being taught in our schools……

“Critical Race Theory: Law 743” is an unusual course at the University of Mississippi Law School, where most classes teach students about the law or how to argue like lawyers. What makes Law 743 unique is that it teaches a bird’s eye view of the legal system, a framework for understanding the law and its impact on racial minorities. Law 743 is also more diverse than many classes at UM’s law school. In the 13-person class, Murphree is one of four white students. 

Out of all her courses this semester, Murphree was the most anxious to see what Law 743 would be like. On the first day, the professor, Yvette Butler, issued a disclaimer that Murphree took to heart. Critical race theory, Butler said, examines difficult and potentially upsetting topics, but it was important that the class remain a safe, respectful space. Students were going to disagree with the readings and with each other; when they did, Butler asked them to give each other “radical acceptance.”

When Murphree started her readings later that day, she pushed herself to keep an open mind. One of her first assignments was a 1976 article by a professor at Harvard Law School named Derrick Bell, who is often credited as the founder of critical race theory.

In the article, titled “Serving Two Masters,” Bell lays the groundwork for one of his most notable arguments: By and large, school desegregation was a failure. Brown v. Board of Education, he argues, was in many ways harmful to Black communities across the country. As Black schools closed, Black teachers, principals, bus drivers and custodians lost their jobs. Bussed to white schools, Black children were more likely to be beaten, arrested, and expelled than their white peers. As a lawyer for the NAACP, Bell had sued for desegregation; in “Serving Two Masters,” he was wondering if that was the right tactic after all.

There you have it….the only place this issue was taught was in a law school setting…..and yet the GOP is afraid the rest of us may learn about it.

You tell me why they made this a thing of such importance.

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2 thoughts on “That Damn Critical Race Theory

  1. It is high time that States were stopped from introducing separate laws concerning education. You need the concept of a National Curriculum to be enforced over there.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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