Year’s Final Thought 2021

It is this last day of a year of a chaotic year, 2021…..I will take a break from my normal look back at the progress of this blog….I shall dispense with regaling my readers with the stats of In Saner Thought…instead I would like to look back at what I see in this country.

I have been watching the politics and the society of this country for 50 years and in all that time I have seen many turns but nothing has compared to the last decade….back in the mid 90s I stopped writing and watching the direct of America then I found a ray of hope but that was quickly dashed on the rocks of disappointment.

The country is in the grips of ignorance….when what Dupa Lupa wore to some random gala or whether the birds are real or whether JFK, Jr will be the VP candidate in 2024….and this list of stupidity goes on and on….

I am sadly disappointed in the young generation whose may concern is the game console and flavored drinks to involved in mind numbing past times to care about the country and their own future.

I am disappointed in the new government we have….we were given sparkling promises for the future and instead we get the same stale beer that has plagued us for many decades.

That last statement is not completely accurate….I am truly disappointed in my own generation, the Baby Boomers, as well.  The generation of peace and love became the generation of ignorance and stupidity….all on the back of a mad man from New York. well Florida now…..

The one simple action, well it use to be simple, of voting can make this country great again (sorry to use a slogan from a failed coup)  and the young cannot be dragged out of the mother’s basement to do this one thing to keep this country from ruin.

As we enter into an election year I can only ask one question….what kind of country will we be after the vote?

I wish all a very happy new year’s eve….please be safe in your rivalry….and let us hope for a better new year to come.

Be well and be safe……

“lego ergo scribo”


One thought on “Year’s Final Thought 2021

  1. Oh, don’t worry so, papa! It will all work out, it always does. I’m sure the next “vote” was determined at least 50 years ago by the reptiles. Lov, Sonni

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