“We Need Another Reagan”

That was the title of an article I read……it is no secret that I think the slide of the GOP into the far Right stupidity began with the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980…..

I thought that I needed something to get my blood raging…..my opinion of Reagan is not positive in any way.

Seeing the title I just had to see what was all the hoopla……

The United States today is in a new Cold War with China, and our current administration gives every indication that it is not up to this challenge. China’s geopolitical threat cannot be wished away. At stake in this struggle is the future world order, which will either be a U.S.-led order or one led by the Chinese Communist Party. It is a time for strong, resilient, prudent, and perceptive American leadership. We need another Ronald Reagan.  

Forty years ago, beginning with his Westminster speech in London, President Reagan envisioned the collapse of the Soviet Union. The man who Democratic elder statesman Clark Clifford once called an “amiable dunce,” and who the mainstream press repeatedly ridiculed throughout his career as an unthinking extremist, had a better grasp of geopolitics than all of his Ivy League-educated critics. It is worth remembering this as we face-off against China in a new Cold War.


I was disappointed because I was expecting more….but then attacks on the USSR and demonizing poor Americans is all that Reagan and the GOP had in those days.

I disagree…Reagan was not a good president for the people….why?

Well let’s look at Ronald Reagan’s ‘accomplishments’…..

The boogey man of present day leftists, Reagan destroyed union power, furthered the power of the conservative right, cut social services to the bone, increased red-baiting, allowed thousands of people to die of AIDS, and helped create the blueprint for the current foreign policy of the United States. He famously fired 12,000 striking air traffic controllers, breaking their strike and their union. In addition, he increased the militancy and racial aspects of the War on Drugs, creating minimum sentencing for drug offenses, and choosing to make harsher penalties for “crack” cocaine than regular powder cocaine. He also refused to acknowledge the AIDS epidemic for years, and when he did, he suggested that children with AIDS could be kept out of schools. Despite being a monster, both Democrats and Republicans continue to hold him up as some sort of saint. The list of his crimes should be read out in schools instead of the Pledge of Allegiance.

So NO we do not need another Reagan…..because of Reagan and Clinton this country has suffered for 40+ years.

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